31 May 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin Parodies

 photo ShingekinoKyojinSShot_zps7be0ee38.jpg
The anime of Shingeki no Kyojin, also known as Attack on Titan, started airing this April. The powerful opening, together with its dark theme and graphics, make it a popular hit of the season. At the same time, parodies are spawning here and there as the anime series' popularity grows.

 photo 5cce996djw1e4covaovfdj20nk0ho798_zps4eb5c131.jpg
There is a phone app where you can superimpose extracts from the Shingeki no Kyojin manga onto pictures or photos. This one for example makes the fun of the giant duck that is currently floating in Hong Kong. (Source: https://freeweibo.com/weibo/3574379025920275)

The app is only available for iPhone and iPad. Too bad I can't get to try it on my Galaxy Nexus...

 photo qZmXnaCdkZ6WrA_zps0579b87e.jpg
Titans having fun on dancing arcade machines.

 photo qZmXnaOWkZ6Xqw_zps2e520551.jpg

You can see more the app's photos here.

 photo BI2PcNoCUAA9I0G_zps965b03eb.jpg
People imitating the hunting of the titans... (Source from twitter)

 photo BJz0rMICIAAtjkFjpg_zps45a0a23a.jpg
... As well as being the hunted. (Source from twitter)

 photo BLRpdPCCEAANx1h_zpsf7ae7cb0.jpg
This guy sure is having quite a dream!

 photo 30tlo_zpsc0a9abe7.gif
The curiosity (and sneeze) of Chitanda Eru from Hyouka will bring mankind to the brink of destruction.

 photo ShingekinoMikydayo_zps0ff99d98.jpg
Shingeki no Mikudayo


Mikudayo will definitely bring fear to humanity... ^^;

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30 May 2013

Ice Cup Noodle Light

 photo header_zpsd043e6c1.png
It's late in May. Temperature is soaring towards the 30-degree mark, and humidity these days are averaging around 80%. What's worse is that I have no air conditioner installed at home due to due to renovation.

Let's imagine you're hungry at night, and you want some instant noodles for a snack. The problem is that instant noodles are usually served hot, and under having hot food in hot weather is not always so appetising. In Japan, there is an official solution to this problem - Ice Cup Noodle Light. Essentially Cup Noodle Light but with less boiling water and more ice.

 photo IceCupNoodleHowTo_zpsf97c6257.jpg
Ice Cup Noodle Light was released last year in Japan, where one is supposed to add boiling water up to the noodles, stir for 30 seconds, and leave it soaked for another 2 and a half minutes, before adding ice cubes to chill it right down. So far, 4 flavours are available: Plain, Seafood, Curry, and Tomato.

According to Reuters, the introduction of Ice Cup Noodle Light is a popular move, mostly due to the power situation in Japan as a result of the earthquake and tsunami, as well as the subsequent nuclear plant disaster in 2011; the use of air conditioners are encouraged to be cut down as much as possible. This causes people to look for new ways to beat the heat, and Ice Cup Noodle Light happens to be one of them.

Why use Cup Noodle Light instead of the normal Cup Noodle? The Light version uses less oil and is lower in calories, which may seem more appealing to the ladies. It is apparently chewier this way, while having the salty edge of the soup softened down a bit at the same time.

 photo IceCupNoodleMilk_zps440e9805.jpg
Recently, Nissin (makers of the Cup Noodle) also recommends having iced milk cubes substituting normal water ice cubes for curry and seafood flavoured noodles. While I haven't tired either of these flavours, I think adding milk gives more of a creamy feel to the soup as well as the flavours. But seriously I never imagined making iced milk cubes before!

According to its official website, there is also "new content" to be announced in the near future. What will it be? Guess we will have to wait to find out. :o

Iced cup noodles... While I don't think this particular line is available in Hong Kong, I guess it won't hurt to give it a try with ordinary Cup Noodle Light. I wonder whether it's that good though. But looking that Nissin made a campaign for it last year, it can't be disasterous. Well, we shall see once I have the chance to make some myself ^^;

Images are from Ice Cup Noodle Light website
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26 May 2013

Giant Rubber Duck in Hong Kong

 photo P5261932_zpsc952e081.jpg
Hong Kong has various visitors coming over by sea this year: a sailing ship, a warship, and now... A giant rubber duck?

