27 June 2013

War Room 1/144 M4A3 Sherman

 photo P6271959_zps51c84f13.jpg
I know I have not been very active recently; several things in life are getting in the way. In the recent months I have been blogging about some of my 1/144 tanks here and there. Recently I acquired another tank, but this time it's a new release and it's not another German one. But an ordinary American Sherman tank.

 photo P6271960_zps21f08dc3.jpg
This M4A3 Sherman is released by ACI Toys under the War Room line, which is a relatively new line, but there also exists the Metal Troops which are of highly detailed miniature military vehicles with same scale as well. Somehow this tank is not yet mentioned on the official website, with only the M4A1 Shermans featured (earlier variant with rounded hulls).

 photo P6271961_zpsa084e66e.jpg
Tank with the hatches and M2 machinegun. There were no instructions as for how to place the parts, and unfortunately due to the small size and light weight I lost one of the half hatches for the turret already (as seen in the next two pictures)...

The tank itself is quite heavy for its size, so it's assumed the body, if not a majority of it, is made of metal. The hatches are made of plastic, and I have a problem of the paint where they flake off rather easily. This did not apply to the tank itself though - just the hatches. A real pity as it's really well painted with weathering features.

 photo P6281962_zps31bf2bc5.jpg
Front sides of the tank

 photo P6281963_zps2b82fa6e.jpg
And back sides

 photo P6281964_zpsf0938dc0.jpg
Closer look at one side of the tank. Really love the decals used as well as the weathering applied on such a small tank.

 photo P6281965_zps7c75656b.jpg
I also really appreciate the details of the tools mounted at the back of the tank. I know other more affordable tank miniatures also have tools moulded and painted on the tanks, these are possible some of the finest I've seen so far on a 1/144 scale.

As usual, a quick diorama shot to finish off the post.


  1. Congrats on the new get.. I'm so surprised at the detail and quality of these small scale tanks (°◇°;) They are great collection pieces specially for those with very limited space ^^b

    1. This is one of the most detailed 1/144 tank I have so far. It's crazy how people can pack so much details in such small size!

  2. Really got to love the weathering that goes into this! Thats a great shot for the last picture!

    1. I don't often see weathering being done on 1/144 tanks as it's really small to do so, but they really did a good job on it! Makes it look even more convincing on dioramas~

  3. This is an awesome new addition, but what's up with all the extra foam? I have to give them kudos for making sure this was protected. The weathering definitely adds to the diorama :^)

    1. The foam is really tightly packed to ensure no damage is incurred on the model before unboxing. The weathering and details can really fool people to think the model is of a much larger scale!


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