26 April 2013

Medicom RAH Hatsune Miku preview

 photo FIG-MOE-9293_zps0f2fcad8.jpg
First appearing as a teaser in Wonder Festival Winter 2013, Medicom has now announced 12" tall Hatsune Miku clothed action figure to release on Real Action Heroes (RAH) line!

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Front and back

 photo full04_zps802cb218.jpg
Close up

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 photo full08_zpsf589f69b.jpg
 photo full11_zps3aaf5831.jpg

 photo full05_zpsbdc36ee1.jpg

 photo full12_zps85800e76.jpg
Keyboard close up

RAH Hatsune Miku is scheduled to be released in January 2014 for 23900 Yen (tax included). Curiously, she is slightly more expensive than RAH Black★Rock Shooter that I mentioned nearly two years ago.

I noticed that that some shops in Hong Kong are offering pre-orders at quite low prices, with discounts as great as 20% (or even greater).

I most likely won't want to jump into a new line and just stick with what I have... For now ^^; Nevertheless I can see how she is going to be a popular one for the fans~ Is anyone getting her asl well?

Images are from Medicom and AmiAmi


  1. I'm not planning on getting this one, but I hope someone writes a review. It'll be interesting to see how the RAH Miku compares with the figma Miku.

    1. It will be interesting to see how the 1:6 scale RAH Miku compares with the 1:12 scale figma Miku. A new figma Miku 2.0 is in the making too, so that may also be something to look forward to.

    2. when are they gonna come out i want one so bad !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yamaha DX7 is really a surprise, as it is the origin of the design of Hatsune Miku. Well, it would be nice if the figure could come with 2 more faces for exchange (just like RAH Saber, etc)...

    One of the shops in HK have already closed reservation. Do reserve asap if you wish to have it XD

    1. I agree with you that additional face expressions will be a nice thiing to have, which will be pretty beneficial if they look good.

      Pre-order sure sounds like going like hot cakes! Sounds tempting in some ways, but gotta hold back this time. ^^;

  3. I was pretty excited when this was announced.. thou like Yui-san mentioned, I wish they would have included an extra face that show her smiling with mouth open like in the Project Diva f/F cover. My pre-order has been placed already, but the wait will be long. ^^;

    1. Having additonal faces with more lively expressions will be idea, and as you've said it will look more like the artwork for Project Diva covers.

      Having to wait for 9 months sure is a long one. It should be worth the wait though! ^^


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