29 June 2013

TomyTec 1/144 GIMIX Ace Combat Collaboration

 photo 10233441b_zpsc67d44ec.jpg
Tomytec, a subsidiary of TAKARA Tomy that focuses on miniature models, is collaborating with jet fighter video game series Ace Combat to make plane miniatures from the said series. First revealed in Shizuoka Hobby Show in May, the first two planes to make debut are the Galm 1 & Galm 2 (known as Cipher and Pixy respectively) from the PS2 game Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.

 photo 10233441b3_zpsf9941342.jpg
Cipher's F-15C, callsign "Galm 1"

 photo 10233441b4_zps157ab9b4.jpg
Pixy's F-15C, callsign "Galm 2", with a distinctive red colour on the right wing.

 photo 01ac01c_L_zps947304f5.jpg
Detailed markings dotted across the plane. This could be one of the most detailed 1/144 plane I've ever seen so far.

 photo 01ac01d_L_zps2826c1e7.jpg
The dorsal air brake can be configured to be open or closed, most likely by part swapping.

 photo 01ac01e_L_zpsa6c6f5d8.jpg
As with many existing plane models, the plane can be configured to be landed or in flight. A nice payload of misisles are included as well.

 photo 10233441b5_zps831d3cce.jpg
Special box art will be available for both of the planes. Judging from that on Galm 1, it appears that the image is based on a screenshot from the PS3 game Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

Both planes are scheduled to be released in October 2013 for 3675 Yen each (tax included).

Gotta admit that the price is quite steep for a model of such size, but given that it's a pre-painted kit, and with the level of details featured, it will be quite a beauty (or two) to display~ Well, as long as I don't lose any of the parts while building them that is... ^^;

Ace Combat Zero was the first Ace Combat game I played, under the recommendation of a friend. While the Cipher is a silent protagonist feared by his enemies, his wingman Pixy is a calm yet relatively talkative buddy who accompanies the player in majority of the missions, and is best known for the quote "Yo buddy, you still alive?".

Looking forward to see more planes from Ace Combat series making into models!

Pictures from Tomytec and Hobby Search


  1. I used to build model planes and spaceships when I was younger. You are right about the amount of decal details on this. It is startly to see that much and would take a while to place all them. Whoever build this display, really did a stunning job on the details for sure.

    1. I really appreciate those who build military models, though I tend to hit big stumbling blocks myself when it comes to painting. I suppose this is why I stick with Gunplas as well as shokugan pre-painted miniature models.

      Hopefully if I do get my hands on these it won't turn out to be a disaster for me.

  2. It IS a pretty steep price for such a tiny model. Though, I guess that it's all about the level of detail. I've been looking to add a fighter plane to my display case, need something simple...

    1. Heck, 3500 Yen is something one can buy for some MG models already!

      If you are looking for 1/144 scale planes for lower prices, you can try something like F-Toys which also come pre-painted with some assembly required.


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