5 March 2010

Upcoming gunpla to-buy list

It looks like that I am shifting more and more back to Gundam than anything else recently. There are quite a lot of nice gunpla to be released / released recently, and coming up with a to-buy list will mean certain something to my wallet.

1/144 HG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G
Already released, 1680 Yen (tax inclusive)

An utter no-brainer for me. This is a variation of 00 Gundam (from 2nd season of Gundam 00) with different equipment. Equipped with seven swords (hence the name), it is the "true" sucessor of the Exia Gundam which also has 7 swords. Despite the fact that it's just a variation and was not seen in the animated series, it is still very popular among fans compared to the 00 Raiser (00 Gundam docked with O Raiser support fighter). The massive GN Buster Sword is the highlight for this model kit, and big blades can be quite a killer for me.

Despite having built 2 1/144 HG 00 Gundam models already (one for a friend, one 00 Raiser + GN Sword III for myself), I don't mind building another one to be honest.

Chance of me getting this: Guaranteed

1/100 Vent Saviour
Already released, 2940 Yen (tax inclusive)

The new Gundams from Gundam SEED VS Astray side story has gained its notoriety by being colour variations of previous Gundams with a few parts swapped from one place to another. The Vent Saviour (pronounced "Van" Saviour) has for some reasons caught my eyes; maybe it's the fact that it doesn't look too drastically different to the original despite a colour change from red to white/cyan scheme. I may decide to buy one and give it a few simple modifications to make it look something closer to ReZEL (see below) or Zeta Plus.

Chance of me getting this: Medium

1/144 HGUC ReZEL Commander Version
March release, 2310 Yen (tax inclusive)

Transformable, grunt machine, and large gun. This is the commander version of the normal ReZEL units (already released).

The ReZELs are mass produced MS of the famous Zeta Gundam, but the transformation is based on another early transformable grunt machine called the Methuss. What's a real pity though is that the transformation for this kit will require a lot of part swapping rather than a smooth transformation (unlike the Methuss). It was also the reason why I held back on getting HG/144 Murasame from Gundam SEED Destiny for the same reason unfortunately.

The ReZELs have some sort of handles on the back so other MS can get a free ride on them (laughs). If HGUC Jesta is announced (which is very likely) then I would probably pair them up in as a team, especially since they share very similar colour schemes.

Chance of me getting this: Medium-high

1/144 HGUC Zaku II F2
To be released in March

A later variation of the famous Zaku II that featured in Gundam 0083, it was a pleasant surprise when I first heard its annoucement for HGUC line. While I may still consider getting the green Zeon version, I do want to buy at least 1 captured EFSF version to go with my GM Commands.

Chance of me buying this: High

Already released, 3780 Yen (tax inclusive)

The first MG model of a grunt machine outside the Universal Century. It was a surprise to some of the fans when it was first announced as it's an unprecedented move. More on it on the previous post made a few months ago.

I was tempted to get the HG 1/144 version some time ago, and I even had an ambition of making a small squad of it (~3-5 of them maybe?). Hm... Maybe it's a good pair up with my MG Exia Ignition Mode that I bought in the summer.

Chance of me getting this: Medium

MG Wing Gundam
April Release, 4200 Yen (tax inclusive)

This is a total surprise for me, especially since Bandai has released a redesigned version by Hajime Katoki (aka Version Ka.) some time ago. This one is the original TV animated version, which looks remarkably different to version Ka:

Left: TV Version, Right: Version Ka.
Images from MAHQ

While it's not surprising that lots of fans would prefer the latter design more, I think it's still good news for those who want the original version. I did hear a lot of people ranting about why Bandai bothered releasing the "uglier" TV Version, but I think fans should respect and appreciate each people's preferences and tastes instead (something I tend to see less and less as of lately, which is a pity).

Thinking back, I did wish for Bandai to rework on some of their earlier models and release them gain with newer technologies implemented on the models, and this happens to be one of them that I was 'dreaming' of one day. However, 4200 Yen is not exactly cheap, so I will have to see how the end product is like. I seriously don't mind a HG 1/144 version or it or a Wing Zero though.

