4 May 2014


I should have said this earlier, but I think it's best to say it later than never.

The past few months have not been favourable for me in general. It is a combination of many little things from various factors, mostly real life issues. It is a pity, but it is best for me to drop a few activities in the mean time. Well, hopefully this hiatus will not be as long as what Togashi Yoshihiro does with his Hunter x Hunter manga series.

I wish I can keep up with blogging, but given the real life issues, as well as the overall decline in blogging (from what I have observed) as a result of the growing popularity and ease of use of social media, I admit it is a pity seeing how things end up as they are. Given that I am more of a person who shares other news and other people's works rather making my own (as they are not particularly splendour), this also goes against my favour I suppose.

I am slow on toys these days, especially due to space issues, as well as their increasing prices these days. Nevertheless I still look forward to hearing news of new Gunplas or even action figures even if I don't decide to buy them. As for the current anime and related toys, while there have always been a nice constant strema of them, not a lot of them really tickle my interest. One can say I have grown past it, but for me it's more like I don't know what really suits my taste so much, compared to what I used to enjoy in the past. Nostalgia does contribute to it, and in a dangerous way. I do hope there is a nice future for it, but maybe this is not the time. Well, at least there is still Hunter x Hunter for me to watch, and given that Togashi finally decodes to publish more chapters of the manga after a 2-year hiatus, there is something for me to look forward to, as well as the finale episode of Gundam UC OVA and the new anime such as GUNDAM THE ORIGIN (finally), and perhspa even G Reconguista.

I can still be contacted by other means if you need to, so don't worry about that.

That's it for now. I wish I can say something more positive at this moment, but that may have to come another day. It may be a sunset here for now, but there will always a daybreak after the darkest of the night. Read More!

10 February 2014

Giant Isopod Plush Toy

 photo 414-WPNGE4L_zpsc534d047.jpg
Animal plush toys are usually cute. Usually. Would you say the same to this multi-legged crustacean - the giant isopod?

 photo 51gHI3JWWEL_zps1046dadd.jpg
The 4 views of the giant isopod plush toy.

A museum in Numazu specialising in deep sea creatures decided to make plush toys of giant isopods. Despite the unusual choice for making into a plush toy, it proves to be immensely popular with the visitors, and the extra large version was sold out in just a day.

 photo TKY201306210243_zps11c05dac.jpg
The real giant isopod in Numazu Deepsea Aquarium.

Giant isopods are related to woodlice, but live at the bottom of the seas and are much, much bigger.

 photo 51M1ip7X39L_zps5f28cc91.jpg
The plush comes in various sizes, ranging from M to XL. M size is 20cm long, whereas L size is about 30cm long.

 photo 414-WPNGE4L_zpsc534d047.jpg
The largest size has a length of 55cm, which is even bigger than the life size creature itself. Just why would they go for such a size in the first place? ^^;

 photo 41gqKdyFxCL_zps670f59c8.jpg
The scales have enough space for one to slip banknotes into them. Bet no one would ever think of this hiding spot of all places!

 photo 41Yp4K6HjCL_zps23a215c2.jpg
The plush's huge size sure makes it ideal to cuddle, but does its look appeal to you? Well, I let you decide on that yourself.

Well, at least I have to admit it is pretty detailed for a plush toy, which is not easy to make. The more I look at it, the more I want to see the real toy in person. The actual creature? Maybe not so much ^^;

Images are from Amazon.co.jp & Asahi News
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10 January 2014

HGAC 1/144 Wing Gundam

It has been a long time since I last reviewed a Gunpla. For a change I am reviewing a Gundam instead of a grunt machine, and this time it is HGAC 1/144 Wing Gundam, which is the first Gunpla announced for the All Gundam Project.

First released in September 2013, HGAC 1/144 Wing Gundam is sold for 1500 Yen.



Equipments are simple and straightforward: a buster Rifle, shield, and a beam sabre that can be stored inside the shield

Posing with buster rifle. The buster rifle is a powerful gun with very few shots available. It can take out multiple enemies with one shot, but once it runs out Wing Gundam would have to rely on its beam sabre, as well as its lesser weaponries like the machine cannons on shoulders and head vulcan.

