23 July 2010

ACGHK 2010 Coming Soon


The annual ACGHK convention (Animation-Comics-Games Hong Kong) is coming soon. Also known as Ani-Com, this is one of the big anime-related conventions in Hong Kong (the other one being the Comic World)

Date: 30th July - 3rd August 2010
Time: 10am - 9pm daily ; closes at 8:30pm on 3rd August
Venue: Hall 1, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Area: 126000 sq ft

Like last year and the year before, there will be a lot of stuff going on for the event, and it's not just limited to Japanese stuff - there are manga (and manhua), games, and other media from various places including Hong Kong and China. I will only mention a few interesting points below:

  • Entries for the Hong Kong Dengeki modelling tournament 2010 will be up. Without a doubt I will do a coverage on it like last year.

  • Microsoft will host a large area for people to play varioous XBOX 360 games.

  • Autograph signing will be available from many authors and artists. Those from Japan will include Tsushima Naoto (津島直人), Fudanjuku, Teshirogi Shiori (手代木史織, author of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas), SCANDAL, light novel author Aoi Sekina (葵せきな), and Kalafina.

  • Brief guest performance on stage (and I do mean brief, no additional concert ticket required) by Fudanjuku, SCANDAL, and Kalafina on 30th, 31st, and 2nd respectively.

  • Competitions will include cosplays, image girl (don't really know what that's about), online games, and singing.

  • Doujin stuff will be available

    Just like for the past 2 years, I will attend the convention at least once and will do coverage of it. A full post will also be dedicated to the entries of this year's Hong Kong Dengeki modelling tournament. So far Rin from Koi Aichaku and probably Asuka will be coming with me on different days. If anyone else who are interested in going together, leave me a comment or an email!


    1. Wait, wasnt last year's in December? >.< that means I'll be missing it again?!! =(

    2. @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
      The one in December is the Gundam Expo Hong Kong. You shouldn't miss that if you're coming back in December. This upcoming one is a general anime-related convention :o

    3. Also, Asia's Game Festival is in December ^_^
      Can't wait for you to meet up with Rin from Koiaichaku and maybe even Elaine from Shiromomo (momo) ^_^ Will be lots of fun! Have a blast of a time

    4. Ohh... Sweet!!!!!!! Can't wait! xD

    5. I don't have the luxury of travelling there to experience the event haha but at least I get to see you blog about it!

    6. @ robostrike:
      I might not get to meet

      @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
      Yes, robo is right. Asia Games Show somehow left my mind completely. That one is worth going to try out new or yet-to-be-released games from PS3, since Sony takes up a huge space for the event in the recent years!

      @ chubbybots:
      Travelling expenses is definitely one big obstacle for many. I'll do my best on the coverage when the time comes!

    7. Hey Quentin,

      I'm going to visit the convention on the first day (on friday) and maybe on monday too. One day will be dedicated in shooting pictures, the other day I'll be wandering around.

      When are you guys going?

    8. @ Tequila:
      I will be going on 31st with Rin, and possibly one more time on Sunday or Monday. If you want to join me email me so we can arrange the meet-up!

    9. how do i get a ticket to this event? i was lucky enough to be in hong kong and have tomorrow free and would like to go

    10. @ Anonymous:
      You can buy one just outside the venue in the convention centre, or buy one in 7-11 convenient stores. Not all of the stores sell them but those in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay should have them unless they are sold out.

    11. Thank you Q, it is very hard to find any information about the event as i don't read Chinese... Hope you had a good time there

    12. @ Anonymous:
      No problem. Hope you had a nice time there!


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