30 March 2012

March Ramblings

Purchases have been fairly light this month - just RG 1/144 Freedom Gundam and HGUC 1/144 Zaku I Sniper Kirks Custom. The Freedom Gundam shall be my first Real Grade Gunpla kit as well :o

March started off with a rather loud bang, first off with L'arc~en~Ciel concert, and later with C3 in Hong Kong 2012 hobby event. Things quiet down quite a bit for the rest of the month, and I spent a lot of time gaming away. Gotta say that video games tend to be what keeps non-game bloggers silent online sometimes ^^;

Apart from RG Freedom Gundam and the Zaku I Sniper, I'm still slowly going through some of the ongoing backlogged ones. The 9 GM IIIs that I bought last year are finally back in progress, after waiting for replacement parts (some parts came broken in the box unfortunately) for half a year.

Hopefully they will be available for a review in April!

On the other hand, there is also a reason why there's been little spending recently - much of the money has been used to buy a new phone - the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Admittedly, being used to the old kinds of phones switching to a smartphone took some time for me to get used to; they are more like PDAs to distract you more than what they suppose to function on the book ^^;

Also tried a few shots of my toys with the phone's camera:

Metal Troops 1/144 Churchill infantry tank. This thing is barely 5cm long so I'm impressed with the macro shot there.

Robot Damashii GM Sniper II with digital zoom. It's a tad blurry, but I suppose that's understandable with digital zoom.

And finally something that I tend to struggle to take picture of - my Black Rock Shooter doll. Even with little lighting prepartion, it seems like that the smartphone can do an easier (and perhaps also a better) job than what my point-and-shoot can do for the past 3 years or so. It's a bit scary how advanced technology can be @_@;

Perhaps just like what some fellow bloggers have said to me - I really should switch to a new camera soon ._.


  1. Ah... I still haven't bought an RG kit yet. Not like I have time to build it anyway... I thought I remembered they were making something I like in the future.

    And I think I've made quite a record post for March compared to the previous months 0.o But because of that I didn't play any games at all. So sad...

    That is scary how good that phone camera is! Probably better than my point and shoot too! I did upgrade recently but not my phone. So maybe if I get a new phone I can return the point and shoot back to my brother ^^; It is quite a step up after getting a new camera, though I need to step up my photography ability as well >.>

  2. I know what you mean about games keeping non-gaming bloggers silent! I've played through so many games recently that I was impressed with myself for completing saber!! I do a couple of mini reviews for some of the games but they account for less than half of what I've played for the last few months!!
    Looks like there's a bit of a gaming drought coming up so maybe then I can hunker down and get my model kit building up to speed!!

    I've had an iPhone since the 3G version a few years ago and it's only relatively recently that the cameras have started to catch up. Since the iPhone4 (2010), the camera has been decent but before that, they were pretty pants. Still no match for DSLRs or micro 4/3rds but I think point and click camera manufacturers might be getting a little concerned now about how to stay ahead of the curve.

  3. Wow... your GM-III army is still in the dry docks...

    Ah, the RG Freedom, careful with the foot. It tends to not able to stand after completion if not done properly...

    New "camera", eh? I guess I have to change mine as some issues had develop recently...
    If you're which guessing I be getting, it'll be a Canon A3200.

  4. I picked up the Samsung Galaxy Note this past month as well. I pimped mine out with Gurren Lagann and Yoko wallpapers. It is my first smart phone and so far happy with it.

    Not much new however as I still have several SD Gundams I need to build. Hopefully you get all your parts soon to finish up the 9 GM's.

  5. @ Lightning Sabre:
    This will be my first time building an RG kit. Tried an MG kit several years ago for a friend but that really was tiring for me. Hopefully the RG will be somewhere in between the two ^^;

    I spent a lot of time playing Ace Combat on the PS3 last month, so that took a lot of time away from me. On the contrast you made up a lot of time for blogging on the expense of not gaming on the same month!

