29 August 2013

Battleship Girls Game: Kantai Collection

 photo ku-xlarge_zpse59d341f.jpg
Within the recent months, and especially with last month, there has been an increasing popularity with anthropomorphic versions of Japanese WWII warships. The source of the popularity? A social web browser game from DMM called Kantai Collection (艦隊これくしょん, meaning "Fleet Collection"), which is simply known as Kan Colle or Kancolle (艦これ).

Kancolle is one of those freemium social games where you build / collect warships anthropomorphised as girls, customise their weapons/equipments, and send them out to battle or expeditions. Much of the process, especially the battles, are automated, which makes it ideal for one to run the game in the background while you do other stuff, and come back to check on it now and then.

As for girls, there are already quite a few favourites out there among the fans:

 photo ShimakazeWWII_zpsbc861344.jpg
Destroyer Shimakaze. This was one of a kind, using a special steam engine to achieve high speed. There was a plan to produce more ships of such class, but was never realised due to a lack of industrial capacity.

 photo ShimakazeKancolle_zps092473cd.jpg
And this is Shimakaze in Kancolle.

 photo ShimakazeFigma_zps1f37dc68.jpg
Shimakaze is so popular that Max Factory revealed a figma action figure is now in development during WonFes Summer 2013.

 photo 800px-Kongo1944_zps2049f811.png
Japanese battleship Kongou, the lead ship of her class. She was designed by a British naval engineer, and was one of the last Japanese warships to be built outside Japan.

 photo KongouKancolle_zps705b187a.jpg
And here's Kongo in Kancolle. Due to her historical background, she throws in a bit of English here and there in her lines.

 photo 791622202_zps7f11f509.png
Each girl has normal appearance as well a "damaged" one. Here is Kangou looking "damaged", with parts of her cloth torn off, with the guns smouldering on her back.

 photo YamatoWWII_zps073235bb.jpg
Of course the famous Yamato made it through as well, which was one of the biggest battleship ever made.

 photo YamatoKancolle_zps420a124b.png
And not surprisingly it's one of the best ships in the game.

 photo Kancolle_Screen_zps55438956.jpg
Overall, Kancolle is more of a management game, where you build and customise your fleet of girls and enjoy the artworks and voiceworks. It's one of those social games where it's for burning time

For those who are interested, someone posted a video introducing it with a brief history and gameplay information:


As DMM restricts overseas users from accessing its service, one would require VPN or a proxy IP address in order to register and start the game.

For more general information you can read it up on Kotaku.

I started playing very recently, after having to queue for daily lottery to get into the server (as servers are now very full due to increasingly popularity). Each ship, or girls, have their voices and say various lines depending on the actions done or the situation they are in, and some of the stats and dialogs reflect on their performance in WWII, therefore those who know about their real ship counterparts may understand some of the internal jokes. There is a lot of waiting involved, especially for repairs if you just came out of a nasty battle, but you can just leave it in the background while you do other stuff. You can actually lose the ships you own for good if their HP get depleted to 0, which can be quite a heavy blow if they are high level ships that you've been training with for a long time, so retreat when necessary is always a good choice.

With the game mainly featuring warships from Imperial Japanese Navy (at least for the moment), Kancolle is a kind of game that is unlikely to be available or localised in other places. Who knows? Maybe ships from other navies will also be introduced?

Game website:


  1. 艦コレ is hot!
    I haven't tried it but as I heard that unlike other browser games, it doesn't require heavy investment.
    Girl x Tank, Girl x Battleship. What's next? XD

    1. The game is surprisingly popular; I see lots of Japanese people on twitter talking about it, be it friends or even well known people like huke and CHANxCO!

      Girl x Tank, Girl x Ship, and I was thinking about Girl x Plane next, but Strike Witches sort of took that idea already. ^^;

    2. there is a girl x mech game name cosmic break alreaddy

  2. I have agree with Yui. Plane Girls, Tank Girls, so I guess it makes sense for Battleship Girls. I am not sure what is left either for battle, but I am sure they will figure out something.

    1. It's hard to imagine what can come next with these military x girls crossover. Kancolle is suprisingly popular in Japan, and as of now the servers have to limit the number of new players to join the game. Who knows, we may even expect anime or something in the future?


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