8 July 2010

Two Years of Daybreak

Tims sure flies. Before I know it, my blog has become two years old already.

To the new visitors, I welcome you and thank you for stopping by.

To the returning readers, I thank you for coming back to my humble blog.

I have become busier this year, which has affected my blogging activities: The number of posts have gone down in some of the months, and my time to respond to comments has increased. I am currently in the UK while writing this post (trying to find good Wi-fi in some random town or villages is really, really hard), and time is not exactly on my side at the moment. I will be staying in Hong Kong for the rest of the year (no more going back and forth to the UK after this time), therefore I should have more time to myself in the future.

In this second year of blogging, I have managed to meet more people via blogging and the Internet, some even face-to-face in Hong Kong too, and I am grateful to have met them and had a great time together. On the other hand it also seems that that more people have become inactive or have quitted blogging due to real life issues this year, but that is understandable since things are expected to become more hectic as life goes on (until one retires I guess?).

Sometimes, I do not know how much I can go on blogging due to time constraint etc, but with the number of backlog I know I have left (especially pictures from the recent Japan trip), and recently purchased items to be reviewed or even stuff yet to come (e.g. figma Black Rock Shooter), I know I still have stuff I am happy to share with the readers, and getting people to enjoy what I am sharing and reciprocate with them via comments or emails is one of my greatest pleasures.

Well, at least after this trip to the UK I will be back in Hong Kong for good, so no more long distance, long stay in other countries anymore after this coming Friday, at least not in the near future. I am no tour guide in where I am from, but if anybody who happens to be coming to Hong Kong soon or later, I can recommend you places to go to for hobby-related shops to shop around! :o

Again, thanks for all the support for visiting and commenting on my blog; your support is greatly appreciated and valued!


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Daybreak's blog!!!


  2. Happy 2nd year ! Looking forward to seeing more :)

  3. Happy 2nd year anniversary on your blogging. =D

  4. omedetou gozaimasu~ ^__^

    kore kara mo yoroshiku onegai~ ^_^

  5. LOL "Tims"... reminds me of the coffee shop here in Canada called "Tim Hortons" abbreviated to "Tims"... mmmhmm, coffee ^_^
    Take care of yourself while you're in UK one last time! Make sure to enjoy it ^_^

  6. Happy Blog Birthday Q!
    Mine did also happen at the beginning of the month but I didnt get around to writing up a post ^^;

  7. Did I come a little too late for a cake?

  8. *cheers!*

    Congratulations on your blog's second anniversary, Q :D

    Since you'll be back to HK for good, how about a bit more about the HK life and photos if you have the chance? and the food! ^^

    Keep it up!

  9. Congratulations Q!

    Happy 2nd Anniversary to you blog.

  10. @ OptimisitcPenguin:
    Thanks! Not as bright as last year (IMHO) but it's still a milestone for me!

    @ Bluedrakon:
    Chhers! I will continue to keep up with the blogging!

    @ bd77:
    It's been a while! Thank you for the good will!

    @ meronpan:
    どういたしまして! (You're welcome!)

    @ robostrike:
    Oh my goodness that's one big typo there, especially on the first word of the first sentence! OTL Thanks for the heads-up!

    @ Blowfish:
    A lot of us are getting busier with things this year, so don't worry about not getting to write one!

    @ RyoBase:
    It's never too late to come for the cake!

    @ Z:
    Glad that you brought that up. I do plan to do some more posts on Hong Kong (especially on where to shop) sometime this summer.

    @ Apt-1B:
    Thanks man! Keep up with your gunpla projects!

    @ Jacques:
    Thank you! I should really come by your blog soon!

  11. Ah crap I feel bad for being so late to comment on this, congrats on 2 years!! Mine's coming up real soon as well. Don't worry about your content, you're doing good ^^

  12. Hey, congrats on the 2 year mark! I know how it is trying to keep up with blogging sometimes but the fact that you're still going after 2 years is something itself. A lot of people would have dropped it or lost interest by now ;)
    Hope to you see continue in the future ^^

  13. @ Persocom:
    Don't worry about being late - I often come in reading other people's posts quite late too (especially recently) ^^; Looking forward to your anniversary!

    @ anonymous_object:
    Thanks man! Staying active in blogging for 2 years can be tiring I must say. Seeing some people going can be saddening, but I am glad that I have decided to continue afterall. Will do my best to keep up!

  14. Congrats on your two years.

    Things sure have changed over the past year, and it's quite true that people have become a lot busier of late.

    One reason I stopped blogging as much is because I think it's not the number of posts that counts, but rather the content itself. I used to think the opposite.

    I'll look forward to more posts from you and maybe meet in real life next time I'm in HK.

  15. Whoops! I'm a little late to the party ^^; Good to hear you won't have to go back and forth too much. It's funny because I realize that your blog must've started around the time Gundam 00 started (theme song title for your blog title, hehe), but even though the series is finished, I still haven't seen it all because I'm waiting for the local DVD release! But I digress... Happy 2nd Blogday! I seem to be busy too these days, especially this month. Hope to see you for a 3rd year, ya? :D

  16. @ Tommy:
    Thanks! Keeping up with blogging while being busy isn't easy I must say.

    It is good to think quality over quantity of the content. As long as you don't make your readers forget about you, then you should be fine I'd say.

    I too hope we can get to see each other in the future!

    @ lightningsabre:
    Don't worry, at least you still manage to comment in the same month ^^;

    I actually started my blog in the summer between the two seasons of Gundam 00. I couldn't think of a blog title back then. Having watched first season of Gundam 00, and I like L'arc~en~Ciel, so I decided to name my blog after their song. Not sure whether I will change it in the future, but it's staying for the time being. Do give Gundam 00 a try once the local DVD release is out! Hope I will be alright for the third year of blogging!

  17. Oh wow... Gundam 00 was even older than that! Jeebus. Well it's still a good blog name, especially if you can incorporate the "bells" for the comments ^_^

    I just finished the episode where Ptolemy attacked that Death Star-like orbital weapon. That was EPIC! So I'm nearing the end. I just wish Banda Entertainment would release this faster >_<

  18. @ Lightning Sabre:
    The naming after songs is something I follow from my sister after I ran out of good ideas for a blog name. At least I am still happy with it. Though I may change the banner soon after radiant recommended me so.

    Sounds like you've just finished watching episode 13 of season 2 with the destruction of the Memento Mori! You're half way there (or 3/4 if you include season 1)! Didn't know you are that far already :o Hope the rest of the DVD release will be out for you!


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