28 November 2013


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According to the Japanese twitter community, the day 28th November is a special day. By pronouncing the date "1128" in numbers, the result will sound similar to いいニーハイ (iini-hai), which means nice knee-high (socks). Hence 28th November is known as いいニーハイの日 (nice knee-high socks day), and it is this day many people post pictures of "knee-highs" to go with the day.

 photo BaHkqQPCcAAAsvW_zps570aee96.jpg
Two pairs of thighs together (source)

 photo BaGLf52CMAAVL2K_zpse12ede61.jpg

 photo BaKd9XeCYAADmOn_zpsf1caff6b.jpeg
Tohsaka Rin cosplay from Fate/stay Night (source)

 photo BaHkNUiCQAAfmG-_zps64c2d6a0.jpeg
Cat socks! (source)

 photo BaJOFkWCEAALgkG_zpsfd8bbef6.jpeg
There are also pictures of dolls with knee-high socks. Here is a custom Hastune Miku doll (source)

 photo BaJP3BWCAAAz0-J_zpsc1e87b01.jpeg

 photo 824452588_zps1dc579ca.jpg
Knee-high socks suit well for ball-jointed dolls as the socks can cover the knee joints as well (source)

 photo BaJBKsvCcAALnv__zpsc6beaa5c.jpeg

Oh and one more:
 photo BaHfrWSCIAABWGm_zps448dc033.jpg
Knee-high kick! Well, a different kind of knee-high, I suppose... (source)


  1. I can only assume that a large amount of otaku were snapping shots like crazy that day. That was too cute with the real and the ball-jointed dolls. I am not sure which is which - LOL.

    1. I got flooded with a lot of such photos on my twitter timeline that day. It was only then I learned about this knee-high day. The doll shots are pretty convincing when the joints are covered up and the propotions set right, which is quite impressive work I gotta say!


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