28 June 2013

Moonlit Shooting Star

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Good Smile Company (GSC) is hosting a photo contest, where entrants may post pictures with scaled figures distributed by the said company (this also includes Max Factory and FREEing etc).

One may still get to submit pictures up until the deadline on 7th July.

For fun I decided to give it a shot. Since the chibi looking nendoroids and figma action figures cannot be the focus of a picture, I had to see what the few scale figures I have that I can use. Turns out that I have the Black★Rock Shooter -animation version- figure that was released in November 2010 and Max Factory 1/8 Shana (review here) that are eligible for the contest. I didn't enter Shana for contest as there were damages on the figure in the first place.

The setup is basically the figure placed in front of my desktop computer's screen displayed with a moon eclipse in the dark. A bit of photo editing is done by painting the fire with PhotoShop (which I quickly learned on the Internet within 10 minutes), and while it's not pro work, I hope it pays off! ^^;

The title is supposed to be "A Shooting Star Under the Moonlight", but as the title can only be 30 characters long at maximum, I shortened it to "Moonlit Shooting Star".

I like the dynamic pose and flowing shapes of the 1/8 Black★Rock Shooter -animation version- figure. By playing with silhouettes one can explore not just the character, but also the atmosphere as well as the negative space. I hope this makes the character look more mysterious and charismatic at the same time!

 photo P7044257.jpg
The same figure under normal lighting. Picture from the review post.

I did a photo review of it back in 2011. Can't believe it has been nearly 2 years already o_o;

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usA verification picture is needed for submission, which is basically a picture of the participated figure with a piece of paper of the entrant's name on it.

The picture has been submitted, but the soonest date for the picture to make it in the entry pages may be around 5th July. I'll update the page with link once it's available! The entry page is now up and available: https://event.goodsmile.info/photocon2013summer/entry.php?uid=965

GSC Scale Figure Photo Contest 2013@Summer
Photo Contest Explanation from Mikatan


  1. I couldn't think of any creative shot to take with my figures for the contest but I'm sure you have more figures which are eligible (tho BRS worked well for you, it seems)

    Looking at my collection, I can see Samus Aran, Hanekawa, Saber Lily~golden Caliburn and 4 Shuraki figures (remember them?) as eligible.

    1. My photo is inspired by a similar photo that I came across sometime 2 years ago, but alas I can't find it anymore. As mentioned in the post I like the flow on the figure, so a silhouette will bring the shapes quite nicely.

      Now that I think of it, I do have one other figure that is eligible - the Max Factory Shana, but that was second hand and came a little damaged from previous owner unfortunately. The Shuraki figures were actually the first figures I started to notice from Good Smile Company. That kinds tells you how late I am into knowing them (well, compared to you that is).

  2. I love silhouette cameo shots if the are done right. I really do like this as you did a great job incorporating the blue light background with the blue of her eye.

    Good Luck on the contest!

    1. The blue fire is done on Photoshop, which I learned from searching on the Internet within 10 minutes ^^; Hope I haven't done too much of a bad job there!

      Thanks for the good luck! I dont' have much expectations, but it won't hurt to participate I suppose!

  3. I wanted to enter this as well, but I was too busy preparing for my trip to Anime Expo that I didn't have time for it :< Yours look really really nice though! I would've done one for Mikoto XD

    1. I'm sure there will be a next time, and hopefully you'll have more time when another photo contest comes up. Will be looking forward to seeing your picture of Biri Biri~


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