11 January 2012

Coming Soon…

"Ships ahoy!"

Been taking a break from the Internet recently since New Year's Day, and with the start of a new year I got myself a few stuff that I plan to review this month. Some of them are pretty new, while some have been around for quite some time. Hope I do get around to get through them and not procrastinate anymore! ^^;

I actually had the bike for some time but haven't got around to talk about it until the Racing Miku review. Maybe more about it sometime this month.

My doll may finally have something in similar scale to interact with.

Part of a bigger picture

I really gotta finish building these 2 Dra-Cs, they have been left like this for 2 weeks!

That being said, looks like I got a lot of catch-up to do after staying away from the Internet just for a few days. Anything you look forward to particularly? :o


  1. Now your Miku can really become a racer. =D

    Wait, is that a new camera? and a... GIANT Miku Hachune? O_o

    Yow... your Dra-C looks like some unfinished creature from a sci-fi flick... XD

  2. Heh Happy New Year Q ^^. Haha thought you might get like 4 of these Dra Cs keke.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing the Cosmo Fleet Collection

  4. A camera for your doll? Snow Miku? Looks like some interesting things to look forward to ^^ I've been taking a bit of a break until recently as well, not as much by choice though.

  5. Looking forward to it, especially some pics from your new camera.

  6. @ bd77:
    I am thinking of giving the bike to BRS as she would look more like a biker than Miku; Miku is more of a race queen, but definitely will go well together nonetheless!

    That's not a real camera actually, though I don't mind a life-size one of that! And the Hacchune snowman is part of a nendoroid. ^^;

    Haha the uncomplete Dra-Cs do give people all sorts of imaginations. While some think they look like deep sea divers, uncompleted EVA units was the first thing that came on top of my head!

    @ chubbybots:
    Happy New Year! I did ask my how many I should go for but just went for two at the end; it's not cheap going for mass production! ^^;

    @ bluedrakon:
    The Cosmo Fleet Collection is something not mentioned much elsewhere. I have bought a couple of them in the past, but this is the first full set I have!

    @ Persocom:
    Spot on there! I hope I won't procrastinate on making the reviews though.

    @ Nopy:
    Unfortunately that is not a realand life size camera; though I do think I will need to have a new one for myself soon or later.


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