22 May 2013

Dragon Can.Do 1/144 Panzerbeobachtungswagen V

 photo P5231913_zpsf00ce559.jpg
Together with the Bergetiger I talked about earlier this year, this Panzerbeobachtungswagen V was bought in my Tokyo trip last year in November/December. By the way, this thing's official name sure is a mouthful to pronounce or to type! ^^;

 photo P5231914_zps91b943f3.jpg
Panzerbeobachtungswagen V (Armoured Observation Vehicle, PzBeobWg V in short) is an artillery observation variant of the Panther tank. A small number of battle damaged Panther tanks were converted into such specialised vehicles. This one seems to be based on the late war Ausf G variant. They do not engage in combat, but spot targets for artillery, while having sufficient armour to survive enemies attacks in case of ambush.

This particular miniature is a special item for Dragon Can.Do's shokugan series, namely under the Jagdpanther, which is a turretless tank destroyer variant of the Panther tank.

 photo P5231915_zps03f7490d.jpg
What makes Panzerbeobachtungswagen Panther special is the different gun mantlet as well as a shorter gun. The gun is actually for show though, as it's only a wooden dummy gun; the observation tank needs every space inside for radio and observation equipments. At least that may fool the enemies to think it is not completely defenseless.

 photo P5231916_zps6a4ea4ed.jpg
The tank also comes with a figure of the same scale, and here is a comparison with a Japanese 100 Yen coin.

Like with other tanks I have talked about previously, here is a simple diorama, which I captioned "Stand strong, and look ahead!". Hope you like it!


  1. That is a small soldier, but very nicely detailed. As always, you have an awesome diorama shot.

    1. Thanks for the comment and your compliment! These 1/144 figures are real small and light; you can literally blow them away!


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