27 August 2013

figma Racing Miku 2013 preview

 photo 249fb646b8dbd59bff54b073d5674371_zps80ee85d1.jpg
After a long wait, this year's rendition of Racing Miku now has a figma action figure for pre-order!

 photo bd355086cc3fc29a79be80414fc449eb_zpsc483bc41.jpg
Miku holding a sign with the number 4 on it, which is the car number for the Goodsmile racing team.

 photo e3f045291fc61d105a21cad36564a22d_zps1ddc50e6.jpg
As a race queen she comes with a parasol.

 photo f0b23975592501589db1416be55fc026_zps61c7f57f.jpg
A back view with the parasol closed.

 photo fc38faafb69009d8ba839482ba00fd24_zps337cd68b.jpg
Miku reaching out. This pose and expression is based on an illustration.

 photo 87aafd05111cc19cc411733934b90b39_zpsb57ced7b.jpg
And finally the original artwork itself. The illustration is drawn by saitom, and costume is designed by Shimazaki Mari, who is known as the main character designer for Bayonetta video game. You can see a few more of saitom's drawings here.

figma Racing Miku 2013 can be purchased as part of a personal sponser course set, which also come with other items such as rubber straps and parasols etc depending on the prices. The price ranges from 7000 Yen to a breathtaking amount of 50000 Yen. The figma is scheduled to be released in January 2014, though other goodies may come earlier.

Available for pre-order on Goodsmile Racing. Deadline is 11th September at 23:59 (JST / GMT+9). Other Racing Miku related merchandise can be found there too.

This year's Racing Miku design resembles that of 2011 (review here), while the latter has more of a mature look. I actually skipped last year's Racing Miku, which looks a bit too young and mischievous to me. ^^; I personally like 2013's version, so I'll be looking forward to get her!

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  1. Holy crap, the working parasol is making this a great figure to have if you love Miku or even racing.

    1. The open and closed parasol would be two separate items, as it was with the previous Racing Miku figmas. Great to pose with 1/12 vehicles for sure~


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