This larger-than-life rubber duck is currently the latest hype rocking the city of Hong Kong. Having been floating here near the Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui since early 2nd May, it brought a lot of hype and joy to locals and tourists. Again, as it's not something one will get to see every day, I decided to pay the duck a visit as well.

 photo P5261917_zps67fff3a1.jpg
Instead of taking the MTR train, I took the ferry across the harbour, which is in fact a shorter trip.

 photo P5261920_zpsfc34b603.jpg
By the time I arrived on the other side of the harbour, the crowd is already just outside taking pictures of the duck!

 photo P5261921_zpsfe8ec442.jpg
And here's the duck itself in full view. This Rubber Duck is an ongoing project from Dutch artist Florentijin Hofman, where the duck has made appearance in various cities across the world, spreading joy to those who get to see it in person. Hong Kong is currently the latest stop for the duck to visit as part of its world tour. Standing at 16.5m tall, it is currently the largest duck to make appearance in Asia, 2nd largest in the world tour next to that in St Nazaire (26m).

 photo P5261928_zpsf29292e4.jpg
Hi there!

 photo P5261932_zpsc952e081.jpg
 photo P5261937_zps385bc504.jpg

 photo P5261938_zpsedcec14b.jpg
Going up to the carpark, which was the same location as where I took picture of the USS Peleliu last month, the

 photo P5261940_zps32216a69.jpg
Looking down on the curious crowd.

 photo P5261945_zpse8f14645.jpg
A view of the Rubber Duck by the Star Ferry Pier with Central district of Hong Kong in the background across the harbour.

 photo P5261947_zpsc0e03149.jpg
A view of Central from Tsim Sha Tsui. The great number of glassy skyscrapers mark the pinnacle of the commercial district in Hong Kong.

 photo P5261950_zps420f378d.jpg
A look at the crowd taking pictures of the duck. There sure are a lot of people!

 photo P5261952_zps96d38f6c.jpg
 photo P5261926_zps661d6a86.jpg
There are smaller rubber duck statues on display for people to take pictures with. Don't really think one is allowed to sit on them, but that got ignored quite often, especially the children.

 photo P5261951_zps7cbe18cf.jpg
The floor underneath the ducks has a nice illusion of waterfalls when looked from a correct angle. I was lucky to take this picture as the crowd got dispersed as a result of a sudden rain.

 photo P5261956_zpsb6c1b72e.jpg
I do find the way people take pictures of the duck amusing, along with the variety of equipments used.

 photo P5261953_zps44e76418.jpg
The rubber duck will be on display until 9th June. If you do happen to be nearby up til that date, do try and give it a visit; it isn't very often you see a big duck floating in a city. :P
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22 May 2013

Dragon Can.Do 1/144 Panzerbeobachtungswagen V

 photo P5231913_zpsf00ce559.jpg
Together with the Bergetiger I talked about earlier this year, this Panzerbeobachtungswagen V was bought in my Tokyo trip last year in November/December. By the way, this thing's official name sure is a mouthful to pronounce or to type! ^^;

 photo P5231914_zps91b943f3.jpg
Panzerbeobachtungswagen V (Armoured Observation Vehicle, PzBeobWg V in short) is an artillery observation variant of the Panther tank. A small number of battle damaged Panther tanks were converted into such specialised vehicles. This one seems to be based on the late war Ausf G variant. They do not engage in combat, but spot targets for artillery, while having sufficient armour to survive enemies attacks in case of ambush.

This particular miniature is a special item for Dragon Can.Do's shokugan series, namely under the Jagdpanther, which is a turretless tank destroyer variant of the Panther tank.

 photo P5231915_zps03f7490d.jpg
What makes Panzerbeobachtungswagen Panther special is the different gun mantlet as well as a shorter gun. The gun is actually for show though, as it's only a wooden dummy gun; the observation tank needs every space inside for radio and observation equipments. At least that may fool the enemies to think it is not completely defenseless.

 photo P5231916_zps6a4ea4ed.jpg
The tank also comes with a figure of the same scale, and here is a comparison with a Japanese 100 Yen coin.

Like with other tanks I have talked about previously, here is a simple diorama, which I captioned "Stand strong, and look ahead!". Hope you like it!
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19 May 2013

MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 3.0 Preview

 photo counter_zps0c64a6e5.jpg
Since 1995, Bandai's 1/100 scale Master Grade (MG) Gundam model line has produced various versions of RX-78-2 Gundam. Just prior to the Shizuoka Hobby Show, news leaked that Version 3.0 is to be announced. Let us have a look what it offers.

 photo o0500037512540603600_zpsa9e4f003.jpg
MG 1/100 Gundam Ver. 3.0 in a glance is an upscaled version of the RG 1/144 Gundam, which was based on the 1/1 scale Gundam now standing in Odaiba.

