21 June 2011

Unboxing Shokugans

I have bought a number of shokugans over some time, but haven't got around to open them. You know the feeling - buy a model, but don't feel like you have the time or the space for them at that moment, so you leave them off for another day. The pile slowly accumulates, and I felt that it's about time I should start clearing the little pile off.

First off, the C-47 Skytrain. These serve as the main transport plane for the US and her allies back in WWII, and a variant was also used for dropping paratroopers too.

Next are the Kittyhawk Mk I (British version of the P-40 Warhawk) and BF109E-4. These ones represent the fighter planes that fight for the African desert sky.

B-17 Flying Fortress bomber. One of the landing gears was missing from the runners, which was rather unfortunate, but it's only on the underside, so it's not visible from most angles normally. There are also the He 100 and Dreissen from the same scale next to it for size comparison.

I still have a few more planes to do, but that I would have to call it a day for now. Haven't done them for a while, and handling parts that are just a few millimetres long is really daunting!

The thing with shokugans is that they don't cost too much, and with their small sizes they don't seem so much with just a couple or two, but eventually one may have a collection of them before he realises it. That was what happened with my tanks ^^;

As for the Gunpla pile? Well... Let's leave that for another day ^^;;;

If there is one thing I want to say, then it's to unbox your toys as soon as possible (unless you really don't intend to do so for various reasons); try not to leave them piled up and add to your backlog!

N.B. I have been a little occupied by other stuff recently, so I have not been active on blogs for the past week. Will try to catch up with the blogs and comments eventually!


  1. Cool, your military models seems to be growing. I'm gonna assume that your Gunpla back log exploded in terms of numbers. ^^;

  2. @ Tom:
    I have put my military to a check of some sort nowadays. That's mostly due to the fact that there are not many tanks being released compared to, say, 5 years ago, and that planes are usually quite fragile and are very tiny to assemble, but also that I have more than I can really count in my collection... ^^;

    And as for the Gunpla box piles I have, they are large enough to have obscured one of my figure boxes completely. Thank goodness I took this oppurtunity to actually get the figure out before I forgot about it!


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