31 August 2013

Nanoha Ichiban Kuji in Akihabara 2

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The second wave of Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji Premium Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A's started selling in end of August. The first wave was released in January, and they got sold out real fast.

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Ichiban Kujis are lottery of some sort which has various kinds of merchandise available for purchase via a lottery draw. Each are available in finite numbers, and usually there is a sheet indicating what has been sold / drawn and what hasn't.

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Large posters of the girls in beachwear were up nearby. Smaller posters were available as prize items.

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As witht the first wave, the prize items for the 2nd wave feature characters of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Movie 2nd A's, but more specifically in the later half of the movie, where the main characters have transformed their Barrier Jackets to more powerful forms. Yagami Hayato also makes an appearance this time, whereas she didn't in the first wave of Kuji.

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Pictures from twitter users start to flood out, with a few showing off how much they have bought. This one from Ninja (にんじゃ, twitter username @NinjaExpress) bought 240,000 Yen worth of merchandise... (http://twitpic.com/db4fwm)

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And here's a pile of the merchandise from the same user. I started to realise that this looks rather familiar, and indeed this is the same person who bought 192,000 Yen worth of Nanoha Kuji back in January, but there were a lot more boxes shown back then. :o

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But if you think that is crazy, this one looks even crazier. Above is 320,000 Yen worth of Nanoha goods in cartons as tweeted from user @zukari_nm7. Those are not all his, but supposedly shared out among 10+ others as he later tweeted to clarify the amount.

The Nanoha series sure stand strong, with its merchandise still sells like hot cakes. You want one and you're in Japan? As with the first wave, they're all gone by noon on the first day, so you'd better act fast or else!

Kuji prize items pictures from crack-in

Images and info from アキバBlog and 虹神速報.


  1. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! It is just a group of entrepreneurs who will be selling these as a third party for an insane amount. Still, not a bad idea if you have he cash and know an easy sell.

    1. I personally hope those were not for reselling but for friends, but they are indeed highly potential for easy cash because of their popularity and demand. :o

  2. If he will be selling it for a greater price, then I guess there is nothing wrong with it. Its a lottery and your chance is very slim to get what you aim.

    If you could bought what you want for a price, then its a good choice, because the items are limited + exclusive. You may not have the chance to obtain the item that you are aiming for and it may be taken by the previous drawers.

    Made a review of it as well on my blog site :)

    1. Thanks for the review link. I personally am not a fan of kuji because of the "exclusive / limited item" method of selling. Selling them as normal retail means more people get to have more chances, but then you can still have early birds who hoard them to resell them at higher prices later.


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