5 April 2009

Gundam Event @ SOGO

To celebrate 30th annivesary of Gundam, Hong Kong's SOGO is holding a very small event selling a number of gunpla. As I live fairly close to it, I can easily come down and pay it a visit. Let's see what they've got to offer~

The event takes place on 4th floor of SOGO in Causeway Bay between 2nd to 8th April, which means it's still taking place right now. It's a only very small section next to one set of escalators, and I've missed it when I was going up the floors -_-

On a side note, a small accident occured when I was on my way to Causeway Bay, forming a big cluster of buses blocking the road in an inconvenient way.

Back to the topic, a number of gunpla on display:
1/100 Blitz Clear Colour ver.
I can't remember whether it was released before :o

1/100 Astray Blue Frame 2nd L Clear Colour ver.
Can't recall seeing this before either :\

The talk of the month: PG Astray Red Frame~

The awesome Char's Zaku II is not for sale, but the Zeon suitcase next to him is (Char's colour also available apparently).

The boxes of the said clear colour gunpla are piled together with other hard-to-get ones such as the MG Strike Freedom Extra Finish ver. and PG Gouf.

PG Astray and 1/60 Strike Freedom Lightning Edition

Boxes of PG Zaku II + weapons set (Animation Colour ver), which is a Chara Hobby event limited item, and appeared in the recent Gundam Expo Hong Kong 2008 too.

More PGs: Gundam Mk II (AEUG and Titans ver.), and RX-78-2.

Another limited item from previous events: BB Senshi DX Versal Knight Gundam (Full Colour Plated ver.)

Found these scenes familiar? They seem to be the exactly same dioramas from ACGHK 2008 and Gundam Expo Hong Kong 2008 respectively

HG 1/144 Exia Clear Colour ver, another event limited item

On the left is 1/35 Guren Mk II Full Colour Plated ver. (from anime Code Geass), the last limited plamo from previous events (I think), and MG Strike Rouge Clear Colour ver, which is apparently the limited gunpla for this small event

For those who are curious on how this Strike Rouge would look like, here it is.
Image from Giga Hobby

1/35 Jumbo Grade RX-78-2 and Char's Zaku II!

Boxes of GFFMC Z Plus mentioned in previous post.

Ngee Khiong has been longing for his MG G-3 OYW ver. since August.
Luckily, he got his early this year ^^

EMSiA G-3 Gundam and Gelgoog Herbert von Kuspan custom. For those who don't know German name and his white Gelgoog, he appeared in the OVA MS IGLOO Apocalypse 0079.

The event is open from 2nd to 8th April on 4th floor of SOGO from 10am to 10pm (extended to 10:30pm for weekends). Admission is free, and apparently you'll get some sort of fukubukuro when one spends enough money for gunpla.

All limited gunpla/plamo from Chara Hobby and Gundam Expo Hong Kong 2008 are bolded, and acutal pictures of the models themselves can be seen on Ngee Khiong's blog.

It's worth noting that the prices there are fairly expensive, so unless you are going for the event limited or other hard-to-get gunpla, I'd recommend the local model shops instead for normal gunpla.


  1. Wow! Big event! There was a 'gundam promotion event' in Singapore few weeks back, so I went to take a look and what I saw was utter disappointment. They took out a bunch of boxes, placed all at a corner, placed a sign that said '10%~50% discount' and done. That was the promotion event. Urgh, Singapore needs to learn from HK.

  2. I wanna know whats in the Fukubukuro.

  3. hmm.. the clear version seems to be a new release/ re-release from what I heard, plus they seemed to be sold at events only, thus explaining why many of us didn't see it before.

  4. This is what you call a "small event"? XD Looks like a mini expo to me.

    Quite a lot of good stuff at the event it seems - those previously event-limited items. Then again, no promotions even for regular Gunplas? That kind-of puts a full stop to many thoughts XD

    Thanks for the link too. ^^

  5. why people would want to buy clear colour gunpla puzzles me.....

  6. I got a clear MG RX-78-2. It was a major pain in the ass to build! One part cracked, the parts didn't fit properly... I hope they improved it because even if they look good to me, I won't buy any more.

