17 July 2011

What's in the bag? II

It's been more than a week since my last post. It has been a rather busy and tiring week, and I don't really get to surf the Internet much too.

But I do have done something terrible again. It's another bag that looks like a bin liner. Looks familiar? You'll see what it is after the jump.

HGUC 1/144 GM IIIs. There are 7 boxes that can be seen in the picture, and I need to get 2 more. That should mean 3 teams of GM IIIs in total. They will complement my sole Stark Jegan, of which the shoulder missile armaments are based on.

And oh yes I've also got myself a little Gashapon Senshi NEXT Unicorn Gundam. After comparing the first series with the one from the 3rd series (pictures and reviews can be found on hacchaka), I've decided to get the one from the first series. A bit of touchup will be nice, and it will complement my little Kshatriya which I've got with AstrayP03 in December during Gundam Expo Hong Kong 2010.

This year really is a year of GM for the HGUC line. Some of the mobile suits are finally getting materialised, fulfilling the dreams of grunt fans like me. With my liking of grunts and liking to have units of them, this is becoming somnething like a bad habit of some sort. ^^;


  1. Damnn Q, you really are crazy >.> if this keeps up you probably would end up with a whole army xD

    eh? you didn't get sinanju? :O and btw is there any difference between the first and the third unicorn aside from the shield and gattling?

  2. I really love the GMIII a lot, its one of my favorite GM designs. I know AKO Hobby has been working on a conversion set for like 2 years now, so if they finish it up, I'd like to make a MG version of it.

    But you are going to have your hands full building 9 GMIIIs Q! Have fun with it, I like the squadron of 3 MS idea, that's awesome!

  3. Oh wow, that's a lot of GMIII

    Must take quite a while to build all of them^^"

  4. So many GMs. Even if I know this is somewhat coming haha. Have fun building all of them.

  5. Now you need more Jagan & Geara Doga to finish the complete scene XD XD XD

  6. wow if you ever need help building do let me know haha!! Will be quite a sight once you finish all of them!

  7. @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    I remember when I am still buying a lot of 1/144 tanks my friends said that I will eventually have more tanks than one particular mustache guy ^^;;;

    I haven't yet decided whether I want a Sinanju or not, but I do want to have a Unicon to pair up against the Kshatriya. The V-fin of the later version with gattling gun seems to be thinner, but also a bit more bendy compared to the first one, but the limbs should still be interchangeable.

    @ korewagundam:
    The GM III may not be the best grunt unit out there, but I have a lot more attachment to grunt units compared to the Gundams these days. Afterall they are the bread and butter of the EFSF besides the Jegan!

    Hope the MG resin conversion kit will be out for you soon! I am always impressed with your work on the resin kits!

    The 9 GM IIIs will keep me busy for some time. Gotta get around to build them soon!

    @ tanoshimini:
    Buying multiple grunt units has been a notorious habbit of mine lately, and it must have taken root from the early days of my 1/144 tank collection ^^;

    With some sort of systematic assembly line, I think I can have them done within a few nights... Hopefully ^^;

    @ Tom:
    Haha I can feel myself going crazy with all the GMs and other grunt machines. These guys should hopefully be fun to build with!

    @ Yui:
    LOL I'd also need a 1/144 Axis i.e. a big rock to accomplish this! XD

    @ chubbybots:
    I definitely don't mind your help with your meticulous modelling if we are not too far apart! Now that you've mentioned it I gotta think of where I can put them once I've finished building all of them @_@;

  8. How is the development of the GM IIIs?

    I would like to feature you as toy collector and the GM IIIs in mvpfigure.com (my new site)

  9. @ B-Mecha:
    The development of the GM IIIs have been held on hold due to some missing and broken parts. I am currently waiting for replacement parts to come from YouTube vlogger 2old4toys then I will resume progress and finish all 9 of them together. I will let you know when I've finished them on your blog or on twitter etc.


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