31 December 2009

End of 2009

Time sure flies, and 2009 is coming to an end already.

What can I say much this year in general? Not much to be honest. There has been some ups and downs for me throughout the year. I have spent more on merchandise this year compared to last year, and I would probably have to cut down to just shokugans and gunpla in the near future. Not really because of the increasing prices, but mainly with the space I have left. Despite the fact that I did get myself a shelf very recently, that does not necessarily mean I have more space now (I can now get to open more of my unboxed stuff rather than get more new stuff)... I have also been a bit more busy than last year, which got me to cut down on the anime series I am watching and got me harder to keep up with the blogging recently. I hope things will be more manageable for me in 2010, and that I can get to keep up with the blogging as well.

Boxes and boxes of gunpla underneath my bed

More gunpla backlog, including Master Grade models for the first time (3 so far - G-3 OYW Ver, Exia Ignition Mode, and Aile Strike Gundam + Bazooka). Despite people's fandom over the MG, I tend to stick to the 1/144s. Maybe I can get around to build some MG models next year.

Lovely Fate is lovely.

Figures... Probably not going to get anymore in the mean time after the massive Fate. In fact Fate has been the one and only static figure I have bought this year, and is such a space hogger that digging a space for her is not easy. Poseable figures like figma are still a "maybe", but would try to limit on the purchase and be more picky on choices (as if I'm not picky enough in the first place).

I wonder whether I can get to do a review of this lovely figure of Fate? Will need to find enough space to do a (compromise) photoshoot too if I do so ._.

On the other hand, I must thank you as readers or just passer-bys for coming by and commenting on my blog! The comments you have kindly given have helped me to appreciate your opinions on the stuff I have blogged about, or help me correct the things I am not familiar with. Every little bit helps I must say!

Decided not to do a review of the special figma Miku Live Stage ver. , but here's a picture to end it off. The wings are actually from 1/144 HG O Gundam model kit.

Well, with 2009 ending soon it's also the end of a decade, so let's greet 2010 with a new look. I wish you a Happy New Year!


  1. Ein frohes Neues Jahr Q!

    These kind of hobbies are indeed very space consuming and thats probably the reason why all the japanes eotaku rooms look like they look.Very Limited avaiable space and lots and lots of stuff.

    Theres nothing wrong with beeing picky and I sometimes feel the way I am spending my cash is a bit irresponsible ^^;;

    Anyways lets have a wonderful 2010!

  2. happy new year~

    time definitely does fly. can't believe another year has come and gone.

    my hobbies are expanding exponentially, might be time to balance it a bit with more self improvement so i can get a raise or something :P

  3. Happy 2010! I really wish I could read more... but the later half of 2009 just took me away from everybody basically. After I commented a lot before too =(

    It seems that I need to cut down for 2010, but at the end of 2009, I made so many orders that it probably filled my quota 5 times over! It's bad. I need to stop these impulses! Oh and the MG backlogs... Man I've got so many!

    Anyhow... Good luck in 2010!

  4. Happy New Year ^^

    I thought Fate was your best buy this year so she should be forgiven for occupying such a large space =P

  5. Although its a little late, Happy New Year!!!
    The last Miku photo looks great.

  6. So many boxes of gunpla you have.
    But if they are all 144, I guess you don't need much time to build them.

  7. Happy New Year to u, Q.

    Looking forward to another great year @ Daybreak's Bell. And all the best to all of us who are trying to keep up and clear our own gunpla & pther plamo backlogs. Ganbatte!

  8. Happy New Year buddy. ^^

    When I acquire Nanoha, the issue of space will come back to me. Even after getting the 2nd bookcase has help slightly, it doesn't change the fact I will run into problem soon as my collection grows.

    Well, there's 2 options I'm considering, be very very picky or sell a few and try to earn at least half of the funds back to create more space. I think I will go with the 2nd option as I've been wanting to sell a few that I have no interest anymore.

  9. @ Blowfish:
    Frohes neues Jahr!

    This is very space consuming indeed, and not only do I have to cut back on figures, I will probably have to cut back on other stuff too. Well we shall see how this year goes. Will try to spend less this year like many other people are aiming to do. Let's hope 2010 is a good year for us!

    @ meronpan:
    Happy New Year!

    Haha "exponentially". Balance things out will be a good thing for the year. I think I will need to do something like that too for this year ._.

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    Yea a lot of us are getting busier lately; I am having a tough time catching up with the blogroll too.

    Haha impulse purchases sure are annoying. Since you have a big backlog on MG models, perhaps you can spend more time on those this year? (Won't be easy though I would say @_@)

    @ AstrayP03:
    Despite not an easy figure to display, I don't regret on buying Fate; she puts a smile on my face every time I see her~

    @ Chappy:
    Happy New Year to you too! It's still not too late to say that I suppose.

    Thanks, I actually got that idea inspired from a Japanese blog I encountered some time ago.

    @ divinelight:
    Haha I am quite into 1/144 scale, unlike many other people who are into MG models. Of course boxes of 1/144s are more manageable than boxes of MG, and the latter sounds somewhat daunting to me I must say.

    @ Jacques:
    Happy New Year to you too!

    Thanks for the good will; will try to get at least one MG model done this year! Let's hope we can get through our backlogs smoothly!

    @ Optic:
    Happy New Year to you too!

    Nanoha will indeed be a tremendous space hogger just like her partner Fate is. Preparing some space in advance will be a good idea. Selling is a hard option for me since I tend to make big decisions on figures so I don't regret on buying them, but if you don't feel much towards some of the stuff that you have bought then maybe it's better to sell them off for the money and the space you will need.

  10. Happy very belated new year!

    I'm having the same problem keeping up with anime series'. The new stuff just doesn't spark any interest at all in general.

    I have to get to my MG gunpla too, got 4 boxes at the moment. =__="

    That wing looks pretty nice on Miku, keep it on her!

  11. Haha, Happy belated New Year to you too!

    Recent anime did not tickle my interest either. In fact I am only keeping up with Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood right now. Will have to go back to my backlog soon or later though.

    I don't very often hear you building gunpla, so I look forward to see you completing one. And yes Miku with O Gundam's GN Feather sure looks nice, and I am keeping her pose like that for the time being~


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