  7. @ konadora:
    Well at least they sell them at a discount in your area. The gunpla in this event aren't cheap, so I haven't bought any there orz

    @ CAznable:
    Me too. I heard they're mainly small gifts inside, so nothing big or costly.

    @ Jacques:
    I would have thought that the clear Blue Frame 2nd L and Blitz would be from previous events, but I have not heard of them before, especially since they are not the new release for this event.

    @ Ngee Khiong:
    Well, I call it small since it's only about the size of a hobby shop ^^;;

    Perhaps a mini expo sounds more fitting indeed :P

    A lot of event-limited items are back, to my surprise, so it's good for people who have missed them the first time round. However, hardly anything's cheap there, so my thought of getting anything there is pretty much zero, but the staff has kindly let me to take photos there, which is fab. ^^

    @ AstrayP03:
    I don't really know. Maybe it's because they look different and special? :\

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    MGs are not easy to build. Besides, clear plastics sometimes seem kinda... Cheap, and I've broken some when building some of the Endless Waltz ones long time ago x_x

  8. U know what, if I met u in Hong Kong, I think I can easily be a Gundam fan thanks to ur influence. ^^

    I think I visited SOGO before. Can't remember as I've been to many places in just 10 days lol

  9. @ Optic:
    Hahaha, blogging can be really influential. If we did meet up I would gladly show you my favourite places to get my gunpla and other stuff~ ^o^

    You had a long and fruitful trip to China and Hong Kong, so I don't blame you for not able to remember all the places ^^

  10. wow nice event,Darn I wish I lived in China or Japan,I have no gundam place anywhere near me T.T

    I'm liking the MG Rouge :D the others look nice too but maybe too much clear :/

  11. @ blueplains:
    Getting Gundam models outside Asia can sometimes be a pain, as online shops are usually the only viable option. Since you live in USA you can have a look at Hobbywave; I heard they do fairly deecnt offers there.

    Haven't been a fan of clear colour gunpla, so I am kinda safe from having to hunt for these rare and expensive kits. However Strike Rouge does surprisingly look decent for a clear colour gunpla (and Blitz as well) :o

  12. I just saw the clear version 1/100 Blitz and Blue Frame 2nd L at my shopping mall here.

    Hmm...guess they must have gotten it from the expo.

  13. @ Peter:
    Ooh where do you live? I too have seen some in local shops (Wanchai and Mongkok) before I left Hong Kong last night. :o

  14. Hihi..
    u going for the C3 event?

  15. @ Lawrance:
    I'd love to go to the C3, but I had to leave Hong Kong a few days ago so I can't T_T orz

  16. Oh...i so want to get my hands on the Clear MG Destiny..but i'll be in HK only end of may!! :(

  17. @ Lawrance:
    I won't be back in Hong Kong until June!

    And after looking some of the photos on ToysDaily Forum, it seems like that I'm missing quite a bit of stuff. Argh I'm in despair!

  18. Quentin,

    I'll be going to HK next week for a few days. Can you recommend me the best place to get cheap gundam model kits in Hong Kong? Thank you!

  19. @ xsigns:
    While there are quite a lot of good places to get gunpla in competitive prices, the one I visit often is called Wales Model Centre (偉利模型中心 ). Its address is 221 Wan Chai Road in Wan Chai. There's also a large mall near it called Oriental 188 Shopping Centre on the same road should you be interested on buying other hobby related stuff.

    In Mongkok, there's a street well known for selling various models and airsoft guns called Kwong Wa Street (廣華街). Definitely worth checking out as well along with other small but trendy shops dotted in various malls and shopping centres in Mongkok.

    Hope that helps.

  20. Tq quentin,

    What about recommendations for cheapest figma and revoltech? Ur advice is very useful!

  21. @ xsigns:
    I am not good at finding cheap places for posable figures and PVC figures, but places such as the Sino Centre (信和中心) and ToysMart in Mongkok are good. Check be careful of the bootlegs if you find out that the price is just too good to be true. If you are in Wan Chai you can check out Oriental 188 Shopping Centre as mentioned above. They're usually sold in tiny stores in the size of a 3m x 3m cube, and good hunting!


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