30 August 2013

Volks Dollfie Dream Hatsune Miku announced

 photo DD_Miku_zps15f7990b.png
There has been a lot of rumours surrounding this for a long time, but it's real and here it is: Volks has officially announced Dollfie Dream Hatsune Miku.

 photo BS6IUpSCYAAmdqI_zps7e581719.jpg
Miku in her default costume as seen in Magical Mirai event
Image from Volk's 40th anniversary twitter account

The approximately 60cm tall Dollfie Dream (aka DD) is revealed in the Magical Mirai 2013 event, which is a one-day "art festival" featuring concerts, gallery, and goods / exhibitor booths. Volks is known to be one of the exhibitors for the event, and many speculated whether it would be a figure, a garage kit, or even a doll. Turns out it really is a doll (though there are tale-tell signs from even before the event).

The doll's design is supervised by iXima, who is known for designing Miku's appearance for PS Vita cover.

 photo BS6JiTJCMAAy2z0_zps1bc0c982.jpg
Miku in Senbonzakura (千本桜) costume, which is based on the song of the same name.
Image from Volk's 40th anniversary twitter account

 photo BS4TuZhCUAAoDpb_zps91cd698d.jpg
A closer look of the face from the pamphlet.
Image from twitter user えびきんぐ

Pre-orders will be available from 28th September 2013 to 1st December 2013. Release date is going to be somewhere in Autumn 2014. The price will be at 62,000 Yen (65,100 Yen with 5% sales tax) without shipping.

There are several custom and personalised versions of Miku from various enthusiasts. I personally like Yui's version pretty well, which uses a standard but painted DDH-06 head as seen below:

Original blog post here. You can also have a look at his Snow Miku 2012 and 2013 version, which are also very popular among Dollfie Dream collectors.

I don't listen much to Miku's songs, but I am fond of her character design. Now the big question is: Do I want her? Gotta say I am tempted, but there is time for me to decide. I am still waiting on someone to actually make a custom DD WRS for me, which I mentioned way back in Spring last year. Two tailors stood me up already, and I'm hoping one that a friend of mine knows can take up the task. Maybe once my dream for WRS is fulfilled, I can look into the DD Miku pre-order. One thing at a time... Hopefully...



  1. I was pretty surprised to see that a Miku DD will be released, from all the previous rumors, I thought it was going be SD. But I'm not complaining since I'm not into SDs. Going to be pre-ordering her for sure.

    Hope you can find a tailor for your WRS project soon, I enjoyed pictures or your BRS ^^

    1. Few years ago the idea of an official DD Miku would seem unlikely, as Crypton did not seem likely to issue license for merchandising into dolls. It slowly became apparent that possibility is incrasing as others were releasing theirs such as Pullip and RAH.

      Found a tailor who accepts to make a costume set for WRS from a friend. If things are okay I should be able to see the dream fulfilled in late Autumn or early Winter hopefully. Glad to know you enjoy my pictures of B★RS! ^^

  2. Looks like your bandwidth got jacked with this post. At least one of the photos stuck :^) Miku has surprised me with her longevity.

    Never got into the Dollfies due to cost :^(

    1. This isn't my first time having photobucket bandwidth busted, and I haven't figured out why it was so as traffic isn't significant orz. You can click on the "pictures" to see them though.

      Miku is standing strong since her debut 6 years ago. I reckon she will continue to grow in popularity just like a diva!

      Dollfies are expensive to acquire and to maintain. It can be a good thing to not consider this hobby because of that. ^^;

  3. The more pics are releasd of her, the more appealing she seems to be becoming... This is very bad!!!

    I'm already on 3. Gotta draw the line somewhere. And I'm not even a miku fan!!

    1. One of the notorious thing with Volks is that the actual doll usually looks much better than the promotional pictures themselves, so if one finds the pictures looking good already, then... Well, you know you are in trouble.

      At least we still have time to decide until December, as long as the deadline doesn't shift unexpectedly.

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