8 April 2009

April Purchase

This is probably the week I've spent the most on merchandise so far @_@

Blogs can be very influential; I helped Ngee Khiong buying a MG G-3 Gundam OYW version a few months ago, and today I couldn't resist and bought myself one as well in the SOGO event (mentioned in previous post) that has just ended tonight orz

The two 1/144 Zaku Ground Battle Sets were bought earlier this week from a local model shop, and that together is about the same price as the MG I've just bought...

... Which happens to be the very first MG I've bought for myself XD

I've got a fukubukuro for purchasing the MG G-3, and inside there's a BB Senshi Sangokuden catalogue, a Sangokuden throne plamo, Ryofu Tallgeese coaster, a Gundam game card, and a Master Grade Catalogue~

A card of Astray Gold Frame Amatu (incomplete) for a card game that I cannot remember

Various things for Sangokuden series, but I haven't been a fan of it, so that's a miss for me (unfortuantely) -_-

On the other hand, the MG Catalogue is quite interesting, which includes a 'development tree' on how they decide on what MGs to release and some comments on them.

Pages of each MG gunpla up to RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, which is the 102th of the line, but we are already at number 118 or so by now ^^;

And last but not least,
Despite being a killer on all aspects, I've finally given in and preordered Alter 1/7 Fate, with a preorder receipt that Kawaii is holding on right now ^^;

To preorder something in a local shop, one usually has to pay a portion of the total price, and gets a receipt for the preorder. When the item arrives, s/he has to pay the remainder in order to acquire it with the receipt as the proof of the purchase.

Well, for a person who doesn't spend as much as other fellow bloggers, this is a big hole for my wallet already. One of the Cantonese saying of spending alot is "大出血", which means "bleeding alot"...

... And that's how I look right now Photobucket


  1. U have to start planning where to put her now. I recommend the living room. xD

    U might need place an order for Nanoha as well. Fate looks more EPIC with Nanoha. ^^

  2. You won't regret ordering the big Fate ^^

    You're lucky not being lazy , i want some gundams like this but can't make them :'(

  3. wow you ordered her,lucky ^^ she would look great with Nanoha though like optic said >.> or maybe two MG gundams on ether side of her XD

    and congrats on the first MG(i think)
    and welcome to the world of empty wallets XD (I've yet to discover this magical land :(

  4. hey look on the bright side, it's better to regret buying something rather than not buying it right. in this case, u won't regret it. ^^;

  5. @ Optic:
    I'm already looking for space out of the "no space" from my room. XD I'm ok having some Gundam models in the living room (as two of my sister's are out there already), but having Fate out there is a bit too much for me ^^;

    Getting Nanoha as well? Are you trying to convert me to a Nanoha fanboy, or trying to bleed me dry or even lose my sleeping quarter? XD

    @ James:
    There's no going back even if I regret it; I can't cancel this preorder unlike the online counterparts ^^;

    Instead of model kits, you can get completed and highly articulated ones from various lines, including HCM-pro, MSiA (Mobile Suit in Action!), GFF (Gundam Fix Figuration), and the new Robot Damashii, and they're usually not very expensive~

    @ blueplains:
    Thanks~ I agree that having Fate and Nanaoha going side by side would look awesome, but I'll leave that to others such as Meronpan and James to show that epic-ness ^^;

    This isn't the first MG I' would have built, but it would be nice to try it out again, and no you won't like to seek out that magical land; it's A Land of No Return (or is it?)

  6. @ gordon:
    That's a very good point mentioned there. My mother always told me that when we went to Japan, as once we're there we have the golden oppurtunity to get what we want to get, and there's usually no going back once we missed it or go wishy washy too much.

    And yep, for this case I didn't regret getting the G-3 and preordering Fate there~ ^^

  7. Haha, I feel the same too, poor student with no income so my hole in the wallet is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more better stuff are being released! Conspiracy, I say!

    Yup, the anime merchandise shop in Singapore also requires you to make a deposit most of the time, unless the pre-order is cheap, because some people tend to order and then run away ^^;

  8. @ konadora:
    Just work harder in the summer to make up for it I suppose ^^;

    It would make sense for most shops to use this preorder system universally (?), or it would be better for them to sell the goods right away when they arrive than to hold them off for people who have preordered without deposit.

  9. zomg.. It seems like this is the season for mass-buying despite the economic downturn . Almost every places that I've go, I see people introducing their newly acquired loot.

    Is this a sign for me? Must resist the temptation! gah~~

  10. very nice loot. Doesn't it feel great to get rid of excess weight from your wallet? xD and I assume the G-3 is now your first MG? ^^ I wanted one, I like its color scheme.

  11. @ Jacques:
    I've seen more loots from other bloggers back in previous months, and this should be my first shopping spree for a while; the last thing I've bought for myself directly should have been the HGUC Kämpfer back in December.

    For gunpla, I think it won't hurt to hold back a bit longer, as we never know what Bandai's releasing the next moment. Figures on the other hand are different, as missing a golden oppurtunity means one may not be able to get it anymore...

  12. >>Q

    Haha, you finally gave in to MG G-3. XD With that in your collection, I'm wondering if maybe you'll beat me in completing it first given my slower-than-snail speed in doing Gunplas. XD

  13. @ Z:
    It feels good to get the things I've wanted for months after being stuck in the UK for a few months with a low mood, but will probably leave the gunpla-ing for the summer.

    G-3 is my first MG indeed~ Unlike MG Strike Noir I've built for my friend 2 years ago, this one will be quite a nightmare for me to panel line ^^;

  14. @ Ngee Khiong:
    lol I finally gave in to the G-3 thanks to you! XD

    Well, if you start building your precious G-3 before June then you may have a chance to beat me; I'm saving them for the big summer :P ^^;

  15. stumbled upon your blog from z's. Nice purchase there Q.

  16. @ LagunaLoire:
    Thanks! I hope you enjoy your visit here~

  17. Yay Kawaii is back!
    Love the little bugger!

    So you finally gave in to the dark side eh? ^_^

    Ive gone quite PreOrder Crazy now that I have a Job again.It was better when i didnt have this "much" money

  18. ooooo nice!!!

    great stuff and, of course, nice fate get ^___^

    don't worry, all our wallets will bleed together!! ... errr.. hmm actually i guess that doesn't help, does it? :P

  19. Yay, you finally gave in the Alter Fate :D. Nice loot you got there and I think you deserved it since this is probably your first time going shopping spree

  20. @ Blowfish:
    Kawaii is kawaii indeed~

    The dark side is really evil. I don't think I can stay there for too long. At least I've got the taste of it ^^;;

    @ meronpan:
    Thanks. Hope everything will be ok for Fate to come in August.

    lol maybe our wallets should cry together for such terrible loses their masters have done ^^;;;

    @ Saku:
    I think I've spent so much this time mainly due to the fact that I've been in a low mood over the past few months in the UK. Not a healthy thing to experience (well for me at least), and hope I'll get back on track again and try not to spend so much like this again @_@

    But still, after deciding for a while, I think I do feel relieved for getting Fate preordered~


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