9 March 2010


Furikake (振り掛け or ふりかけ) is a dry Japanese condiment or topping used to sprinkle on top of rice to give them more of a flavour. They can consist of a variety of things - a mixture of sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, salt, and grounded meat (can be fish, beef, chicken etc). You can get them in different flavours to your liking as seen in the picture above.

Furikake on top of a spoon. This one is a salmon one so you can see the pink ground salmon granules along with the sesame seeds and chopped seaweed.

Furikake sprinkled on my lazily made fried rice for last night's dinner. I might have used a bit too much, but it's more than enough to show you how it looks like I suppose.

Closer shot of furikake on top of my fried rice

As for anime reference, I can only think of one example right now:
Ushio about to sprinkle furikake a bowl of rice, as seen in CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~
Image from Random Curiosity

Furikake usually come in packages or bags, and are common in Japanese food stores and supermarkets; I can buy them quite easily in Hong Kong too. Coincidently Danny Choo has a post about it some time ago too. Have you tried furikake before, and if you do what do you think of it?


  1. no nendoroid or figma with you when eat this food =P jk jk

  2. Whoa looks good ^^ Will give it a try next time when I learn to cook haha!!! I think it will go nice with a few eggs piping hot :D

  3. @ moemoekyun:
    I didn't bring any figmas or nendoroids over to the UK :o

    @ chubbybots:
    You can simply put furikake on plain rice and it's quite a treat already! You can also try applying furikake on other dishes like salad, fried noodles, or even pizza :o

  4. wait I think you already back to Hong kong @_@ so this time you still in UK

  5. My wife loves the stuff, she'll make rice rolls with it too, which is great.

    I'm not a big fan of the shrimp flavor but everything else is delicious!

  6. This reminds me that I wanted to ask you to make a food post about your fried rice/noodle dishes.

    Whenever I try them they end up horribly oily.Care to help a bro? XD

  7. Can't say I'm a huge fan of the stuff. I have had some and used it once or twice but I could never have just it and some rice.
    I'd need to add more to it!!

  8. sounds interesting enough, but I'd have to be able to find one that's completely vegetarian, which might be difficult.

  9. I love furikake :9. It's something that I like to add with my rice when I feel like adding some taste to it but without making it "wet" as in adding soy sauce. My favorite is regular egg with seaweed, it has a sweet yet salty taste at the same time. If I had just rice and furikake I wouldn't mind eating it for a while xD.

  10. ooo i love furikake ^^

    just had some tonite actually ^^;

    very simple meal - raw tofu + soy sauce + furikake. each over white rice. great if you like salt ^^

  11. @ moemoekyun:
    I haven't moved anywhere since January. Will be back in Hong Kong briefly at the end of this month though.

    @ Apt-1B:
    While I am usually not a fan of seafood, I do like salmon furikake. It sounds great having them in rolls that your wife makes for you!

    @ Blowfish:
    I am definitely not the ideal person to ask about anything regarding cooking since I am not a fan of it in the first place...

    Fried rice / noodle ended up oily? I only use enough oil for stir frying the stuff, and add rice or noodle (cooked already) near the end of the cooking.

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    Haha furikake is like icing on cake; naturally we would have more than just rice for a meal I suppose ^^;

    @ Persocom-san:
    I did come across vegetarian furikake in Japan, but those are rather unuusal. Did try a wasabi one before but that took me a while to finish @_@;

    @ AS:
    I agree that furikake adds in the flavour without being wet as a condiment.

    @ meronpan:

    May try out your simple dish one day if I can get some tofu :o


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