 photo TOY-GDM-2382_01_zpse7b502ef.jpg
 photo TOY-GDM-2382_02_zpsc24fac94.jpg
Computer generated graphics of MG 1/100 Gundam Ver. 3.0. Similar to the RG 1/144 counterpart, different shades of red and white will be used in the plastic parts.

 photo 08-1_zps0d6f604c.jpg
Sliding armour parts incoperated at arm and leg joints, as well as on backpack.

 photo o0500037512540603597_zpscd0121e9.jpg
 photo o0500037512540603596_zps9ea9f953.jpg
Sliding armour parts as seen on the leg. I remember that this is implemented on MGs as early as on Aile Strike Gundam back in 2003.

 photo 07-2_zpscee315be.jpg
LED unit, decal sheet, and weapons such as hyper bazooka, Gundam hammer, and beam javelin will be sold separately in an expansion set. This expansion set has to be pre-ordered from Bandai Hobby Online Shop or via proxy services. Price and release date TBA.


Here is a feature video for the MG Gundam 3.0 from Bandai Hobby's website to sum things up.


MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Version 3.0 will be released in August. According to AmiAmi online hobby store, the price will be around 4500 Yen or 4725 Yen with 5% sales tax.

With the latest iteration of Gundam announced, how many people are looking forward to buy and to build it? From my observation, while some are excited to it, others seem to get tired of seeing RX-78-2. For me, while I am not particular big on the original Gundam itself, I am a little surprised that the additional weapons are to be sold separately as a web shop item, which is quite a major departure from the usual patterns for past Gundam iterations. Nevertheless, the mechanical details do look quite immaculate, and fans should be pleased that a 1/100 scale version of the 1/1 Gundam in Odaiba to be avaialable soon (I hope).

AmiAmi blog
AmiAmi online shop
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16 May 2013

New Gunpla in 52th Shizuoka Hobby Show

 photo cqulrv_zpse6e2067d.jpg
Image from @sake_online via twitpic

It's that time of the year - the annual Shizuoka Hobby Show is back, where a lot of companies showcase their latest models. Let us see what Bandai has to offer for the Gunpla this year. :o

 photo o0500037512540603600_zpsa9e4f003.jpg
Every year there is always a spotlight among all the Gunpla shown in Bandai's booth. This year's spotlight is the MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 3.0, whose information happened to have been "leaked" out yesterday.

 photo 969340_653134548035795_731663336_n_zps6274c42f.jpg
MG 1/100 Aile Strike Gundam RM Version, already released, 4410 Yen

 photo 969918_653134561369127_1057424606_n_zps87e6d157.jpg
MG 1/100 Geara Doga, Jult release, 5040 Yen

 photo 936210_653134454702471_4263630_n_zps8828b68f.jpg
RG 1/144 Gundam GP01 Zephyranthes

 photo 417871_653134471369136_498415474_n_zps91ba9e59.jpg
RG 1/144 Gundam GP01/Fb Zephyranthes Full Vernier

 photo 943484_653134491369134_704608562_n_zpsada76b5d.jpg
HGUC 1/144 Gerbera Tetra, July release, 1890 Yen

 photo 255422_653134444702472_563693720_n_zpsa705a552.jpg
HGUC 1/144 Base Jabber Type 89 (support flight unit), June release, 1260 Yen

 photo 405613_653134371369146_1789844955_n_zps57ca715a.jpg
HGUC 1/144 Doven Wolf (Unicorn Version), August release, 2310 Yen

 photo 547233_653134364702480_918530737_n_zpsac986cdb.jpg
HGUC 1/144 Zogock (Unicorn Version), September release, 1780 Yen

 photo 946533_653134504702466_723266031_n_zps66b76167.jpg
HGUC 1/144 Messala, June release, 3150 Yen

 photo 164992_653134531369130_77651556_n_zps640c5c36.jpg
HG 1/144 Astray Red Frame with Flight Unit equipment, August release, 1785 Yen

 photo 405599_653134514702465_1817553491_n_zpsa0f15667.jpg
HG 1/144 Astray Gold Frame Amatsu, September release, 1890 Yen

 photo 39_zps73e3ca86.jpg
Caledfwlch (an alternate name for Excalibur) for HG 1/144 Astray Red Frame w/ Flight Unit, to be released in October issue of Hobby Japan on 25th August for 1200 Yen

With the newly redesigned MG RX-78-2 Gundam, how many people will be looking forward to it? The other new ones seem to be mostly 1/144 models from the Universal Century series as well as those from SEED Astray side story. I may have my eyes on the Doven Wolf, but otherwise not much else at the moment.

Pictures are from AmiAmi's facebook album and Degitamin blog
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