31 December 2011

End of 2011

Time to bid farewell to year 2011. Somehow it didn't feel that long ago when I did the same to 2010.

2011 has been a relatively calm year for me despite a lot of events happening over the world, from disasters to revolutions. I didn't travel anywhere this year, but getting to meet various people from the Internet in person, as well as having events such as Hong Kong C3 as well as the annual ACGHK convention with them is a nice change of things.

The biggest thing I have treaded on is most likely the Dollfie Dream Black Rock Shooter. Admittedly I have started to look more into this hobby since November last year, and gave in when I actually successfully won a bid on Yahoo Auction Japan in earlier this year. That aside, I also met a lot of doll enthusiasts in the Dollism Plus earlier this summer. I'm still very shy on this hobby, especially as it's something I'm not too familiar with, but I hope I will get the gist of it eventually.

Apart from the doll, a fair amount of money has been spent on limited stuff, such as figma WRS and figma Racing Miku 2011. Turns out that more and more stuff I fall for are actually limited stuff ^^; Well, let's just hope this is manageable and not going out of control.

I still do Gunpla kits now and then. Apart from 00 QAN[T] and its GN Sword IV Full Saber equipment, all other ones I have done this year are mass production units, such as Dreissens and Jestas ^^;

Game-wise, I got on a frenzy of Ace Combat series since this summer, and got hooked onto most of the games up to Assault Horizon. It has been a while I got so fired up since my passion into WWII tanks~

On that bombshell, I wish you a Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year to you and hope you get some cool stuff this year as well.

  2. What the?! You got figma Racing Miku? O_O

    Unfortunately, in 2012, our wallets are in more or less the same danger zone as in 2011... orz

    figma Phantasmoon gotten my wallet on a leash.

  3. 2011 was quite the opposite for me, it was more of a roller coaster ride.

    I've been a fan of the Ace Combat series since 4, but I found Assault Horizon to be a bit disappointing. Introducing the dogfight mode took the fun out of it since it doesn't feel like you're the one flying the plane anymore.

  4. Hi there, I really like the first picture. A very creative idea to end 2011 :D

    Nice to meet you here in this blog ^^

  5. Just prepare yourself for more wallet beating in 2012 lol

  6. Happy new year dude! I must be the odd one out because 2011 felt like a drag for me. 2010 was way more fun!!

    Looking at my purchases and builds, I think I've gone down a fair bit in terms of new kits and whatnot. Yet I bought a few very expensive trinkets which served to drain my wallet far better than figures... Gotta go into recovery mode for a while before Buying more!!

    If my family decide to go to HK this year, I'll fire a mail to you and see if we can meet up. I'd love to catch up with you on stuff face to face!

  7. @ bluedrakon:
    Happy New Year to you too! I don't know what to expect this year, but we will see once more stuff get announced as the year goes on!

    @ bd77:
    Yea I got Racing Miku ^^; Not as dear as WRS, but still cost a lot >_<

    While I don't have any resolutions, I am not too optimistic on the spending for this year either. Well, we shall see as the year goes on ^^;

    I haven't watched Carnival Phantasm yet, but Phatasmoon does get a lot of people's attention. Maybe I will check it out soon, and see if I fall for it as well XD

    @ Nopy:
    Assault Horizon feels a lot like a big spinoff from the Ace Combat series. People are very divisive over DFM, and I have mixed feelings about it too (mostly on the scripted parts and the bugs it incurs sometimes). Apart from that, the lack of recurring features such as tunnel flight or superweapons is a great departure for fans, not least to say the expensive DLC it provides. Apart from the Ace Combat 2 remake on 3DS, let us hope that future Ace Combat games will be a return to its old style like its PS2 trilogy.

    @ h4msterworld:
    Hey thanks for coming by and leaving a comment! I was thinking of using my toys to come up with something for the post, and looking at the accessories from figma Racing Miku I have just finished reviewing I thought they would fit well as if finishing a race~

    @ Tom:
    I sort of look forward to see what grunt machines will get released this year, yet also worried about how many I will buy at the same time XD

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    Happy New Year to you too mate!

    My purchases weren't as many as those in previous years, but the price for each has gone up in average. To put it descriptively it's like firing a cannon of heavy rounds with long intervals rather than firing a machinegun of a lighter round type. Either way it's not too great for the wallet (ack).

    Do give me a ping if you do come over to Hong Kong! We had a good chat in London, and I would love to sit down and catch up with you again!

  8. I know its a bit late, but Happy New Year Q!! You can blame my tardiness on Gundam Vs Extreme, haha!

  9. Looks like you took one big step in 2011, I wonder how the dollfie hobby will shape up this year. I also wonder, if I'll ever fall into that particular hobby, but I doubt it at this point XD I think I'm perfectly happy dressing up Busou Shinki girls instead and pretending :P I too keep falling for exclusives, and it's not a pretty sight for the bank account. Hope I can resist a bit better this year.

  10. @ korewagundam:
    No worries, Happy New Year to you too! Haha good to know that you are enjoying Gundam Extreme Vs a lot!

    @ Persocom:
    The doll was sure a big step... At least in terms of expenditure ^^; It can be an expensive hobby down the line, especially if one buys clothes for the doll(s) as well, but this is not something I am planning to do in the near future. That said, dressing up Shinkis is definitely a good alternate and less expensive option too!

    The number of exclusive stuff seem to increase a lot recently. Let us hope that we won't spend too much while enjoy our hobbies at the same time! ^^


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