30 December 2013

D-Arts Black Zero Review

The final purchase of the 2013 was D-Arts Black Zero from Rockman X / Mega Man X video game series.

The Black Zero is basically a colour variation of Zero Type 2 released in 2012. It is a Premium Bandai Tamashii Web Shop exclusive item sold for 3500 Yen.

There are 2 kinds of Black Zero in the Rockman X / Mega Man X video game series: The first one is a fake copy that will be quickly be destroyed by the original in X3, whereas in future instalments it is an optional "upgrade armour" for Zero, which usually boosts his power.

Accessories include 3 types of Z-sabres, a normal right arm, 3 optional faces, 2 pairs of hands, and a muzzle part for Z-Buster for inserting effect parts (which are not included but can be used from other figures).

The Black Zero figure is pretty much the same as the red one, whose review can be seen here.





Readies the Z-sabre...

... And slash!

Zero with his Z-Sabre. It's purple with hints of foggy white, whereas the original has a solid pearl cyan colour instead.

Crouching with his Z-Buster ready

Action pose. Firing effect part is from D-Arts VAVA / Vile.

Various action poses

Black Zero has a total of 4 faces. The default face is the same, whereas the two on the left of the picture are minor variations of the red one, with the eyes looking at different directions. The fourth one on the right is a face based on the manga version.

And here is Black Zero with the manga version face. All I can say is... I am not used to it. ^^;

But I guess Zero approves this new face?

Comparison of original red Zero with Black Zero. Overall the red parts are replaced with black colour, whereas the hair becomes more of a dull cream colour. The paint job looks better than the original as there is now a nice finish surface, unlike the original which looks more like cheap plastic here and there.

The Black Zero may just be a colour variation of the red Zero with minor deviations, but the quality and finish is good. The helmet problem I faced in the red one is not observed here. The eyes still seem a bit too far up for the faces, hence it's difficult to take pictures of him while seeing the eyes clearly, but this seems to be a design issue rather than a quality one. Overall, this long anticipated black colour version of Zero is pretty satisfying to play around with. I do wonder who will be next in the line for D-Art's Mega Man series action figures?

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