31 March 2009

GFFMC Z Plus = A Big Joke?

While I went out today to look for places to preorder Alter Fate, I've come across quite a number of GFFMC (Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite) Z Plus boxes in shops, both red and the limited blue version. Each cost around 18000 Yen (ouch), and it ain't cheap at all.

To be honest, I really like the blue Gundam's colour scheme, and was really tempted to get it...

... Until I read this on ToysDaily Forum tonight.

A whole screen of rants in both Chinese and English

While I do not know much of the GFF line, the Metal Composite version of Z Plus(s) are pretty much the most expensive ones I've seen so far. Released just a few days ago for 18000 Yen (heck, that's even more expensive than Fate!), one should expect quite a bit from Bandai right?

Surprisingly, this Fix Figuration itself has received very little paintwork. All white parts are apparently left unpainted, and it's not even top-coated, leaving the Gundam looking very plastic. Leaving them exposed for long period will cause yellowing, which can look rather unsightly over time.

Areas marked with green arrows are the only parts being painted

This is the ironic part of the GFFMC Z Plus, as the GFF line are known for as fully painted, posable (albeit limited) models. Sure, it does have diecast, but how could Bandai have messed this one up that badly? I mean, this completed model isn't that bad by itself it, but definitely not worth 18000 Yen.

Seriously, rather than spending 18000 Yen for a model that looks very plastically, wouldn't it be much more feasible to get a MG Z Plus A1 or C1 for 1/6 of the price?

And heck, I've even got my sister all excited as she really likes the blue colour scheme and the big gun there -_-;;;;;

Also mentioned on Gundam@EFSF

Images from Hobby Search and ToysDaily forum


  1. Wow... that does suck. Although it's not painted for the most part, it still looks pretty awesome... or at least the photos from GFFManiax does anyway. But you're right. This is not 18000 yen nice.

  2. @ Z:
    Indeed. Pretty colour scheme and look, but the effort put into it is definitely not worth that much. I am glad that you cancelled the preorder at the end. :o

  3. No man isn't a Joke it's simply scam. It is stupid because the + Zeta Gundam is a super. Composite metal, super quality, but the price is really thievish!

  4. @ mikiwank:
    Those of us who build and play Gundam stuff will know that Bandai does a lot of 'milking' marketing strategy, but this one, as you've simply stated, is a scam. Not only is the price ridiculous, they didn't even do a full paintwork for it, which is supposed to be the norm for this line!

  5. Don't really know about gundams, but sounds like a ripoff to me. Like poorly done PVC figures or something.

  6. P.S: Mind if you add me to your blogroll? :D

  7. Ya, I read the same thread on Toysdaily when it was up, and the review really gave me a scare. Since G.F.F. are meant to be beautiful display items, having very minimal painting is really unacceptable. Even if the price is lower (say 15,000 Yen), I think many would still be disappointed with the major drop in quality.

    The pictures posted before sure look awesome, but being promotional images, they can be very deceiving.

    While some people stood up for the mode changing gimmick and the size, I would agree to the argument that this GFFMC doesn't worth the price tag of 18,000 Yen. Like Q said, fans deserve quite a bit with such high price, with consideration to the fact that not many people can spend that much for a single purchase. I felt sorry for those Z Plus fans who found out the horror after they purchased it.

    It's bad for the shops as well. I can't imagine how they are going to get rid of the stockpile of this Z Plus now.

  8. @ konadora:
    Yea, it's a ripoff, scam, and a mess by Bandai. It kinda reminds me of Reijin from FREEing... -_-

    And as for the blogroll, no problem. Gonna add you in now~

    @ Ngee Khiong:
    It's scary indeed. There is no way I can find the flaws from the promo pics and photos. It's only until someone bought one (or even two) and fell for it deeply...

    For 18000 Yen, one should have expected a masterpiece of some kind as it's so far one of the most expensive GFF out there. I understand the good points some forum members have argued, but I think that this time the negative aspects are far much more overwhelming, turning this "Should-be Masterpiece" into a mess. Man, with many shops out there and their many more Z Plus stayed unsold, I feel sorry for the shopkeepers as well as the dissatisfied customers for buying them.

    And heck, I even got my sister excited for a short moment too. She got slightly disappointed hearing the truth behind it -_-

    At least I can save the money for Alter Fate now, as that ain't cheap either @_@


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