Chance of me getting this: Medium

While I am not planning to get most of them a few did take into my interests recently:

Top to bottom:
1 Gundam (predecessor of Reborns Gundam), HG 1/144 Gundam X, Avalanche Exia, Astraea Type F
... And many more interesting gunpla not mention here.

Most of the new gunpla are announced from the latest issue of Hobby Japan (April 2010), which all somehow sound more exciting and anticipating for me than the whole WonFes Winter 2010 had to offer last month or so. The fact that some Gundams of the non-Universal Century series during the 90s are making a return, such as Wing, X, and God Gundam as well (not shown here). I am only planning to get a few out of all that selection, not to mention that I still have a backlog of gunpla underneath my bed...

Picture from my end-of-year post last December

Well, at least 2010 is going to be an interesting year for gunpla release. I wonder what more stuff are to be expected later in the year; at least I know that I will be kept busy for gunpla-ing when I am back in Hong Kong!

Anyone here got anything they like in the recent new annoucement? It sounds like that MG Wing Gundam and HG Gundam X are going to be some of the popular ones for sure~

Official pictures of gunpla from Medio Online Shop via Ngee Khiong

Magazine scans from Ngee Khiong
1 Gundam scan from SRW Hotnwes


  1. I limited myself to buying 1/100 scale only a while ago. I have nothing against 1/144 (in fact, I bought almost all the 1/144 scale seed units) but I like the uniform scale to match my MG kits.
    Personally, I've been falling further and further away from gunpla. The MG Victory gundam interested me but that was the last one. I doubt I'll pick up interest again until bandai announce a 1/100 V2 assault buster or Gundam X series of kits.

    Or a new PG... I'm a sucker for new PG kits!

  2. oh my your backlogs
    reminds me someone with 43 unbuilds gunpla :P
    nice target but gunpla can wait for me I need to finished my backlogs first (only 2 tho)

  3. his stash and keep increase since he bought gundam every months(if you interested)

  4. This is MY year,or cheap and poor gunpla-ers year, My Beloved Gundam X is finaly getting a HG same goes for Avalanche, Astray F has a plethora of weapons the 1/100 didn't have, and the GN hammer thingy, There all approved! Honorable Mention for the Esfs Zaku, good thing I didnt get the MG.

    Not into wing, I would have been happy,if its Heavy Arms-EW MG^^ but Im giving bandai props for giving this gundam the respect it deserved, after being trashed 3 times, damn Hero

  5. Plenty of Gunplas this years for all Gunpla fans. HGUC fans get many releases from "Gundam UC"; Gundam Wing and X's fans get MG Gundam Wing and HG X; and plenty of HG Double O kits for their fans. ^^

    While there were many new releases announced in last month's hobby magazines, I'm only set on getting MG Musha Gundam Mk. II at the moment, but I'm very interested to see how MG Gundam Wing is designed. From the looks of the wing and the divided knee armor in its Bird Mode, I suppose the conceptual design for this MG is BEE-Craft, who is good in designing very complicated inner frames details for SEED and SEED Destiny MGs? The lack of inner frame details for the forearms in the most recent new images seems to suggest otherwise though.

    Anyway, among the many Gundams, there are also MG GN-X, two types of HGUC Zaku II F2 and Geara Zulu for enemy MS fans like me. ^^ Before "Gundam UC" part 2 is up in autumn, I'm sure two more variations of Geara Zulu and even Sinanju would be released. ^^

    And hopefully Bandai continues with HGUC Stardust Memory releases and announces Gerbera Tetra. ^^

    Kotobukiya's releasing many nice stuff this year as well. I already placed my orders for HMM Zoids Red Horn, Great Saber, SRW OG Alteisen Progressive Ver. and 1/1 HoiHoi-san Heavy Combat Ver.

