26 February 2010

Tokyo: Collective Photos

Felt like looking back at my older photos from my previous trips to Japan. They were all taken with my old camera, which died shortly before I restarted blogging. I did not take as many photos back then as I would do now, but I thought it would be a nice thing to bring a few back up on the surface from my Picasa account.

The Fuji Television headquarters in Odaiba, Tokyo

View of the architecture of the Fuji Television headquarters from below. The observation sphere on 26th floor, and the elevator leading to it can be seen in the right photo

Auguste Rodin's "Gates of Hell" in front of the National Museum of Western Art, Ueno

For some reasons The Gates of Hell reminded me of the Gate of Alchemy / Door of Truth in Fullmetal Alchemist.

There are a lot of performers in Ueno Park. Performances vary from magic shows to martial dances, to a diabolo performance from someone called Koji Koji Moheji (unfortunately I have lost the photos I have taken of him)

No smoking signs appear in various locations in Tokyo (Tsukiji Fish Market, Nakano, Shinjuku, Musashino). For some reasons I liked taking photos of these signs, but haven't done so last year (mainly because I have revisited those places already).

Ever wondered how wasabi looks like originally? The root that is used to make the spice is seen here in Tsukiji Fish Market.

What's a good way to promote your music? A truck with advertisment of DOUBLE and Namie Amuro's new album "The Best Collaboration" spotted in Shibuya

Robot from "Castle in the Sky" (aka. "Laputa") in Ghibli Museum, Mitaka

Vehicles of Uyoku dantai (右翼団体), or right wing groups, parked on one side of the road with a man giving speeches in Shinjuku

Despite the fact that the Second World War is over for more than 60 years, there are still a number of extremists in Japan who would openly bring up the Rising Sun Flag and "re-justify" Japan's role during the war (among other things). This reminded me a concluding remark from a recent BBC news article: Germany has atoned. Young Germans know of their nation's dreadful crimes. But young Japanese are taught nothing of their nation's guilt.

Back to the first image of the post: A view of Shinjuku from my room in the hotel. Even though I live in Hong Kong, I too get surprised how much of a metropolis Tokyo really is with the sheer urban area, as if there is no boundary to be seen.

That's pretty much it. Unlike the Hong Kong counterpart this is probably going to be a standalone post of my past photos in Tokyo. Should you do wish to look at a few more photos you can feel free to look at my dormant Picasa gallery, which has other random photos including those I took in Bovington Tank Museum and some of the earliest figure review photos I did for figma Fate and Max Factory Shana. I moved onto Photobucket after doing the Shana review for normal images, and Flickr for trips/coverage photos.

One way or the other, I do hope that you like this little post of mine. Feeling nostalgic is somewhat linked to my mood recently (feeling like again). It's not about wanting to go back to Tokyo again, but rather just to look back at the past experience that I enjoyed and appreciated back then.


  1. I was reminded of Digimon when I saw Fuji TV HQ lol. Ya, the Gates of Hell does remind me of FMA too, maybe that's what they based it off of? The music trucks also blast music as well which is slightly annoying compared to people in politics with giant speakers and blow horns during election time lol.

  2. @ AS:
    Digimon? Too bad I haven't watched any to know the connection; have only played the virtual pets back in the late 90s.

    I did wonder whether the FMA's Door of Truth is based on the Gates of Hell, but couldn't find confirmations on it yet. The Door does resemble it in many ways.

    I can't remember how loud the music promotion truck was in Shibuya (and I did't see a speaker on the truck), but then Shibuya is quite a noisy place in the first place.

  3. Oh so thats how wasabi looks like?
    Definately not how i pictured it o.0

    Personally I dont think that Germany has atoned for its sins since the Guilt Card is played more than enough by other Nations to force us to do things or to simply insult us.

    Some people cant seem to be able to imagine how much it hurts to be called a Nazi and to be made responsible for the crimes that happened 80 years ago.

    Recently Greece whos in big financial trouble made us responsible for the crisis because we took their gold back then and now they want to cash in...

    Ah here I go ranting again..

    Anyways nice article!

  4. @ Blowfish:
    The green paste we see are indeed from the roots of these Japanese horseradish. Surprising, isn't it? ^^;

    No I think you do have a point on the latter part of your comment. Germany had gone through a lot with both wars, especially the Second World War. We (should) have learnt of the horrors and atrocities that happened during the wars, and learn that we should not repeat such things again. The war is long over, and Germany is now a different place run by different kind of people. While there are people who are directly affected by the war(s) who may not forgive such atrocities or horrors acted on them (which is understandable), it's those that are ignorant about history, or using the past as an excuse to accuse innocent people that is a real issue nowadays. Being called a Nazi out of the blue must be really hurtiing...

    However, Japan is another thing. The war may be long over, but there are still people there who do not accept the atrocities that their nation have caused, and there are many younger generations who would not know about the truths behind the shrouded history, and it's that stubbornness that's hurting their neighbouring countries, which is kind of the opposite to Germany. The Japanese history textbook controversies is one good example, and you can have a quick read over at Wikipedia.

    I am sorry if this post have triggered you in any emotional ways, but I think it's good to share your opinion out. It's better for us to know the truths than to be ignorant about them.

  5. I should really get around to go to Japan... Looking at pictures like these make me wonder what kind of pictures I'll take when I get to Tokyo.

  6. @ lightningsabre:
    I do look forward to you get to go to Japan one day! The pictures one takes can sometimes tell what kind of person s/he is :o


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