31 March 2012


DD WRS. This one is not mine though.

Came across this custom made DD (Dollfie Dream) WRS recently. Admittedly I have been looking for a seamstress to make such request to complement my BRS, but someone has beaten me to it. Surprisingly, the seamstress is actually someone I have come across before. We had a brief chat going through what will be included and what not, and she sent me these two photos for reference. The seamstress will make the costume, while I have to get the head, eyes, wig, body, and shoes myself.

There is no real timetable as for when I will finally get my hands of one, but it shall be something I will get myself to look forward to this year.

I know I have been obsessed by this character design before, and I am still intoxicated by it. It's funny how it makes me so, much to a few particular readers' disappointment (I know, I know). Oh well. But it does somehow drive me to look forward to something though.

For those who do not know who WRS is, she is a character who only appears in Black Rock Shooter THE GAME. Essentially a white version of Black Rock Shooter (but is a separate character), it is suggested that "White Rock Shooter" is the long name for WRS, though this is never mentioned in the game or even in game manual.

A side note: This particular WRS looks a little bit busty; should I ever get my hands on one too I will reduce it to a smaller one to get the image closer to the original design.



  1. Whoah nice! I should ask who your tailor is, lol. This'll be a great once it's done :D Though you're gonna need a white hair wig with long hair extension, lol.

  2. I was wondering where the white version came from. These Dollfies are quire well done and expensive from what I have noted.

    Still for the price, you get an exceptional lady!

  3. @ Lightning Sabre:
    The tailor is a local one in Hong Kong who is associated with Dollfie's World (which you may or may not have heard about). I do plan on using the same head as my BRS, with the same wig (from Miruya) and eyes as well but in white and red respectively.

    It may take some time for me to finally acquire it, but at least I know it's feasible for it to happen!

    @ bluedrakon:
    WRS isn't as well known as BRS as the character is a derivative that only makes appearance as in a PSP game and as a figma that is made for it. Design-wise she's like a mirror image of BRS, but with features different enough to stand out as an independent character that I actually like to my own taste.

    Dolls are no cheap "toys", and I personally won't recommend people into this hobby due to its expense and that it's a bit specific. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to see this custom made doll in person! While thinly dressed, WRS imbues a sense of elegance with a bit of coolness like her black counterpart :o


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