27 July 2010

New Yamato Action Figures?

Updated: More pictures and figures posted


It looks like that Yamato is also going with the anime character action figures market, as seen from the very recent WonFes (Wonder Festival) 2010 Summer event which happened over the weekend.

Yoko, price and release date tbc

Rei and Asuka from Evangelion 2.0 Movie, price and release date tbc

Kousaka Tamaki, price and release date tbc

Ignis, price and release date tbc

I guess it's still too early to know much about them. No price, no release dates, and no size known so far. There isn't even a name for the action figure line yet, so it may still be some time before we get official information from Yamato. Another company going into the action figures market, but will it last against the established ones such as Revoltech from Kaiyodo, or even figma from Max Factory? And I wonder how Figutto from Griffons had fared. It appears that their first figure Kousaka Tamaki has only just been released recently (rather than being in Spring), so we *might* get to see reviews on the Internet soon or later.

ToysDaily Forum (WonFes 2010 Summer coverage from member genesicgaogaiga, worth looking outside girl/bishoujo figures exhibition) and GA Graphic


  1. Hmm... Well Yamato already does have an action figure line called VMF or something like that. Perhaps this is a different line and scale? It's hard to tell how big they are from this size. I think if it's the size of the Acsta or their VMF line then it might not sell too well. But I have to say that Yoko and Rei looks real good! I wouldn't mind adding that Rei in my shrine lineup XD

  2. Wow need more shots of their Rei..looks tempting! This trend of going into figures ...bandai with DBZ...kotobukiya with their hoisan series...

    There is even that Saber plamo kit coming whoohoo ^^. This will be a much needed break from gundam for a while.

  3. @ Lightning Sabre:
    Oh bugger I didn't know about that at all. Thanks a lot on that info!

    Don't really know whether this is going be a whole new line or not. All I can see from the pictures is that French Doll from Cerberus Project is behind the work. Hm... We will have to wait for more info.

    So you got your eyes on Rei already? Hope the price is not too much for you when it is announced ^^

  4. @ chubbybots:
    Will upload more pictures in the post if I find anymore pictures!

    Action figures could very well be a trend these days. Plamo DIY action figures are even newer - something I did not anticipate at all.

    Hope you will have fun building the Saber plamo kit when it comes out! I have been taking a break from gunpla for a long time, so I might actually go back to them soon or later. :o

  5. ...
    blogger, I disappointed. EveryTIME I comment some idiotic blogger server error pops out.

    Seriously... I'm hit. Both Yoko and Asuka is WANT~!

    wait... figutto released theirs already?

  6. @ bd77:
    That problem sounds like it's linked to a browser problem. Do tell me what you are using so I can see whether it's a common problem seen from other blogger blogs too.

    Haha another one got hit by the new action figures. Yea Figutto released their first one - Tamaki, though I have only known about it because I looked it up. Haven't seen any reviews of it though.

  7. Happened in both using Opera AND Firefox 3.6.6.
    Only happens when I'd used Wordpress OpenId. :(
    Had to use the name and url option...

    Yoko and Asuka looks... yummy. :b

  8. LOL the picture says not to have photos taken of it but somehow that got through.
    Yamato looks okay, but they've really exaggerated the boobs 0_0... would look forward to a Mari one but wallet has too many combat holes that I have to retreat and amend my wallet before I can go on a spending spree.

  9. @ bd77:
    Do tell me which version of Opera you are using - I am going to report this problem on Blogger help now as you are not the only one who has problems posting comments with OpenID. In fact, Robostrike who commented after you just had the same problems too until I asked him to try Name/URL option.

    Let's hope the prices for the new figures aren't too expensive, but since we don't even know the scale or size it's hard to even estimate :o

    @ Robostrike:
    Haha and usually no one cares about the "no photo" signs ^^;

    Figures look too busty? I know Yoko is supposed to be so (perhaps too much as you said), but others seems okay from what I see in the pictures. Hm, we shall see.

    Too many combat damage on your wallet? Maybe you would wish Mari not to appear too early or else... Well, we know the consequences ^^;

  10. The others are fine, just that the initial model of Rei and Asuka follow the same style as Yoko and they're one of my favourite characters from Eva. But then again, that's just me teasing at the proportions compared to the anime.
    Still amending wallet, may take a whole month to load it back with cash... >_<

  11. @Q: I'm using Opera 10.60. Sorry for the late reply. m(-_-)m

  12. Tamaki and Ignis have been announced since forever!!! And I vaguely remember something about Yoko but the evangelion girls are rather new. at least for this line.

    One surprise was that Alter didn't show off their almecha KOS-MOS but MaxFactory did show off Figma KOS-MOS. Maybe Alter killed the line off quietly after realising that £100 is not a good price for poseable figures!!

    Saber HoiHoi and Medabots were quite a nice little addition to the plamo series tho!

  13. @ Robostrike:
    Hm maybe Rei and Asuka's body sculpt are based on Yoko? I don't know but I guess making good looking action figures close to how they look like in anime etc is not an easy thing to do.

    @ bd77:
    Thanks. According to Blogger apparently there are numerous commenting problems from July and they are working on it already. Let's just hope it won't take too long for them to fix it.

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    Really?! Didn't take much notice of Yamato's stuff so it made me think they are new stuff, but then they still have not been released since their first debut. Something is holding them back from making these action figures to full product?

    I can imagine how ALMECHA is one heck of an expensive line of products, and there are very few released every year (nearly 1 a year?). Don't really know whether KOS-MOS will really be gone for good because of Max Factory shows their figma version, but at least ALMECHA will still have other stuff lined up in the future from what I remember seeing in WonFes 2010 Winter.

    Having more action figures going into plamo kits, things are sure getting interesting as for what more will come in the future. Was really skeptical when MG Figureise was first announced, but seeing Kamen Rider W in plamo it still looks pretty good!


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