16 February 2009

Alter Fate Preview

Oh no why have I fallen into the Fate fanboy bandwagon?!

Image stolen and adjusted shamelessly from meronpan

Ai yai yai. The long anticipated 1/8 1/7 Fate sonic form in full colour is here! o_o

From meronpan

The problem is not really of the price, but the size of the figure itself. The long projecting hair and the sword(s) are going at different directions, hence demanding a lot of space to display, and needless to say the box itself will be huge as well. And I doubt it will fit in the Detolf aka the display shelf of choice for otakus.

Special credits to meronpan who has the opportunity to see the figure in person at Wonder Hobby 9.

Image from Hobby Stock blog via Toys Workz

Fate with Zamber Blade. It's nice to see that the weapons are exchangeable as well as the hands (notice the open left palm).

Image from Hobby Stock blog via Toys Workz

270mm in length for Riot Zamber (dual swords), and 560mm for Zamber Blade?! o_O

Image from Hobby Stock blog

Of all the Nanoha StrikerS figures from Alter, it looks like that Nanoha and Fate (the two on extreme left) will take up the most space ^^;;

While I have very few figures (2 scaled figures and 4 figmas), I do have a number of gunpla and tanks clogging up my room. Getting this figure will mean a huge burden in terms of space. Why would they have to make it so big?! Oh well I will have the whole spring to decide whether I will be able to afford this Sonic form Fate as it will be released sometime in the summer.

Oh why why why do you have to do this to me?! >_< T_T 囧rz


  1. Ahaha I'm a fan but not that big of a fan to get this figure. I remember seeing one of the boxes and someone had a hard time carrying it from the store and walking around with it in Akiba.

    The price is definitely a killer... I saw one of the one that's released in a store here and it was CAN$220!! 0.o And that's when I realize that I don't need those Nanoha figures. I do have the Fate figma though, thanks to your review XD

  2. I just think she is meant to be displayed in the living room. Given by her sheer size, u can't miss it from afar.

    I'm still intending to get Nanoha as she is the space taker in my collection.

  3. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  4. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

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  6. i'll buy her for sure , she looks awesome !

    but it's Nanoha who's impress me the most ;)

    i hope you'll buy her , you won't regret it :)

  7. @ Lightning Sabre:
    This Fate is not out yet, but I can see the price to be a killer already (as well as the humongous size). My mind tends to waver back and forth whether I should get this figure or not because of these two factors.

    But still I am really tempted >_<

    P.S. Glad that you like figma Fate and find my review useful!

    @ Optic:
    Haha if I display her in the living room back home I can see her pretty much from anywhere in the flat~ :P

    As you're a Nanoha fanboy, Nanoha is a must-get for you~

    @ Hapi:
    Thanks for dropping by~

    @ James:
    Haha I can definitely see you buying both Nanoha and Fate! Nanoha does look impressive with the bits flying around and the dynamic shooting pose, very suitable for a protagonist~

  8. the only feito i'm buying this year is the one form volks. prefer that one more than alter's. ^^;

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  10. Hmph quite a bit of spams coming in recently, though I'm hesistant on reactiving Captcha again.

    @ gordon:
    Oh gosh nearly forgot about Volks one. That figure is awesome too. Oh man I hate making such difficult decisions! >_<

  11. Woah her size is madness!
    I hate figures that takes up alot space...Thank God im not into Nanoha^^

  12. I don't blame you for falling for Fate.

    The figures are so pretty...

    I'm more of a Hayate fan though..way before I watched the Nanoha series.

  13. @ Blowfish:
    The size is madness indeed; I don't actually know where to display the figure should I manage to buy one @_@

    @ blood on the mirror:
    Haha I've fallen for Fate's look even before knowing about the Nanoha series; not too different from you :P

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  15. Fate's such a great character, and this figure does not dissapoint.

    It's as good as mine.

  16. don't worry you are(not} alone

    i also like it and it's my must buy list since i have the loli one

  17. fate-chan!!! i need to post my other pics of her ^^ she's soooo lovely.

    i have no idea where to put her... and mebbe i should get two to display each weapon... arrrgh i'm becoming insane! ^^;;

    what i really need is an alter strikers stage where i can display everyone...

  18. @ Anonymous:
    Which figure did you have? I suppose one of the most popular one out there right now is the A's version by Alter.

    @ vixion:
    Facing such temptation, can I (not) advance?

    The A's version is surely a hit. Another space consuming figure, but definitely brill as expected from Alter. And this older StrikerS version isn't disappointing either~

    @ meronpan:
    Argh I'm gonna be in pain trying to decide, but do post more pictures of her! XD

    Getting one will already cast a large hole on me somewhere, but getting two of them?! That's more than just dedication lol.

  19. I am so getting her for sure.

    Anime girl + sword = win ^^

  20. @ Saku:
    Haha we're truly done for thanks to that win combo~ ^^;


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