20 February 2010

New Gundam VS game announced

Despite the fact that Gundam VS Gundam NEXT came out on arcade in March and on PSP console (as Gundam VS Gundam NEXT PLUS) in December last year, a new Gundam VS game is already being planned for this year, currently named as Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS.

Not much info is known upon the announcement of the new game, but we have been given a teaser promotional video shown in AOU Amusement EXPO 2010.

New MS seen in the promotional video include Crossbone Gundam X-1, Zudah, Char's Gelgoog. Others mentioned or rumoured to be in the game as well include Astray Red Frame, Full Armour ZZ Gundam, Berga Giros, Tallgeese III.

With Crossbone X-1 now confirmed, we may have more units from Gundam series that are not animated, such as X-2 and X-3 from the Gundam Crossbone manga and maybe even the S/Ex-S Gundam from Gundam Sentinel novel etc.


No real gameplay footage can be observed so far, but it is said that the new game will be on System 357, which is apparently the arcade system board based on the PS3 (e.g. Tekken 6 uses it as well), so the game will very likely to be released on PS3 when a console version is announced.

Ack, a new Gundam VS game so soon already! I've only just got a PSP for Gundam VS Gundam NEXT PLUS at the end of last year! (laughs)

For some reasons I have a feeling that there will be a "DX (deluxe)" or upgraded version of the game some time after the game is released, just like how there is Gundam VS Zeta Gundam after AEUG VS Titans, or Gundam VS Gundam NEXT after Gundam VS Gundam. Nevertheless, I will still be keen on keeping track on what this upcoming Gundam Extreme VS will be like, and how extreme it's gonna be :o

Official site:

Images from Game Watch and Gpara via SRW Hotnews


  1. sweet~ can't wait. Not expecting much from it tho... not too fond aqbt d vs series. but still, it's a gundam game xD

  2. You get to have a squad of flags YEAH!!!, Too bad Serpents arent there, There my most fave Grunts.

  3. See, I'm not sure what to think here. I mean, I'll buy it just for the Crossbone Gundam, but I'm hoping they really improved the graphics or added some depth to the game or something...otherwise the VS series is getting far to "played out" and they need to move on to other projects for a while.

  4. @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    The VS series is pretty popular series with the Gundam fans (myself included), but it appears that Capcom is going more for it recently. I don't know what to expect this time. We shall see.

    @ GunStray:
    I will be a happy man if a number of grunt machines made it to this game and are useable. I really mean it. GMs, Zakus, Balls, Flags, Tieren, whatever! I want grunt units! (dreaming away)

    @ Apt-1B:
    The fact that Capcom is moving this game to System 357 will mean that we should get better graphics (maybe PS3 standards). I am curious about what kind of depth you will hope Gundam Extreme VS will put in (because I do not know what to expect this time). Since the basis of the VS series is kinda set, I guess we should expect a lot of used elements from the past anyway, but I also have this yearn for the return of Zero G space battlefield, despite the fact that it's not easy to play on and can be rather disorientating. It's nice how non-animated series like Crossbone Gundam is included in this game as well, but we shall see how 'extreme' this game really can be.

    On the other hand, I have not been looking into it, but I hope that the upcoming Gundam Battle Assault Survive will be a good game, and it has grunt units!

  5. Yeah, I hear you Q, there really isn't much "depth" that they can add to a VS Game. But if you remember EFSF Vs. Zeon Dx and AEUG vs Titans, they had "Mission" mode which was 100+ missions with various objectives. I'm hoping for something like that. But I'm not holding my breath!

  6. Hmm, the first Japanese game that I would be interested in buying lol. Can't wait to see screens on the PS3. But from what I see it's not bad right now.

  7. Holy fucking shit, Crossbones is in! By virtue of that alone, I will play this game.

  8. @ Apt-1B:
    Crossover games that I know usually don't have much depth since there is no real plot there. However GVGNP does have a PLUS mode. Haven't tried the UC mode for the older games, but compared with the SEED Destiny one it is a bit shorter, but long enough to keep me occupied for some time. Besides there are some interesting missions here and there.

    @ AS:
    Are you familiar with the Gundam franchise? If you are then you may like this dreammatch crossover kind of thing with the things you like. Otherwise you may not know a lot of the mechs or the characters there. :o

    @ Snark:
    Long time no see man. I didn't know you like Crossbones since you only mentioned that the only real robots from Gundam you like are the Zakus. Very interesting and nice taste there~

  9. I have sadly never played any of the Gundam VS. games before so I don't know what to make out of another vs title ^^;. It's almost like Marvel vs. Capcom all over again... sorta kinda. I'll still like to see what uber stuff they are going to implement that makes this one different from the rest though..

  10. @ Z:
    Hardly anything has been revealed for this new Gundam VS game so far, so I am curious about what stuff they are going to implement this time. Oh and by the way the Gundam VS series are made by Capcom too ^^;;

    Not sure whether the Gundam VS games are your cup of tea or not, but do give one a try when you have the chance!


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