26 May 2013

Giant Rubber Duck in Hong Kong

 photo P5261932_zpsc952e081.jpg
Hong Kong has various visitors coming over by sea this year: a sailing ship, a warship, and now... A giant rubber duck?

This larger-than-life rubber duck is currently the latest hype rocking the city of Hong Kong. Having been floating here near the Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui since early 2nd May, it brought a lot of hype and joy to locals and tourists. Again, as it's not something one will get to see every day, I decided to pay the duck a visit as well.

 photo P5261917_zps67fff3a1.jpg
Instead of taking the MTR train, I took the ferry across the harbour, which is in fact a shorter trip.

 photo P5261920_zpsfc34b603.jpg
By the time I arrived on the other side of the harbour, the crowd is already just outside taking pictures of the duck!

 photo P5261921_zpsfe8ec442.jpg
And here's the duck itself in full view. This Rubber Duck is an ongoing project from Dutch artist Florentijin Hofman, where the duck has made appearance in various cities across the world, spreading joy to those who get to see it in person. Hong Kong is currently the latest stop for the duck to visit as part of its world tour. Standing at 16.5m tall, it is currently the largest duck to make appearance in Asia, 2nd largest in the world tour next to that in St Nazaire (26m).

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Hi there!

 photo P5261932_zpsc952e081.jpg
 photo P5261937_zps385bc504.jpg

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Going up to the carpark, which was the same location as where I took picture of the USS Peleliu last month, the

 photo P5261940_zps32216a69.jpg
Looking down on the curious crowd.

 photo P5261945_zpse8f14645.jpg
A view of the Rubber Duck by the Star Ferry Pier with Central district of Hong Kong in the background across the harbour.

 photo P5261947_zpsc0e03149.jpg
A view of Central from Tsim Sha Tsui. The great number of glassy skyscrapers mark the pinnacle of the commercial district in Hong Kong.

 photo P5261950_zps420f378d.jpg
A look at the crowd taking pictures of the duck. There sure are a lot of people!

 photo P5261952_zps96d38f6c.jpg
 photo P5261926_zps661d6a86.jpg
There are smaller rubber duck statues on display for people to take pictures with. Don't really think one is allowed to sit on them, but that got ignored quite often, especially the children.

 photo P5261951_zps7cbe18cf.jpg
The floor underneath the ducks has a nice illusion of waterfalls when looked from a correct angle. I was lucky to take this picture as the crowd got dispersed as a result of a sudden rain.

 photo P5261956_zpsb6c1b72e.jpg
I do find the way people take pictures of the duck amusing, along with the variety of equipments used.

 photo P5261953_zps44e76418.jpg
The rubber duck will be on display until 9th June. If you do happen to be nearby up til that date, do try and give it a visit; it isn't very often you see a big duck floating in a city. :P


  1. "Quack, quack, all yellow and creepy." Rin, Katawa Shoujo


    1. Nice quote there lol XD. I only played the demo of it before. ^^;

  2. wow, I was wondering about all the duck pictures I see everywhere recently ^^ That is one GIANT rubber duck XD I wish I was there to see it too, it looks like quite the scene. But of course, there are TONS of people surrounding it... typical Hong Kong I guess heehee

    1. The duck's larger-than-life appearance does make it very stand out from the rest of the scene XD

      Local Hongkongers really do get very hyped about the duck, as they are with a lot of things that are trendy at the moment. :P

  3. My younger brother likes rubber duckies still to this day. Not sure the fascination, but this one sure got my attention!

    1. Oh your younger brother may really like this giant duck world tour project then! The bright yellow and unusual size really does capture a lot of attention!

  4. If someone had just shown me a picture of that rubber duck with Hong Kong island in the background I would've sworn it was photoshopped. This is definitely one of the stranger things I've heard of this week.


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