A nice gimmick replicated in this Wing Gundam gunpla is that the beam sabre can be stored inside shield. The shield is folded to reveal it.

Beam sabre in action. The actual beam is quite long; it is about the same length as the Gundam's height.

Height comparison with 00 Qan[T] Full Saber and Gundam Ez8. MS in Gundam Wing, as well as those in G and X, do have slightly shorter height than the standard 18m for majority of the Gundams.

Wing Gundam can transform into MA, which is called Bird Mode. The hands need to be removed for this form, but otherwise transformation is pretty straightforward with no part swapping required.

A few more shots of the Wing Gundam to finish off the post.

It has been nearly 19 years since we get a new 1/144 Wing Gundam gunpla. As this is not a big gunpla, there are not so many runners and parts. There are also not many polycaps, which can be worrying as many of the joints don't use one, therefore it is possible that they can be looser than anticipated. This is especially noticed on the arms below the shoulders, as they fall off quite easily as I am posing the gunpla. Nevertheless colour separation and details are nice overall, and transformation is easily done without a fuss. Pretty happy with this little kit.

Looking forward to HGAC 1/144 Wing Gundam Zero that is due to release in March!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/quentinlau/sets/72157641518893335/ Read More!

8 January 2014

figma Shimakaze preview

 photo o0530053012806720740_zpseaa01776.jpg
With the immense popularity of Japanese web browser game Kantai Collection, its "poster girl" Shimakaze is announced to enter Max Factory's figma action figure line. Let's see how the anthropomorphised speedy Destroyer looks like.

 photo o0465060012806720570_zpsaa3418fb.jpg
Shimakaze and her three Rensouhou-chans (連装砲ちゃん, literally translated as twin gun-chans).

 photo o0442060012806720739_zpsced9c32d.jpg
Shimakaze with her quintuple Type 93 torpedo tubes mounted at her back.

 photo o0490060012806720572_zps11e21b58.jpg

 photo o0420060012806720569_zpse44ade90.jpg
Torpedo tubes can be removed. This pose is based on one of the illustrations.

 photo o0419060012806720571_zpscbc77319.jpg
Damaged pose with an embarrassed face. The figma has no damaged cloth parts unlike the Nendoroid counterpart.

 photo rensoho_s_zps0431d90f.jpg
If one orders from Good Smile Online Shop, there will be a bonus face for one of the Rensouhou-chan (>△<) to represent the damaged expression.

Shimakaze is available for pre-order for 5800 Yen, and will be released in May. However, due to licensing this is supposed to be released in Japan only. But then there are shops and services that can allow you to purchase them overseas should you be interested.

While Shimakaze is not my favourite character in the game, I will be looking forward to her release~

Images are from Good Smile Online Shop & figma blog
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31 December 2013

End of 2013

2013 has come to an end.

This year has not been stellar, to put it least negatively. The last quarter of the year has been especially less enjoyable; we had a family member suffering from ill health for many years, and seeing her suffer throughout the year until her final day was quite a toll for us. Luckily the week-long trip to Tokyo just before Christmas brought things to a lighter end to finish the year off.

Let us look back at the some of the highlights of the year.

 photo IMG_20130417_122652_zpsb600a498.jpg
USS Peleliu visited Hong Kong in April. It was my first time seeing an active warship up close!

 photo P5261945_zpse8f14645.jpg
The larger-than-life giant Rubber Duck was a big fad in Hong Kong; you couldn't get away without hearing or reading something about it every day while it was here!

Gundam Docks at Hong Kong! A 6m tall Gundam, as well as an equally tall Char's Zaku, made appearance outside Times Square.

Distant Worlds concert tour finally made a stop in Hong Kong for the first time! Being a fan of Final Fantasy's music, it was really a great pleasure to be able to listen to the concert in person!

Toy reviews had been minimal this year, which is a real pity. I did build a few Gunpla kits this year, but haven't got around to take photos of them. Hope I will get around to do more in the near future.

Nevertheless, the trip to Tokyo was a pleasure. Again big thanks to Arab-san and his doll Sakuya-san for taking me out around Akihabara and Dollpa event!

Well, the year has past, and let us look ahead to the new year and hopefully look for a brighter future!
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