19 July 2010

HG 1/144 Gundam Exia Repair II Metallic Version

A recent thread on ToysDaily forum shows another special edition of HG 1/144 Gundam Exia gunpla spotted. This one is a HG 1/144 Exia Repair II Metallic Edition. Not much info is known as for its release date, except that it probably has just popped out very recently.

Quite hard to see what kind of coating there is for the white parts from the photos. The thread starter claims the white parts appear more of a pearl coating than anything else, but I hold my doubts about it.

The other coloured parts are definitely holding that "metallic coating" like other limited metallic coating version gunpla, such as the Gundam Exia Metallic Version as seen from Dalong.

However, it's worth noting that the original clear colourless parts for the GN Condensers on the sides of legs, arms, and head are made of clear cyan / light blue parts this time.

It even comes with a leaflet showing Japanese-to-Chinese translations on assembly instructions

Ngee Khiong hasn't mentioned this on his blog yet, so I suspect this will be another one of those overseas outside Japan only gunpla like that MG Wing Zero Custom Pearl Gloss version I've also mentioned some time ago. Some of you may think this may be dodgy, but I doubt it's one of those bootleg gunpla. No pictures of assembled model spotted yet unfortunately. Well, I'm sure Dalong will get his hands on one of these soon or later.

ToysDaily forum


  1. Another one? interesting... doubt if it's a bootleg tho, since it has the bandai logo on it

  2. This is deffinitely real, you know Bandai nvr lets a chance of repaints pass out now eh?

  3. @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    Yea I can't imagine it being a bootleg either because of the Bandai logo; most companies copying gunpla won't put it on their boxes for sure.

    @ seven6398:
    Cool indeed if you like plated gunpla. I don't know what to do with the nub marks though...

    @ GunStray:
    What got me curious is how they decide what items are to be released as limited time releases and what are to be exclusive event-only releases.

    @ robostrike:
    Shiny indeed~

  4. as long as it's metalic coating, I guess it's hard to handle...

    the nubs I mean.

  5. @ divinelight:
    Don't like handling nubs for gunpla with metallic coating - it's one of the reasons why I won't get such limited models, unless they are normal recoloured ones which look good and are easy to handle.

  6. Hmm, don't really see much when it comes to Gundams for metallic coating. I have one for Macross that I still need to build lol, sitting in my closet for over a year now.

  7. I just saw this kit on Jeromaru's Figure.FM post as a part of his San Diego Comic Con loot. Apparently it's a SDCC exclusive. I wouldn't mind getting one of these since I like shiny things, lol. But I already have one Exia and don't plan on getting more. I mean 1/60 Exia is big enough, lol.

  8. @ AS:
    Gunpla kits with metallic coating are usually special or limited edition stuff, so that's why we don't see them often. And haha we all have plamo backlogs in one form or another ^^;

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    I've looked up and apparently it is indeed an exclusive item from bluefin in San Diego Comic Con, but such items are usually not limited to one event or area only. Pick the MG G-3 OYW version for example. It first appeared in Chara Hobby 2008, then it appeared in AFA in Sinagpore, and later Gundam Expo Hong Kong at the end of the year. I usually don't get special shiny coating versions because the nub marks are not easy to take care of and can be an eye sore to look at -_-

  9. I actually have this set, its not real metal, i got it a comic con, it looks cool, but its shiny plastic, just letting you guys know

  10. @ Anonymous:
    Hobbyists who are used to gunpla will know that this is not actual metal coating - it's just the coating resembles a metal surface, hence the name of this "special" version of the kit (there are a lot of such "metal coating version" kits as special or limited kits in the past) . Thanks for clarifying though.

  11. yeah its real.. i just bought one the other day.. its awesome!!! the white parts are almost clear butwhen fitted with the gray bparts underneath it would look really cool...but its not metal coating.. its just shiny^^

  12. @ azure_dragon1126:
    Yea you are right that rather than being 'metallic', this Exia has more of a 'pearl' feel to it. Nice to know that you've got it since it's supposedly a limited model!

  13. @ Q
    well thanks^^ its actually one of my two gundams.. the other one is a first grade exia..yeah its more of a pearl.. and nice to know you also like larcenciel. i also like them..theyre cool...^^

  14. @ saber lily / azure_dragon1126:
    Oh First Grade (FG) Exia - that's one of the earliest Gundam 00 gunpla that was released back then (before the anime gets aired)!

    Ah yes I do listen to L'arc~en~Ciel. Nice to know someone who listens to them too!


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