30 April 2013

Mega Man Merchandise Questionnaire

 photo 3251499_m_zps4755b956.jpg
Image from pixiv

Capcom has a questionnaire up asking fans which character from the Mega Man (aka Rockman in Japan) franchise that they want to see being made into merchandise.

You can find the questionnaire here:
Questionnaire is open until 15th May, and results will be announced on 25th May.

Find out what characters are open for poll after the jump.

 photo 702968670_zps9cc47f70.jpg
Mega Man (Rockman, Ariga Hitoshi sensei's version) from manga adaptation of the original Mega Man game series
Image from the mangaka's twitpic for celebrating the franchise's 25th anniversary

 photo 210px-Protoman10_zps65b18016.png
Proto Man (aka Blues) of original game series

 photo 403px-HidekiloliRoll_zps75dc4807.png
Roll (8 bit version) of original game series

 photo X2armor_zpsdad2af83.jpg
X's Second Armour from Mega Man X2

 photo 280px-CW-09-MetalMan-Art_zps640c0477.jpg
Metal Man from original game series

 photo 270px-X4_iris2_zpsc9fcd0b4.jpg
Iris from Mega Man X series

 photo 140px-MegamanVolnuttMML_zps08914aeb.jpg
Mega Man Vollnut (Rock Volnutt) from Mega Man Legends series (aka Rockman DASH in Japan)

 photo 18694266_m_zps2a2b9c43.jpg
Black Zero from Mega Man X series
Fanart from pixiv

 photo 270px-Maylmugshot_zps08c1a415.jpg
Mayl Sakurai (Sakurai Meiru) from Mega Man Battle Network series (aka Rockman EXE)

 photo 240px-Megaman11_zps6a6a8247.jpg
MegaMan.EXE (Rockman.EXE) from Mega Man Battle Network series

 photo 215px-Axl_zpse0c6c6dc.jpg
Axl from Mega Man X series

 photo 270px-Ciel_zpsa74dd777.jpg
Ciel from Mega Man Zero series

 photo Zero_-_Standing_zps3561d8e8.jpg
Zero from Mega Man Zero series

 photo 301px-MML2Servbot_zpsabfababa.jpg
Servbot (Kobun) from Mega Man Legends series

 photo 270px-RCWBeat_zps74eb03b0.png
Beat from original Mega Man game series

 photo 271px-VentModelX_zps65dcefcb.png
Model X from Mega Man ZX series

 photo 280px-Lan_and_pet_zpsad5d34fc.jpg
Lan Hikari (Hikrai Netto) from Mega Man Battle Network series

 photo MM7Eddie_zps13f96451.png
Eddie from original Mega Man game series

 photo 250px-MMSF3MegaMan-1-_zps891c7d3f.png
Star Force Mega Man (Shooting Star Rockman) from Mega Man Star Force series

 photo 280px-ProtoEXE_zps3d8be301.jpg
ProtoMan.EXE (Blues.EXE) from Mega Man Battle Network series

 photo 240px-MM7RushJet_zps72261507.jpg
Rush Jet from original Mega Man game series

 photo 270px-OVER-1_zps6f4a9e7f.png
OVER-1 from mobile social game Rockman ×over (pronounced "crossover")

 photo 270px-AltCopyX_zps4afd3f81.png
Copy X from Mega Man Zero series

 photo 425px-VAVARideArmorMMX_zps21ba9746.jpg
And finally Vile's (VAVA's) Ride Amour from Mega Man X


If you don't find a character you wish to be merchandised, there is also a field for you to fill in your favourite character.

As mentioned on top, the questionnaire is open until 15th May, and results will be announced on 25th May.

 photo 883ea249-s_zpse7ef6c0c.jpg
Image from Rockman Unity blog

Sigma is one of the latest characters confirmed to be merchandised, though unlike the other characters before him, he will not appear under D-Arts as a poseable action figure, but a static figure under Figuarts ZERO line. He was ranked 2nd in the previous questionnaire. A slight catch though is that Sigma will only be exclusively available in Bandai Premium's Tamashii Web Shop.

