29 November 2013


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After yesterday's いいニーハイの日, we have another special day in Japan. What is it? It's the いい肉の日 (nice meat day).

The name, just like the nice knee-high day the day before, is a play on pronunciation. The phrase "nice meat", which is pronounced as "ii niku", is similar to pronunciation for "1129", hence 29th November is the "Nice Meat Day". Japanese twitter users post a lot of pictures to go with this day.

 photo BaOOE7OCcAEvDuW_zps1a4781f6.jpg
Beef specialist restaurant Niku no Mansei teases with numerous pictures of beef (source)

 photo BaM-E_WCUAIg-hD_zpsef1f1716.jpg
Hamburger beef and steak from Niku no Mansei (source)

 photo BaMy2aYCcAArbNN_zps8f1f291e.jpg
KFC Japan's twitter account is also showing off with their chicken meat (source)

 photo BaMcr5QCQAA6Ymz_zpse250be13.jpg
Heart shape raw meat (source)

 photo BaMoxNqCAAEq90__zps0635efb1.jpg
Even office accessories supplier King Jim joins the fray (source)

 photo 75c34ad3-s_zpseaeaffc6.jpg
 photo 43af65f4-s_zpsb6103604.jpg
Source unknown, but these are posted on one of game news site.

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And finally another kind of "meat" - Sena from Boku ha Tomotachi ga Sukunai
Image from pixiv

Looking and posting these images makes me really want to crave for meat. Ack, meat day or not, I want some now! -q-


  1. Reminds me when I went out last night to dinner. They were selling 'American Style" Kobe burgers. What a lie that was as it should be called what it is - fake!

    1. Haha unfortunately lots of restaurants these days sell a lot of food that are good in their names only. The rest of it are, well, nothing one should have high expectations of!


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