    Quite a heavy year for my wallet. ^^ But the most important thing is to buy happily and play happily. 买得安心, 玩得开心 ^^

  6. The prices of Gunpla seems rather reasonable compared to figures.
    My only Gunpla knowledge comes from Keroro Gunsou so excuse my question but are there much further costs involved for the building process?

  7. MG wing Gundam looks good n the MG Musha Mk-II looks so evil, i hope 2 get it :D

  8. @moemoekyun lol you just have to put that up don't ya :D

    I am very excited over their 1/144 launches as I mainly collect that scale ^^. will try to avoid sds and mgs this year...tons of backlog!!

    Speaking about wing gundam, kind of sad to hear ppl bashing bandai releasing the original version. But I prefer the original one to the ver ka though. Everyone's got a different taste ^^

  9. i agree with u chubbs. the origional 1 looks good. as well as the ver. ka. so if ppl are complaining, y not juz get both LOL!

  10. ZOMFG! I'd never have thought it might be YOU who would decide to get the Vent Saviour in the end instead of me...

    Can start doing the gunpla siblings thing like that korean site XD

  11. @ gundamjehutykai:
    Having everything in uniform scale is perfectly understandable, hence I tend to stay with 1/144s for the same reason as you with 1/100s and MGs.

    Recent MGs do not interest you? It sounds ambitious how you probably won't pick up another one until V2 Assault Buster or anything from X come out o_o

    But then you do have other stuff to work on, especially with your garage kits; they will keep you busy for some time while you wait for a new MG that suits you :o

    @ moemoekyun:
    My backlog is already nothing compared to others. ^^;

    Haha thanks for the link to chubbybots' backlog pile~ Having huge gunpla backlogs has become something of a common thing for many Gundam fans. Keep yours low (or at least manageable) whenever possible!

    @ GunStray:
    There sure are a lot of pleasant surprises already, especially with the 1/144s. Avalanche Exia and Astraea Type F (with all those weapons) are pretty tempting... I will have to think carefully about them as I have a 1/100 version of Roll Out Exia and white Astraea already.

    With Wing Gundam coming back again, I do wonder whether the other Gundams from Wing will make a comeback (even if it's for HG). Haha now that you mention it Wing Gundam does get trashed 3 times - Heero is always reckless with it, but not quite so with Wing Zero ^^;

    @ Ngee Khiong:
    Thanks for the news and updates you have blogged about consistently! There sure are plenty of gunpla for all sorts of fans, even for this half of the year (not including the clear parts campaign)!

    I am still thinking about whether to get MG Wing Gundam or not, but I am curious to see how it will turn out as well. This MG version does look thiner and slicker than the one in original lineart.

    With a lot of good stuff coming out already, I can't imagine how the 2nd half of the year will be like, especially with Gundam 00 Movie and 2nd episode of Gundam UC to air as well. As we have discussed before, the return of 0083 with Zaku II F2 is quite a nice surprise, and it got me to think whether Gebera Tetra will make its appearance soon or later. At this rate I may wish for GM Kais to come on HGUC as well (dreaming away~).

    I like what you said at the end there; hobby is to be enjoyed. Buy what we like and enjoy what we have - it's that simple~ ^^

  12. Blast; had to break down my replies to 2 parts as I have exceeded 4096 characters for HTML @_@;

    @ Blowfish:
    Haha, unless one is going for the high end models like the 1/60 scale Perfect Grades then Gundam models are usually more affordable than PVC figures for sure!

    You can build a Gundam model without any glue - they are snap & fit model kits, and they have resonable colour partings to show the colours already without you having to paint them. You can spend a bit more money for specific Gundam marker pens to do some touch-ups on the details (that's what I do), or for the more experienced modellers they will invest on paints and airbrush for a more professional-like finish look. With this said, Gundam models (aka gunpla) can accomodate a large variety of modellers of a range of skills.

    @ Luffy d Munkey:
    The Musha Gundam Mk II looks more cool than evil to me XD

    As for Wing Gundam, I think it's just that some people do not prefer the original TV version and start ranting about why fans are not satisfied with the "superior" Katoki version while Bandai could have spend the time on making MGs on other models instead etc. Some people are never satisfied with whatever Bandai gives out I suppose...

