12 February 2009

Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle (熊本城) is a Japanese castle located in Kumamoto city. While originally built in 15th Century, it was burned down after a certain bloody rebellion in late 18th Century. Reconstruction begun in 1960, and a public ceremony for it was held last year.

These curved stone walls are known as musha-gaeshi (武者がえし), and are designed to make penetrations really difficult for the attackers.

The side view of the castle with the signature stone walls. Topped with the wooden overhangs, it must have been difficult to penetrate the castle indeed.

Une no Ma, or Room of the Une

I'm not sure what this area is (as I wasn't there personally), but it looks like some sort of a sand garden to me.

A room in the castle. The arts on the doors and walls are truly magnificent

The inner room as seen in the photo above. Boy this room looks kinda bling somehow o_o. The sign in the foreground saids "no flash allowed".

Various paintings of birds on wooden doors.

Model of the castle

Yep even castles have mascots. It looks like that there's bound to be a mascot for most things in Japan. ADDED: My sister told me that wherever one sees this mascot it indicates a good photo spot~

Food Drink of the day: Canned soup served from vending machines

This ends the second post of my sister's December trip. The Kumamoto Castle is definitely worth a visit when you have the chance to go to Kumamoto. The grand size and magnificent interior are surely breathtaking to appreciate, especially when one is able to experience it there!


  1. wow interesting. castles always intrigues me. will love to visit one one day. ^^;

  2. I think my fiance has a picture taken right in that area! Small world huh?

  3. @ gordon droid hunter:
    Me too. I've only been to one in Edinburgh a long time ago, but was too little to remember a thing from it anymore >_<

    @ Apt-1B:
    She's been to Kumamoto too? What a small world indeed~


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