4 May 2014


I should have said this earlier, but I think it's best to say it later than never.

The past few months have not been favourable for me in general. It is a combination of many little things from various factors, mostly real life issues. It is a pity, but it is best for me to drop a few activities in the mean time. Well, hopefully this hiatus will not be as long as what Togashi Yoshihiro does with his Hunter x Hunter manga series.

I wish I can keep up with blogging, but given the real life issues, as well as the overall decline in blogging (from what I have observed) as a result of the growing popularity and ease of use of social media, I admit it is a pity seeing how things end up as they are. Given that I am more of a person who shares other news and other people's works rather making my own (as they are not particularly splendour), this also goes against my favour I suppose.

I am slow on toys these days, especially due to space issues, as well as their increasing prices these days. Nevertheless I still look forward to hearing news of new Gunplas or even action figures even if I don't decide to buy them. As for the current anime and related toys, while there have always been a nice constant stream of them, not a lot of them really tickle my interest. One can say I have grown past it, but for me it's more like I don't know what really suits my taste so much, compared to what I used to enjoy in the past. Nostalgia does contribute to it, and in a dangerous way. I do hope there is a nice future for it, but maybe this is not the time. Well, at least there is still Hunter x Hunter for me to watch, and given that Togashi finally decodes to publish more chapters of the manga after a 2-year hiatus, there is something for me to look forward to, as well as the finale episode of Gundam UC OVA and the new anime such as GUNDAM THE ORIGIN (finally), and perhspa even G Reconguista.

I can still be contacted by other means if you need to, so don't worry about that.

That's it for now. I wish I can say something more positive at this moment, but that may have to come another day. It may be a sunset here for now, but there will always a daybreak after the darkest of the night. Read More!