    @ chubbybots:
    Haha and it's because of moemoekyun I have come across your blog and backlog there ^^;

    Good to see another fellow who builds 1/144 scale gunpla! ^^

    It sometimes surprises me how people can bash for even such things when they're all for hobby and fun. I personally like TV version of Wing more because I am more familiar with that one to Katoki version, just like many people may prefer RX-78-2 version 2.0 over the more mechanical look of OYW or Katoki version for the very same reason. We all have different taste as you have said; I think some fans should appreciate each other's opinions, really.

    @ Crazy sis:
    I have actually considered the Vent Saviour for quite some time. But I do want to try and modify it slightly to some extent wherever possible - will just need to find appropriate gunpla parts I suppose.

  13. The new Wing 01 MG is quite a good design, and having incorporating the recent advancement in engineering, it will be better than the old 1/100 HG Wing 01.

    And the HGAW Gundam X... That's a must get for me. :D

  14. I'm truly hoping that the HGUC Gundam X is a forerunner to a MG Gundam X. That would be outstanding. The MG W looks...well...to be honest, it looks kinda plain, but its still a step in a direction other than OO Gundam, so that's a great sign.

    Looks like you better clear your calender this year, huh?

  15. I'm so interested in making a platoon of Stark Jegan and ReZEL units cuz they look so epic and awesome! Hopefully you can financially support these units to be part of your collection! ^_^

  16. it've been a while i didn't visit your blog.. you are not in HK now?.. in UK?..

    i'm just receive my GN-X and reborn gundam yesterday.. well the appear of the new HGUC series is really tempting.. lots of nice grunt machine.. i guess Bandai going to burn a lot of our money to Bandai.. XD.. and most of our wish list will be very long due to the HG line from most of the major unit from oo series and also HGUC.. the appear of HG X gundam was like telling us something.. New HGAW series coming soon?..

    I'm still waiting for the MG Blast Impulse to be release to complete my Impulse collection..

    MG wing from TV series.. another big surprise from Bandai.. Bandai have been giving us so much surprise from last December after the announce of MG Astray BF

  17. @ bd77:
    Haha you can't compare the upcoming MG to the original 1/100 HG Wing Gundam that was released more than 10 years ago! I am definitely looking forward to see what gimmicks and details there are for this kit, since 4200 Yen is quite a price tag for this MG.

    Gundam X is a very nice surprise too - a lot of people have been dying for it already ^^;

    @ Apt-1B:
    A lot of MG collectors have been dying for a Gundam X already. With G, W, and X (aka Heisei trilogy for some fans) having gunpla released this year, a lot of things in the wishlist that a lot of fans are dreaming about may come to reality soon or later (I hope).

    Wing Gundam looking plain is within my expectation; looks like it's still faithful to how the original in some way or the other. Thinking back there are other good MGs that are considered plain looking too, such as RX-78-2 Ver 2.0 and Victory Gundam.

    And yes I will have to clear off some of my backlog in the summer, or else the boxes won't fit underneath my bed soon o_o;;

    @ robostrike:
    Ack, the Stark Jegan too... I will like to make a Jegan team as seen in the beginning of Gundam UC episode 1 (2 normal + 1 Stark variant). Financially I don't have a huge problem, but I will have to think carefully how many grunt teams to make, or else I will run out of space again!

    @ seven6398:
    Long time no see! And yes I am not in Hong Kong right now...

    There sure are a lot of surprises for gunpla fans so far, and the grunt units are really getting my attention~ After seeing the box art for Gundam X, the HGAW logo there does seem to imply that more After War mobile suits may come into gunpla soon or later :o

    MG GN-X really surprised me back then (but then apparently designer Ebikawa really wanted it to be in MG anyway), and now MG Wing Gundam along with the emergence of G and X into HG line, as well as lots of MSVs from Gundam 00 are moving in as well! I really don't have a clue what to expect next! XD


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