29 April 2013

Z'gok Tofu Hands On!

 photo P5051904_zps1cd756c1.jpg
I've always wanted the mould of the Z'gok Tofu since its announcement. With a stroke of luck, a shop in Mong Kok was selling empty moulds of them for a reasonable price, and I thought to myself "why not?" and went ahead to buy one.

 photo P5051903_zps1274a11e.jpg

 photo P5051911_zps82f3eb7a.jpg

 photo P5051912_zps1b84f6d4.jpg
The model number and name "MSM-07 Z'GOK" are moulded clearly at the front.

 photo P5051906_zps90bf9ca1.jpg

 photo P5051907_zpsec21f7df.jpg
Comparison with 1/144 Gunpla, in this case a HGUC 1/144 Zaku Mariner

 photo P5051908_zpsc503397d.jpg
Not so sure what you can do with a Z'gok Tofu mould, but I suppose you can mount it on a Gunpla and let it pretend to be a Z'gok...

 photo P5051910_zps8dcf49b6.jpg
Joint operation. Yea I know this is a bit silly, but a bit of it won't hurt I suppose :P

 photo P5051904_zps1cd756c1.jpg
 photo P5051905_zps25b7259a.jpg
I am glad that I managed to get this. Apart from being a nice decoration for desktop, it may also be useful as a mould for, say, chocolate or jelly etc. Maybe that's worth trying one day. :o


  1. very cool shots, but not sure I could eat that large of a tofu. Not a bad idea for a secondary market item for sure.

    1. Been trying to look for this mould for some time, but it's very hard to find in Hong Kong since very few people imported it. Found one that was charging the untouched expired tofu for a ripoff, but this one I found emptied was a good find. A lucky one for sure!

  2. Hmm maybe instead of tofu make use ice cream instead haha!

    1. Nice idea with the ice-cream! It's quicker to mould, and I suppose I can add M&Ms or Smarties as the monoeye! XD


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