28 December 2009

New Shelf Has Arrived

The shelf I have pre-ordered last week has arrived :o

And as you can see, it's not the Detolf as I have mentioned in my previous post. This one is called Billy, which is supposed to be a bookcase of some kind. Nevertheless, me and my mother have chosen this one for the flexibility, reasonable potential as a display shelf, as well as its price.

Putting random stuff in the shelf. I still have to plan what to put on each layer. Billy comes with 4 wooden boards, and I've bought myself 4 extra glass boards for the shelf. The very large space there was supposed to be reserved for Fate before I unpacked the massive figure out of the box...

... But that did not work out well orz. While there's enough height and length to fit her including the impressive Riot Zamber, I have completely underestimated her hair. Her hair took up too much space, and the base stuck out like a sore thumb and I cannot close the shelf door as a result -_-

And so she has to go on top of the shelf now. The base still sticks out, and would interfere with the door unless I stacked some unused boards to clear the way.

As I am still randomly putting things in there, none of these are finalised. First off various 1/144 gunpla and some tanks are stuffed at the bottom. Most of these tanks at the bottom are 1/72 scale, and unlike the rest of my 1/144 panzer collection these ones hardly got to see the light of the day until now.

Gundam Astraea and Gundam Exia Roll Out Colour with their weapons laid out. The loadout and variety Astraea has kinda belittles Exia's melee only weaponry. I was planning to have more larger gunpla to put there once I've finished building some from my backlog.

1/144 Metal Troops landing craft diorama and 1/100 Tieren. The diorama was under my bed all the time as I had no space to display it when I first bought it in April. I have yet to unpack the stuff in order for it to look like a diorama.

Brought my figures down from the top layer to my eye level (where Fate is supposed to be originally). The figmas are on one side on the right as seen here.

And various Shana figures on the other side. Yea you can call me a Shana fanboy if you want; I can't find anything to defend against this statement right now.

As the large space reserved for Fate is now unsuitable, I've put in one more glass board to split up the space. For now the upper space has some One Year War gunpla, or more specifically grunts vs cannon fodders and more grunts.

The top space is left empty for now until I know what to put in there.

The glass boards have pegs fitted with rubber tubings for better gripping and not damaging the glass surface at the same time. The wooden boards use the same pegs supporting them but without the rubber tubing.

As I said above, none of these arrangements are finalised, and you can see how inept I am at deciding what and how to display stuff, especially since I was simply shoving my stuff in to free some of my space on my desk in the first place. Well these will undergo changes from time to time. I still have one more glass board unused and is seen on the right hand side of the shelf. I did think of shoving my 1/144 tanks in there, but I would probably need the whole shelf to do that. So for now they are simply dotted across my room as before - i.e. pretty much untouched for now. Well at least the figures and gunpla will not have to compete the space with my various military miniatures... For now.


  1. Ooooh that's a delicious shelf! The fact that it's 2x wide makes it really good for figures. That would be the shelf I'd get if I were to replace my detolfs. It's unfortunate that the frame area of the doors cover so much though. Especially in the middle. :(

    Did the doors come with the shelf? Could you get clear glass doors, or thinner frames?

  2. Nice shelve. But I think the frame around the glass doors kills it if you displayed Fate in the shelf. Yes, Fate is a tough one to display...my plan is to display her on my desk because the wall mounted shelves aren't wide enough.

    Are you going to add any lights to your cabinet? It'll be a really nice touch.

  3. @ radiantdreamer:
    The door are called Billy Byom, and are completely optional. I suppose you can fit the shelf with other kinds of doors, but I am not so sure on that. The frames are indeed a little thick, which makes an invisible wall in the middle. Well I don't mind too much about it, but yea clear glass doors maybe a better option if there are some.

    What I prefer Billy over Detolf are the flexibility on adjusting the levels and the greater display space. In total it's about 1.5x the price of Detolf with all the extra I've bought (doors, extra glass boards).

    @ Tommy:
    The frames will block part of the Riot Zamber if I put her in the shelf successfully. I did think of getting or possibly even making a smaller base as a compromise so she can fit inside, but if I want to do that I will have to leave it for the summer.

    Adding lights will be a nice touch indeed, but I have no plans on that right now; not a big concern for me at the momemt.

