28 February 2009

Gundam Acguy Frenzy

The brown and chubby MSM-04 Acguy from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam has often been regarded as the 'teddy bear' of the series. Let's see how much love it has been received from its fans~

Danny Choo thinks that Acguy is actually a long lost sibling of McDonald's prawn fillet burger, and it's probably true XD

Stuffed, cute (?), and cuddly for you to hug with~ ^^;

It looks like that the lonely Acguy here has found a new friend XD
This is Marvin's (from Gundamaniac) HCM-pro Acguy in his fish tank.

Freedom Acguy lol

Converting a dorayaki into an Acguy with ease XD

Speaking of dorayaki (Doraemon's favourite food), we have a Doraemon Acguy XD

Those who have played Federation vs Zeon or similar Gundam VS series will know that the Federation version of the Acguy resembles Doraemon~

And last but not least,
That's actually a screenshot for the upcoming arcade Gundam vs Gundam NEXT. The Acguy will be a new addition to the roster, and it can apparently call up squads of Acguys to its assistance!

Images from MAHQ, Danny Choo, Ngee Khiong, Gundamaniac, G-Striker, ToysDaily, 阿彥模型整備工坊, and Gundam vs Gundam NEXT official website (in that order)
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23 February 2009

Out of juice...

Image edited from Dalong

Things have been continuously hectic, and I've unfortunately run out of juice (i.e. inspiration) recently.

As you may already know, I am the kind of person who seldom preorder things online (the only time I've done so far was for figma Miku), hence I don't have monthly loot like many bloggers get to enjoy. As a result I don't often have much personal materials to share, but mainly with what I've found on the Internet when I'm not back at home in Hong Kong.

As a result I tend to require much more time and resources to find good things to share with you guys than other bloggers who post frequently. I apologise for such problems and I hope you will understand. OTL

Screenshot of anime Clannad ~After Story~ from Random Curiosity

So, where would you look out for inspiration? Surfing on the Internet, or while taking a stroll on the streets?

While I do like to stroll around a lot more in Hong Kong, the same thing cannot be said when I am in the UK, as there seriously isn't much interesting things over here -_-;;;;;
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16 February 2009

Alter Fate Preview

Oh no why have I fallen into the Fate fanboy bandwagon?!

Image stolen and adjusted shamelessly from meronpan

Ai yai yai. The long anticipated 1/8 1/7 Fate sonic form in full colour is here! o_o

From meronpan

The problem is not really of the price, but the size of the figure itself. The long projecting hair and the sword(s) are going at different directions, hence demanding a lot of space to display, and needless to say the box itself will be huge as well. And I doubt it will fit in the Detolf aka the display shelf of choice for otakus.

Special credits to meronpan who has the opportunity to see the figure in person at Wonder Hobby 9.

Image from Hobby Stock blog via Toys Workz

Fate with Zamber Blade. It's nice to see that the weapons are exchangeable as well as the hands (notice the open left palm).

Image from Hobby Stock blog via Toys Workz

270mm in length for Riot Zamber (dual swords), and 560mm for Zamber Blade?! o_O

Image from Hobby Stock blog

Of all the Nanoha StrikerS figures from Alter, it looks like that Nanoha and Fate (the two on extreme left) will take up the most space ^^;;

While I have very few figures (2 scaled figures and 4 figmas), I do have a number of gunpla and tanks clogging up my room. Getting this figure will mean a huge burden in terms of space. Why would they have to make it so big?! Oh well I will have the whole spring to decide whether I will be able to afford this Sonic form Fate as it will be released sometime in the summer.

Oh why why why do you have to do this to me?! >_< T_T 囧rz
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12 February 2009

Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle (熊本城) is a Japanese castle located in Kumamoto city. While originally built in 15th Century, it was burned down after a certain bloody rebellion in late 18th Century. Reconstruction begun in 1960, and a public ceremony for it was held last year.

These curved stone walls are known as musha-gaeshi (武者がえし), and are designed to make penetrations really difficult for the attackers.

The side view of the castle with the signature stone walls. Topped with the wooden overhangs, it must have been difficult to penetrate the castle indeed.

Une no Ma, or Room of the Une

I'm not sure what this area is (as I wasn't there personally), but it looks like some sort of a sand garden to me.

A room in the castle. The arts on the doors and walls are truly magnificent

The inner room as seen in the photo above. Boy this room looks kinda bling somehow o_o. The sign in the foreground saids "no flash allowed".

Various paintings of birds on wooden doors.

