28 February 2009

Gundam Acguy Frenzy

The brown and chubby MSM-04 Acguy from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam has often been regarded as the 'teddy bear' of the series. Let's see how much love it has been received from its fans~

Danny Choo thinks that Acguy is actually a long lost sibling of McDonald's prawn fillet burger, and it's probably true XD

Stuffed, cute (?), and cuddly for you to hug with~ ^^;

It looks like that the lonely Acguy here has found a new friend XD
This is Marvin's (from Gundamaniac) HCM-pro Acguy in his fish tank.

Freedom Acguy lol

Converting a dorayaki into an Acguy with ease XD

Speaking of dorayaki (Doraemon's favourite food), we have a Doraemon Acguy XD

Those who have played Federation vs Zeon or similar Gundam VS series will know that the Federation version of the Acguy resembles Doraemon~

And last but not least,
That's actually a screenshot for the upcoming arcade Gundam vs Gundam NEXT. The Acguy will be a new addition to the roster, and it can apparently call up squads of Acguys to its assistance!

Images from MAHQ, Danny Choo, Ngee Khiong, Gundamaniac, G-Striker, ToysDaily, 阿彥模型整備工坊, and Gundam vs Gundam NEXT official website (in that order)


  1. gundam vs gundam next? is it on psp?

    i think Acguy has the one of the best articulation lol

  2. @ AstrayP03:
    Gundam vs Gundam Next is the sequel of Gundam vs Gundam. The arcade will be released *soon*, but not sure when for home console. Presumably it will be for PSP only just like its predecessor.

    Haha not only does Acguy have great articulation, it has great posability too, including leaning + one-footed stand with no assistance!

  3. Gundam vs gundam next I think the arcades been released already.

    Q: About the acguy asssist how many does it call out?

  4. I lol'd at Freedom Acguy. How embarrassed would Kira be if Lacus gave that mobile suit to him XD

    The Doraemon one kinda looks like Donald Duck too ^^;

  5. @ GunStray(Mikee):
    I've just checked, and GvG Next is to be released sometime in March. The YouTube videos out there were from gameplay testing events.

    Judging from the videos, it can call out two Acguys at a time, using 2 out of 5 of one of its subweapons. Therefore a total of 5 can be called out at once for maximum, and it takes about 4 seconds to recharge upon depletion. Take note that this is not Mobile Assist, but rather one of its subweapon as its Mobile Assist is Zock.

    @ Ligtning Sabre:
    Kira piloting and owning (or getting owned) in a Freedom Acguy will be the greatest Kuso parody out there (laughs).

    lol the yellow part does look like a duck's beak! XD

  6. Hey Q its me roy,I'm back from my long departure,sorry I've been absent so long
    my site for details :)
    Love acguy by the way haha

  7. seriously. acguy is the best MG ever. ('~')

  8. @ blueplains:
    Wow it's been nearly half a year or so, so welcome back! I will check on your blog when I have the time~

    Glad you like the Acguy photos too~

    @ gordon:
    Hahaha after reading Ngee Khiong's MG Acguy review posts one year ago there's no doubt that Acguy is made of win~ I mean, even Dalong gave the MG full marks too! XD

  9. Now I'm real tempted to get me a HCM-Pro Acguy, or maybe THREE like Marvin XD

    But must save up for Saber figures...orz

  10. I've seen this one awesome photoshop pics of the Acguy model destroying Freedom Gundam xD. the Acguy is awesome! First learned to love it in Gundam Battle Assault 2 where it was a quick little midget xD. Lovin' that Doraemon Acguy but... why does it have a duck beak?

  11. @ gndynames:
    lol getting one wouldn't hurt your wallet too much, or you can get the 1/144 gunpla which is cheaper too~

    @ Z:
    Haha would love to see that picture you've mentioned! ^^

    I'm not too sure about this Doraemon Acguy. The closest thing I've guessed for the yellow 'beak' is the cat's bell, but it should have been on the chest/neck instead. Nevertheless it's still very funny XD

  12. My favorite is the parody to McDonald's burger. They look so alike XD

    Oh yeah I love Acguy. The MG is one of the best in the whole series in my opinion, but Acguy itself looks very funny ^^

    Thanks for the link too. ^^

  13. From a technological standpoint, the Accuy was such a lost cause..it was almost immediately replaced by the Z'gok which had a better generator, better weapon load-out, better thrust and more armor. The Accuy's only saving grace was its ability to go nearly undetected under water due to its unique turbine thrusters. Other than that, once production of the Z'gok was underway, the Accuy was finished, except for a few units reserved for espianoge.

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  16. @ Apt-1B:
    Indeed the Acguy is not as competent as the other amphibious MS in OYW, namely the Z'gok and other late units such as Z'gok E and Hygogg. Even in games such as Federation vs Zeon or MS 0079 Sensen it is considered 'hopeless' in my book ^^;

    What is interesting though is that the Acguy is surprisingly popular with a lot of enthusiast due to its look - a round and podgy profile with a look that shows no seriousness (even with its monoeye) - it's bound to have comedy-related things stuck to it, and it has so far received the most variety in terms of funny creations.

  17. @ Ngee Khiong:
    No problem~

    The burger one originally strikes me as bizarre when I first saw it a while ago, but looking back now it's actually a very natural yet great match XD

    I can't stop laughing everytime I read your Acguy MG review, as the poses it could do are hilarious, and funny enough it is indeed one of the best MG out there, be it the cost, articulaton, or its look XD


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