30 November 2013

Tsundere Russian Cookies

 photo BaUWna3CMAAJPIr_zps7e158a85.jpg
A friend of mine recently came back from his trip to Japan. For souvenir he gave me and other friends some "Tsundere Russian Cookies".

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The box looks like typical anime theme confectionary, but that is not the main point for me; what makes the cookies interesting is that they are spicy. Well, at least 10 out of 12 of them are spicy. I was unfortunate to fall for the majority, and the cookie was surprisingly spicy. Or rather it was difficult for me to imagine a cookie to be spicy in the first place!

 photo 0112_tsundere-russian-cookie_03_zpsc8c2d001.jpg
The cookies are sold for 420 Yen per box in districts associated with anime, manga, game merchandise such as Akihabara in Tokyo. My friend got it in Nipponbashi in Osaka, which is comparable to Akihabara.

 photo 2008-12-24-408mBx7oW_zps9e4f1651.jpg
Cookie package with little skulls and numbers on them.

 photo 2008-12-24-409LN5TLT_zps4e3d5910.jpg
The side of the box also comes with a yonkoma comic strip

I probably won't look forward to eating another spicy cookie, but it sure is an interesting experience with friends ^^;

Image from Akibamap and Akiba blog


  1. Not sure I want to eat something with a Death head on it - but if she is serving, I am taking (><)

    1. When I first saw it, I knew it's trap no matter how, and the chance of landing on a safe spot was too low! Nevertheless I ate it as it's a souvenir. Man I didn't expect it to be that spicy!


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