Model of the castle

Yep even castles have mascots. It looks like that there's bound to be a mascot for most things in Japan. ADDED: My sister told me that wherever one sees this mascot it indicates a good photo spot~

Food Drink of the day: Canned soup served from vending machines

This ends the second post of my sister's December trip. The Kumamoto Castle is definitely worth a visit when you have the chance to go to Kumamoto. The grand size and magnificent interior are surely breathtaking to appreciate, especially when one is able to experience it there!
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8 February 2009

Kumamoto Trip

Back in December, my mother, my sister, and her friend went to Kumamoto in Japan (熊本) for a week. While they were primarily there for a NEWS concert , they did spent a fair amount of time doing sightseeing. All of the photos are from my sister, and there's quite a lot of them, so I'll have to split them up in several posts.

For the first post, let's have a brief look around the city. I haven't been there so I am just recalling the details from what my sister has told me.

Strange broccoli that I've never seen outside Japan @_@

Various fruits and vegetables on sale for relatively cheap prices. Yea I spy some leeks over there...

Wondering around Kumamoto city. It's definitely a lot quieter than Tokyo, and the roads are apparently narrower as well according to my mother and sister. They rented a car for manuveuring, but the sat nav system apparently shows the roads in equal widths, causing them to contantly miss some really narrow roads in the beginning. They became more alert and got used to it eventually.

Various kinds of flowers for sale. The flowers on the right seem to be the same but with different colours for the petals o_o

The Kumamoto Castle (熊本城). Will show more pics of it next time.

Want to pray for good luck? Come to a shinto shrine to make your wishes come true.

In Japan, you get all sorts of vending machine, and here we have one that sells good luck charms.

Those who want to be successful with dating and wedding should pray for a success here.

If I read it correctly, these ones let you to remove bad relationships and form good ones.

If you have someone dear to you in your mind, write your name and your loved one's name on the respective coloured paper (red for girls, white for guys) and hang them up as a pair somewhere in the shrine for a price (I think it's 100 Yen).

Some cute turtle shaped food for sale.

Food of the day: Fresh milk, Mr. Donut's doughnuts, and some limited white peach drink. Everytime I see the Saber Lion Nendoroid, I'll think of Pon de Lion (the lion mascot of the brand) ^^;;

And last but not least, some apples, Doraemon's favourite dorayakis, and some massive strawberries up front. My mother's phone is there for a size comparison (I think it's the same one as Ngee Khiong's who got his fairly recently XD)

That will end the first post of my sister's Kumamoto trip in Japan back in mid-December. The future posts will be a bit more specific to locations, and I will try to post some of their food pictures at the end of each post (just to let us drool in envy ^^;). Hope you've enjoyed these photos, and I'll try to get the next batch up when I have the time~
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5 February 2009

Toradora Portable

Hong Kong blogger Fongyou (馮友) has revealed that a new Toradora game will be released for the PSP. What kind of a game can a romantic comedy make?

Toradora Portable! is a spin-off PSP game based on the popular anime Toradora! airing at the moment, which is in turn an adaptation of the original light novel. According to Fongyou, the story starts off with Ryuji (the main character) having an amnesia and forgets who he is. This way his relationship with all other characters are reset, and he can choose which girl he wants to go with, creating a typical harem setting.

So far only Taiga, Minori, and Ami are announced in terms of female characters.

The gameplay will be pretty similar to a typical visual novel, i.e. interacting with characters and making choices. The game will also have a 3D map for Ryuji to roam around to find characters or to trigger events.

The game will also feature the TORA system (Technical Operated Real Animation), where there's Taiga for you to interact with (this is also mentioned on Danny Choo). That's pretty much the same as the S.O.S. system on PSP game Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku (The Promise of Haruhi Suzumiya) from the same company.

Along with the regular release, there's also the limited Premium set, which includes a fanbook, a DVD with anime scenes not shown on TV, a pouch, and a PSP stand (I think). All this costs a whopping 9800 Yen, which is nearly twice as much as the regular release (5229 Yen)...

Image from Danny Choo

And last but not least, those who preorder either the regular release or the premium set will also have a Nendoroid Taiga swinsuit ver. figure as well. It looks like that Good Smile Company and Max Factory does a lot of exclusive this and that recently. :o

While I haven't watched Toradora, the anime seems to be pretty popular at the moment. As for the game itself, I do not know how well a visual novel usually fares, but this game will be targeted to the Toradora fans, and it will be released on April 30th, soon after the anime finishes airing. So, are you interested?

I don't even own a PSP so this is kinda out of the question for me ^^;;

Game images are from Toradora Portable! official website and Gpara
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