29 June 2011

figma Racing Miku 2011 First Win ver. preview

A new Hastune Miku figma has been announced upon the winning of the recent Super GT race by the GSR (GoodSmile Racing) & Studie with TeamUKYO team with a BMW Z4 GT3, of which the mascot character is Hatsune Miku herself.

The figma Racing Miku 2011 "First Win ver" will be included in 4 different sponsor courses that can be pre-ordered in NicoNico Chokuhan online shop.

So far one closed and one open umbrella have been seen as the accessories. Not much more is known about it right now (, but the hair will be translucent blue similar to that of upcoming Append ver.

Original artwork of Racing Miku 2011 that the figma is based on.

There are 4 different sponsor packages that one can pre-order from NicoNico Chokuhan, which range from 7000 Yen all the way to 50000 Yen.

Pre-order will be available from now to 8th August. Sponsor packages will be released in December this year.

More info can be found on Good Smile Company's website

The sponsor courses can be pre-ordered on NicoNico Chokuhan, which is only for Japanese residents only, so if you are outside Japan and want to buy one, you would most likely have to get one from a proxy service.

Miku has a new race queen look for every year since 2009 I think, and this one has a more cyber look to it. In some ways her dress reminds me of the Append ver. too. It looks interesting, though the face seems to be more mature or even with a bit of a western look to me. Putting it together with expensive sponsor packages to celebrate the first victory sure pleases the fans, but the price for one would like to get just for the figma is not exactly pretty. I think I will wait for a coloured sample before deciding whether I should go ahead or not.

Pictures are from official figma blog

Update: We have a coloured sample of the figma. It looks pretty good to me!

Image from Good Smile Company's product page.


  1. I think I've liked all the race queen Miku's, so I'll be looking forward to seeing the colored sample.

  2. She looks pretty good, I wonder how she'll turn out after they've coloured her.

  3. @ Yi:
    Oh you like all of the Racing Mikus :o Did you get any of the nendoroids? I'm looking forward to see how the figma looks like in coloured version. Hopefully it'll look good!

    @ Nopy:
    I'm waiting for a coloured version to be revealed before deciding whether I really want to go ahead and pre-order this or not.

  4. Admittedly, this Miku looks better than a lot of the other ones I have seen over the years, but she's still not enough to make me a believer!

    I've still only got 1 piece of Miku Merchandise, and that was more due to the exclusivity more than anything!

  5. @ gundamjehutykai:
    I'm a little surprised that you too think this version of Miku looks good, given that you make your firm statement of not big into Miku at all.

    I suppose we all have different tastes, some more mainstream than others, or vice versa. What matters most is how much passion we have towards them I suppose (well that's not it of course).

  6. I am sold while I saw it, and ordered immediately even before the sample release ^^; I know I may regret if I do not order it. haha. How about you? will you buy too?

  7. @ Yui:
    I felt I may like the figma, though I waited until colour sample was out just in case I change my mind (just like how figma WRS got me really badly when colour sample of it came out ^^;). I've pre-ordered it now, probably in the same shop as you have pre-ordered yours XD


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