8 February 2009

Kumamoto Trip

Back in December, my mother, my sister, and her friend went to Kumamoto in Japan (熊本) for a week. While they were primarily there for a NEWS concert , they did spent a fair amount of time doing sightseeing. All of the photos are from my sister, and there's quite a lot of them, so I'll have to split them up in several posts.

For the first post, let's have a brief look around the city. I haven't been there so I am just recalling the details from what my sister has told me.

Strange broccoli that I've never seen outside Japan @_@

Various fruits and vegetables on sale for relatively cheap prices. Yea I spy some leeks over there...

Wondering around Kumamoto city. It's definitely a lot quieter than Tokyo, and the roads are apparently narrower as well according to my mother and sister. They rented a car for manuveuring, but the sat nav system apparently shows the roads in equal widths, causing them to contantly miss some really narrow roads in the beginning. They became more alert and got used to it eventually.

Various kinds of flowers for sale. The flowers on the right seem to be the same but with different colours for the petals o_o

The Kumamoto Castle (熊本城). Will show more pics of it next time.

Want to pray for good luck? Come to a shinto shrine to make your wishes come true.

In Japan, you get all sorts of vending machine, and here we have one that sells good luck charms.

Those who want to be successful with dating and wedding should pray for a success here.

If I read it correctly, these ones let you to remove bad relationships and form good ones.

If you have someone dear to you in your mind, write your name and your loved one's name on the respective coloured paper (red for girls, white for guys) and hang them up as a pair somewhere in the shrine for a price (I think it's 100 Yen).

Some cute turtle shaped food for sale.

Food of the day: Fresh milk, Mr. Donut's doughnuts, and some limited white peach drink. Everytime I see the Saber Lion Nendoroid, I'll think of Pon de Lion (the lion mascot of the brand) ^^;;

And last but not least, some apples, Doraemon's favourite dorayakis, and some massive strawberries up front. My mother's phone is there for a size comparison (I think it's the same one as Ngee Khiong's who got his fairly recently XD)

That will end the first post of my sister's Kumamoto trip in Japan back in mid-December. The future posts will be a bit more specific to locations, and I will try to post some of their food pictures at the end of each post (just to let us drool in envy ^^;). Hope you've enjoyed these photos, and I'll try to get the next batch up when I have the time~


  1. Seeing fruits and veges lying in front of the store reminds me of the streets in China. The differences between these 2 is, these are neat while they are all messy in China.
    I can just imagine lots of ppl getting sick there but that's one of the reasons why we didn't touch the street foods. -_-

  2. Mmm, delicious HUGE strawberries....

    Nice photos! Your sister has a good eye!

  3. Look at those veggies and fruits. They all look fresh. Must be really yummy :D

  4. @ Optic:
    Well comparing Japan to mainland China is a little extreme (to me), but I know your feeling. While most things one sees in streets are usually ok in Japan, I would only trust big brands or reputable stores/supermarkets if I were to go to mainland China.

    @ Apt-1B:
    Once set foot in Japan, my sister becomes merciless on food, yet she can somehow keep her body pretty well... >_>

    @ Saku:
    I really want to try out those broccoli thing as they look too exotic to me XD

  5. Those are some nice shots your sister took.She has no shaky hands for sure.
    Sooo many veggies^^

    Japanese must be really lucky in love if those shrine charms work

  6. @ Blowfish:
    My sister is a better photographer than I am, and as she's equipped with a new camera, my photos are nothing compared to hers ^^;

    If the charms really work 100% wouldn't they be sold out already? :P


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