  4. Woah Q you cant be serious?

    You dont know BILLY?

    Billy is basically a quintessential Ikea item.Ikea is basically Billy!
    Detolf is nothing against Billy regarding its popularity.

    Looks like the huge box for Fate wasnt exaggerated ^^

  5. "Yea you can call me a Shana fanboy if you want; I can't find anything to defend against this statement right now."

    It's likely u will ever find one given the amount of shana figures u have already unless u can swear to urself u won't buy another shana related figure? I tried with Mikuru when I had like 5 and now I have 8 @_@

    Since Fate is on the very top of the shelf it's certain she will require dusting weekly or monthly. I knew from the start she wouldn't fit in, in my bookcase and this confirms it as one of my cases is a Billy as well without door covers. I'm starting to get worried if Nanoha will fit in after all. :S

  6. I have 2 Billy at home and am planning to get another one if my room has space. Like you said, it's cheap and has potential to be a figurine display shelf. Also, i find the depth just nice for my manga, not too deep. The only bad thing is that there are figurines like Alter Fate, but not a lot of such case though.

  7. @ Blowfish:
    Unfortunately you are facing a guy who is not familiar with Ikea items, especially the names, so I treat them like I see them for the first time every time I go there (yes, that includes Billy). -_-

    And Fate's box isn't exaggerated indeed; she really means business for her size (mainly with her hair and the Riot Zamber! @_@

    @ Optic:
    Funny enough you did call me a Shana fanboy sometime back in a post I did in April.

    The term fanboy/fangirl is a very subjective thing. Some got called one with many stuff in his/her collection, while I got called as one with just 5... From you! It's a matter of how much one dedicates towards the thing he/she likes I suppose (not just how much stuff he/she buys). For now, I don't care if people calls me one or not since I was (and still am) too tired to care about that -_-

    From my experience, the stuff that are my shelf's side of the room don't get as much dust as the stuff on the other side near my window. Not sure why, but I do hope Fate won't collect too much dust or else I will have to get a ladder out just to clean her now and then (when I am in Hong Kong).

    @ Chappy:
    Oh so the book shelves in your room are Billy too!

    Billy seems quite all rounded for displaying or storing various things. One usually can't go wrong with them. Well Fate is rather exceptional in this case, and I assume we won't get something epic like her very often ^^;

  8. ohhhh that shelfcase looks really nice and simple enough for a display case o_o. I think i would've picked this up if I didn't have like... 4 detolfs already. The billy looks like it can store a lot more MGs. I would've also replaced all the wooden board with glass instead ^^;. Good luck with your arrangements! They can take awhile to get to your liking...

  9. ahhh that's too bad she still couldn't fit ;_;

    i actually have some billy's downstairs but they're the ones with frosted doors, didn't realize they had a clear one ^^; my roommmates and i use them for storing the liquor that doesn't fit in the bar ^^;

    nice acquisition. except for the fate issue, looks like you should have a lot of good display space now ^^

  10. I really want a shelf for my Gundams, but my house will be so cramped if I really buy one.

  11. @ Z:
    Since you can add additional boards and adjust their levels Billy has a good advantage over Detolf on flexibility, as with the latter you can waste a lot of space with smaller models (which I have a lot of). It will indeed some time for me to arrange to my liking... This won't be easy ._.

    @ meronpan:
    I will try and look for an interim solution. If not then she shall reign on top of my shelf for now.

    Haha Billy sure sounds very versatile, from bookcase, to a display case, and even a liquor shelf too! I wonder what's next? More display space is definitely good news for me. Now I just need to find a way to use them well...

    @ divinelight:
    My 1/144 gunpla were over my room; on my desk, on my bedside drawer, on my windowsill etc. I am kinda glad that with them concentrated in one place I have more working space and not feel as cluttered now :o

  12. I saw this shelf and thought of getting one long time ago but space was an issue at that time so I refrained from getting one.

    Very nice shelf but I still prefer wall shelf ^^;; due to space

  13. @ Saku:
    Wall shelves are too much of a hassle for DIY (for me at least), and funny enough I've just realised that I don't really have much of wall space in my room, so that's why I got myself a normal shelf instead.


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