I personally voted for Black Zero and VAVA's ride armour, but I also hope that Colonel from X4 will also make an appearance one way or the other. Hopefully if they do appear that the chance for them to end up as web shop exclusives won't be too high, but one can only hope.
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29 April 2013

Z'gok Tofu Hands On!

 photo P5051904_zps1cd756c1.jpg
I've always wanted the mould of the Z'gok Tofu since its announcement. With a stroke of luck, a shop in Mong Kok was selling empty moulds of them for a reasonable price, and I thought to myself "why not?" and went ahead to buy one.

 photo P5051903_zps1274a11e.jpg

 photo P5051911_zps82f3eb7a.jpg

 photo P5051912_zps1b84f6d4.jpg
The model number and name "MSM-07 Z'GOK" are moulded clearly at the front.

 photo P5051906_zps90bf9ca1.jpg

 photo P5051907_zpsec21f7df.jpg
Comparison with 1/144 Gunpla, in this case a HGUC 1/144 Zaku Mariner

 photo P5051908_zpsc503397d.jpg
Not so sure what you can do with a Z'gok Tofu mould, but I suppose you can mount it on a Gunpla and let it pretend to be a Z'gok...

 photo P5051910_zps8dcf49b6.jpg
Joint operation. Yea I know this is a bit silly, but a bit of it won't hurt I suppose :P

 photo P5051904_zps1cd756c1.jpg
 photo P5051905_zps25b7259a.jpg
I am glad that I managed to get this. Apart from being a nice decoration for desktop, it may also be useful as a mould for, say, chocolate or jelly etc. Maybe that's worth trying one day. :o
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28 April 2013

Apply Weathering to Gunpla, Alternate Style

 photo DSCN4645aa_mini_zps59e5cefd.jpg
Image of weathered HGUC 1/144 GM Cold Climate Type from GEKI Plamo Blog

Weathering is a technique applied on military models to make them look more like they have been on a field, soaking up mud and dirt, as well as being worn down by combat and even battle damage. This also applies to other science fiction models, with Gundam models (Gunpla) also being no exception. While weathering is usually done with paint and brush, YouTube user buruvia takes on weathering with a different approach and perspective, if not an amusing one at least.


 photo Buruvia_Gunpla_0_zps62713bca.jpg
First, pick a Gunpla kit. Buruvia chose HGUC 1/144 GM for this very demonstration.

 photo Buruvia_Gunpla_1_zpsbcce6cc3.jpg
Build it up and apply panel lines.

 photo Buruvia_Gunpla_2_zpsecc858d5.jpg
Here is where the boys are different from the men - firecrackers.

 photo Buruvia_Gunpla_3_zps18625e60.jpg
Wrap up your model (victim?) with firecrackers...

 photo Buruvia_Gunpla_4_zps1275f95b.jpg
... And burn it! Burn it with fire!
Just make sure to extinguish the fire once the firecrackers have all blown up.

 photo Buruvia_Gunpla_5_zpse8f1ac94.jpg
The result. Sure, the shield and parts of the feet got blown off, but the weathering, or rather the battle damage effect, is pretty convincing, isn't it?~

So when in doubt, use explosives. Just don't make it an overkill though~ XD

But too bad firecrackers are banned in Hong Kong... Or else I would love to try it myself too... T_T

YouTube video via Gundam Guy
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26 April 2013

Medicom RAH Hatsune Miku preview

 photo FIG-MOE-9293_zps0f2fcad8.jpg
First appearing as a teaser in Wonder Festival Winter 2013, Medicom has now announced 12" tall Hatsune Miku clothed action figure to release on Real Action Heroes (RAH) line!

 photo full01_zps770c337c.jpg
 photo full02_zps38a70fb8.jpg
Front and back

 photo full04_zps802cb218.jpg
Close up

 photo full06_zpsf12deeea.jpg
 photo full08_zpsf589f69b.jpg
 photo full11_zps3aaf5831.jpg

 photo full05_zpsbdc36ee1.jpg

 photo full12_zps85800e76.jpg
Keyboard close up

RAH Hatsune Miku is scheduled to be released in January 2014 for 23900 Yen (tax included). Curiously, she is slightly more expensive than RAH Black★Rock Shooter that I mentioned nearly two years ago.

I noticed that that some shops in Hong Kong are offering pre-orders at quite low prices, with discounts as great as 20% (or even greater).

I most likely won't want to jump into a new line and just stick with what I have... For now ^^; Nevertheless I can see how she is going to be a popular one for the fans~ Is anyone getting her asl well?

Images are from Medicom and AmiAmi
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