    Phone cameras really do catch up a lot these days. I was shocked how quick it responded (less than half a second I'd think) and the quality that it can produce, making my current camera rather obosolete in comparison. I'm still very casual on photography, but equipping with a better one would probably mean I gotta learn more on this particular aspect too eventually.

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    Recent games, especially role-playing ones, can really take up a lot of time for us, especially those who don't talk about games very often! Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 would surely be some of the prime examples for the past few months (I know you're into at least one of them!). Though I gotta say I'm impressed how you manage to keep up with "mini" reviews of them, but I didn't know that was just half of what you've played!

    I had a relatively big jump from Samsung Monte to Galaxy Nexus, so the difference in camera performance seem pretty significant to me. It does show how quickly the gap between camera phones and point-and-shoot closes in, and makes me wonder how the latter can keep up as people start using cameras or the more advanced ones instead.

    @ bd77:
    I didn't touch the GM IIIs for more than half a year after noticing there were missing and damaged parts. It's only last month I've decided to resume progress upon receiving replacement parts. Now I just got the backpacks and colouring left to be done before they are ready to roll out!

    Thanks for the advice on the RG Freedom. Not being able to stand on its own can be bit of a let down. This sounds like a problem inherited from some of the MG kits as well. I better take extra care on that when building it.

    I personally don't want to part with my current camera as it's working relatively fine and it's one of the few electronics I own that didn't break down after seeing a long service. Alas, it does struggle to keep up in terms of performance, even when faced with a phone camera. I suppose this is how technology goes these days.

    @ bluedrakon:
    My sister considered getting Galaxy Note over Galaxy S II, but went for the latter because it fits her small hand a bit better. I haven't done much persoalisation on my phone yet, but I suppose it'll be a gradual process for me.

    Didn't know you build SD Gundams. I don't have any but they do look fun to build. If things go smoothly hopefully I'll get to have my GM IIIs rolled out early in April!

  6. @Q: Haha. Mass effect was my poison but I got through the main story mode in about a week. Wasn't too happy about the ending either but not enough to rage on the internet about it like others have been doing. Just thinking back, in the past few months, I've finished Catherine, Binary Domain, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Blazblue CS2 Extend as well but didn't review any (might review NG3 though)! I've been sinking a lot of time into the Dead or Alive 5 demo too and I'm working my way through Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 right now with Ridge Racer Unbounded and dai-2-ji Super robot Taisen Z Saisei hen on the way... I play too many games...

    And I've had my iPhone4 for nearly 2 years now (gonna upgrade to the iPhone5 in the summer) but maybe it's because there's something wired into me but I don't reach out for my phone to take photos still. I know it does a good job but if I see a good shot, I end up wishing that I had my Olympus Pen EP-L1 with me...

  7. Oh nice, you finally got the RG Freedom! Does it come with the effect parts you mentioned last year?

  8. @ gundamjehutykai:
    Whoa you do go through games rather quickly o_O;

    The rage regarding on the ending of Mass Effect 3 sure causes quite a rukus; even BBC News reported about it to my surprise. At least Bioware does listen to the gamers and promises that they will do something about it.

    Despite that nowdays smartphones are more than just phones and combine a lot of stuff into one device, somewhere inside me I still want to have them separately, so I kinda get what you mean by wanting to use a proper camera rather than that from a many-in-one phone. I still have no idea what kinda of camera I should be going for, but something tickles me to go for another Olympus one. I'm not quite sure yet.

    @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    The effect parts come much later than the RG Freedom's first release date, but they're finally here! They are indeed the HiMAT full blast effects - similar to the ones that were supposed to be on display in Gundam Expo, but simplified.

  9. Oh nice! are they limited or are they available separately? cus I'm definitely keen to get it ^^

  10. @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    The effect parts have to be bought together with the RG Freedom. There are still some shops that sell them as of now I think :o

  11. ahh I see. In that case I don't have to be in a hurry to get it then :P


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