23 June 2011

Gundam THE ORIGIN to be animated

Info has been leaked out recently that Mobile Suit Gundam: THE ORIGIN will be animated. The source of this info appears to be from the August issue of Gundam Ace magazine.

Just like how Gundam AGE has been revealed on CoroCoro Comic magazine before the official announcement on Bandai Live Channel and Gundam Info, it is very likely that the Gundam THE ORIGIN anime will be the new Gundam project that is to be announced on 25th June.

This makes more sense as for why Bandai would want to release a GFFMC RX-78-2 Gundam based on the ORIGIN manga series. Note that there are some differences with the ORIGINS Gundam and that in the anime series, ranging from additional back cannon, different core fighter appearance, and several more.

Magazine scan from Hobby Japan August Issue

A quick info on Gundam THE ORIGIN - it is the 3rd manga adaptation of the original 1979 TV anime series. The manga series started in 2002, and it has been serialised on Gundam Ace magazine. There are some changes to the story, with some events swapping places so that one takes place earlier than others compared to the anime or even the compilation movie (which also had some plot changes too, but are rather minor). Apparently the manga will end on the August issue, which comes with the annoucement that with the end of the series comes the anime adaptation for it. So in short, we will have an anime adaptation of the manga adapatation of the original anime series.

This should hopefully be some good news to those who are really disappointed with the Gundam AGE announcement and/or are looking for something more to do with UC (Universal Century) universe. Kinda felt that Sunrise had something in their sleeves to please the old fans again after the Gundam AGE announcement ^^; We will have to wait and see whether this will be a TV anime series or some kind of an OVA though.

As for now, let's wait until more gets revealed on 25th June!

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  1. Hehe good to know that sunrise still have the older fans in mind! Be it an anime series or ova like unicorn, this is definitely good news ^^.

    Time to see RX78 back in the latest graphics!

  2. Wahaha, so one for the kiddies and one for the older folks ^^ I guess that's good planning. But if I'm reading this right, this will be like a reboot of the original? Yeah, I had to say it... It sounds like a remake for the new generation, I guess.

  3. this is gonna be awesome! we still have unicorn n now this hehehe, also gundam AGE. 3 animes 2 watch

  4. Wow, so it IS going to be animated?! That's great!

  5. I would say that Origin is more of a retelling of MSG with different content to the story, etc. I'm looking forward to this series and the up coming model kits.

  6. THIS. This is definitely the thing to look forward to rather than the AGE series....
    Can't wait for it! I do hope it will be a 50 episode tv series, or like the original, 43 episodes. :D

  7. "So in short, we will have an anime adaptation of the manga adapatation of the original anime series."

    That's awesome. I'm looking forward to the anime adaptation.

  8. @ chubbybots:
    I suspected that the 2nd project would be UC related, but it's still kinda surprising that it is THE ORIGIN itself that is getting animated. Definitely good news for the fans I have to say!

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    Haha, it does appear that Sunrise has the two opposing age groups covered there. This should more or less be a reboot of the original 0079 story, but since there are some minor changes to the plot I am not sure whether this will be considered canon or not. It's probably going to be an alternative telling of the story rather than being canon though.

    @ Luffy d Munkey:
    Having two UC related animation projects sure is great news. It looks like that we should still have some good entertainment to keep us occupied for the time being~

    @ korewagundam:
    This news has been widely reported on many Gundam blogs, and even on ANN, so I think we do have a green light on this. This is great news for the Gundam fans for sure~

    @ Tom:
    THE ORIGIN is a retelling of the original story as you said, with some settings and plots changed here and there while adding more background stories in the form of flashbacks. Not sure whether this will become canonical or just another retelling though. The redesigned MS will be interesting to look forward to :o

    @ Marzz:
    AGE is a bit too radical and not geared for most of us, whereas THE ORIGIN animation is surely something that is announced for us. I will need to check whether this is going to be a TV series or some kind of OVA though.

    @ Nopy:
    I'm looking forward to this too~ Now we just need to know what form this will take shape in and when it is going to happen!

  9. Now the question will be for the casual fans of the Universal Century series is that.... "Will it be shipped in the States, and get English-dubbed?"

  10. @ Derpy:
    Given that the Gundam franchise is becoming more and more well known overseas, especially with the aid of the Internet, I would think that it would be natural for Sunrise to have it localised in English speaking countries. Recent series such as Gundam 00 and Gundam UC have such treatments too so why not for Gundam THE ORIGIN?


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