29 December 2013

Nendoroid Snow Miku Strawberry White Kimono Version Review

 photo P1132584_zpsdc0b4437.jpg
Better later than never, a review of this year's Snow Miku, the Strawberry White Kimono Version, is up!

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The box is quite big for a nendoroid, and is currently the biggest I own so far. Unlike many nendoroids, Snow Miku Strawberry White Kimono version is packed in a windowless box.

 photo P1112563_zpsad9250a6.jpg
The box is different to most other Nendoroid boxes; it is a hard paperboard gift box with top and bottom wrapped around by a thin paper jacket. Overall it gives an impression as if it's a gift box for seasonal confectioneries.

 photo P1112564_zpscb6cc2a1.jpg
The contents: Snow Miku figure, 2 faces, 2 pairs of arms, open palms and a pair of hands for holding the umbrella, a body for sitting down, an umbrella, and a base.

Also not shown here is a red round plate, a toothpick, a snow rabbit, and head part with Miku's signature twin tails

 photo P1112565_zps8c40ff6d.jpg
Front view

As the name suggests, Snow Miku wears a white kimono, which is also known as shiromuku (白無垢). White was considered a sacred colour, and the shiromuku was worn in important occasions or formal ceremonies. The strawberry part of the name is hinted in the red accents in Miku's kimono, as well as the inner surface of the hood.

 photo P1112567_zps6de7739c.jpg
 photo P1112568_zpsa189dde6.jpg
Side views

 photo P1112569_zpsc6d3b174.jpg
And rear view

 photo P1122571_zps6042a8ac.jpg
 photo P1122572_zps6bfc51b7.jpg
 photo P1122573_zps7a1edb1a.jpg
Snow Miku with the hood removed, revealing a hairstyle not seen with Miku before

 photo P1122574_zpsaa015531.jpg
Snow Miku holding an umbrella

 photo P1122576_zps46ad06f1.jpg
Snow Miku holding dish in tears of joy

 photo P1122578_zps5276d17f.jpg
The parts that are not shown earlier: A red dish, a toothpick, and a daifuku in the shape of a snow rabbit.

 photo P1122579_zpsd9560f0b.jpg
Miku sitting down on the dish.  With the snow rabbit and the hood looking like daifukus, the whole thing looks almost as if it's edible from a distance.

 photo P1122577_zps6bb711b0.jpg
Miku sitting down with her second face, which has a wider grin and looking slightly to her left. Lots of part swapping is required to move the parts from the standing body to the sitting one, including the arms, head, as well as her left leg.

While the shoulders have pegs to prevent the holes from shrinking (which is a good thing), the hole for the neck joint did not have one, and as a result the head would not fit into the body in the first place. I had to quite a bit of work to cut open a larger hole to get the head in.

 photo P1122575_zps0ccc32ee.jpg
 photo P1122580_zps7910397b.jpg
 photo P1132583_zps62ee78c6.jpg
 photo P1132584_zpsdc0b4437.jpg
And a few pictures to finish it off.

Nendoroid Snow Miku Strawberry White Kimono Version is pretty satisfying to have. Overall quality is good with few complaints. The main issue I had was the neck hole for the alternate body part, and that there are a few parts such as the hair that are delicate, and caution is needed when handling. The design is very different to that from last year's Fluffy Coat Version, as Miku now embodies a traditional Japanese look. What's more interesting is the food theme behind this year's Snow Miku, with daifuku being represented on the hood as well as the white rabbit, together with the red confectionery plate and even the packaging itself.

Although the quality problem from last year's Snow Miku got me worried quite a bit, this year's Sakura Miku and Snow Miku reassured me a bit. Looking forward to next year's magical girl theme version!


  1. I have to say this is a very kawaii food version of her. I like the setup and accessories this year. She is definitely ready for a festival for sure.

    1. I like the approach for Miku for 2013's theme there. The way how the designer combines the white kimono with daifuku allows interesting combination.

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