24 November 2013

Doraemon 3D CG Movie Announced

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A new Doraemon movie will be produced in 3D CG for the first time in Summer 2014. Called "STAND BY ME", the movie will most likely base on the early stories of the original manga collection.

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Doraemon is a story of the eponymous blue robotic cat who travelled back in time to the 20th century in order to look after his owner's great-grandfather, Nobita, so that his descendants may prosper a better life in the future under Doraemon's guidance.

The many short stories in the manga see Nobita and his daily life, be it his poor grades at school, or being bullied by friends Gian or Suneo, as well as his encounter with his love interest Shizuka. In many situations Doraemon will lend out his gadgets to help Nobita, which are often abused by Nobita or stolen by his friends. By the end of the story, the characters who do wrong are usually punished.


Together with the annual 2D feature length movies, it's interesting to hear that a new Doraemon movie is in the making. Though I must say I am not very used to the new looks of Doraemon and his friends in this upcoming movie, having getting used to the 2D form for many years; even the "3D" versions have remained fairly faithful to the original appearances in the past. Nevertheless, this may be something worth looking forward to for those who reads them in the childhood? If not then there is always the 2D ones to look forward to. ^^



  1. Though I love Doraemon, this is kind of freaky with the realistic background and 3D characters. I just hope they do this with english translation for my son to watch.

    1. I personally think Doraemon is one of the examples that may not be suitable to be portrayed in relatively realistic graphics. If possible try look for the older ones or the annual anime movies to watch, which are known to be pretty good.


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