25 December 2009

December Happening

Finally got some more time to settle down and blog. Didn't know I would still be busy once I am back in Hong Kong @_@

Met up with robostrike and Asuka in Mong Kok on Wednesday. Since robostrike hails from Canada, we tried and plough through as many shops in Mong Kok as we could. Luckily we went through all the ones we knew in good time, and robostrike got most of the stuff he wanted on his list as well~

The Nendoroid Mio and Revoltech Toro (Summer Festival ver.) as seen above belong to Asuka and robostrike respectively. I did not bring anything to take pictures with. Yea shame on me -_-

Was busy looking up the map and going through the shops so I took hardly any photos for the day orz. Luckily Asuka has made a post on the meet-up already, and I am sure robostrike will post his when he goes back to Canada.

We also met Avan (aka Stepswalker) later in the day as well, who has Dollfie Dreams (and other stuff like Saint Seiya and PVC figures) and is a long time member of ToysDaily forum. He brought us around to another place with a good number of anime-related shops (one that I haven't known before), and a doll shop that he goes often for his Dollfies and accessories. He even knows the shopkeeper there too so they have kindly let us take pictures of the shop.

And oooooh Dollfie Dream Fate o_o

EDITED: Turns out that this shop is Dollfie World, which is quite well known amongst the Dollfie owners. It also has a facebook group too.

And speaking of Fate, the ALTER's 1/7 figure of her who arrived a few weeks ago is... Awesome ^^;. As expected, the box is huge, and only with the combination of my 3 largest gunpla boxes (MG Aile Strike Gundam + Bazooka, MG Gundam Exia Ignition Mode, Ex-Model Hildolfr) did the box get a reasonable size to compare o_o. I did unpack her out once, but found out that I really had no space to put her for the time being. orz

This got my mother to prompt me to buy a shelf from Ikea orz. Pre-order is done already after doing some measurements (and no it's not a Detolf), and it will come some time this coming Sunday. Maybe I can do a review of the figure once a shelf is up?

Recent purchase part 1: Military miniatures, all 1/144 scale. Ranging from C-47 Skytrain, V-1 flying bomb, He162A, and Panavia Tornado. It seems aircrafts are the way to go for military shokugans these days, as the last time I saw new tank release was many years ago already.

And last but not least, figma Hatsune Miku Live Stage ver.

Yes, this is an impulse purchase I must admit orz. Bought approximately one year after I got the normal figma Miku, now I have a second Miku orz. Funny how I bought this from the same shop that I got my one and only nendoroid so far: Nendoroid Shana Dengeki Daioh ver. (aka Nekomimi Shana)

I don't think I will do a review of this Miku anyway since I don't plan on cutting out the paper parts for di:stage, and otherwise it's pretty much the same Miku with alternate faces and a more shiny look on the clothes. Unless there is a demand for it, you can check out the pictures and reviews on other places, like here and here.

That sums everything up for the time being. Will try and catch up with the blogroll as I am a bit behind these days. Nonetheless, Miku wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Image from Moe Imouto


  1. When I read about Ikea I immediately thought Detolf XD
    Too bad it isnt one ^^;

    If I ever happen to land in HK due to unknown reasons can I book you as my tourguide aswell?

    EDnjoy your time with the family!

  2. Open ur miku, play it and review it. Don't pick up my bad habits. The title is slowing becoming a 'lazy' figma master. -_-

    Hopefully this laziness won't last long as I'm waiting on a few 'tools' to help me display my figma collection.

    Oh, so those are the military planes. Very nice. ^^

    Merry Christmas buddy.

  3. Merry Christmas, my friend! You guys are ahead of us, so we're celebrating ours now!

    An Ikea shelf that's not a detolf?! Now I'm excited to see!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Hahah, what a loot youve got there, I havent dun much this year, anyways have safe holiday

  5. @ Blowfish:
    It's not surprising that you will think of Detolf first, since many people own that ^^;

    Haha I am no tourguide, but if I do happen to be in Hong Kong when you come over then yea do email me in advance so we can try to arrange a meet-up :o

    Happy Holidays!

    @ Optic:
    I probably will play around with Live Stage Miku sometime soon after I got a shelf, but won't touch on the paper cutouts. Looking forward to know what 'tools' you are going to use for your figma collection~

    And Merry Christmas to you too!

    @ radiantdreamer:
    I will reveal what shelf it is when it has arrived and assembled (should be today).

    Happy Holidays to you too!

    @ GunStray:
    I am still planning to buy a few HG 1/144 gunpla too later @_@ But Happy Holidays to you too!

  6. aah, I need to go back to visit hong kong again sometime in the near future. I just need a method to avoid a few family members while I'm there. Not an easy task!!

  7. Merry belated Christmas to you too, and happy New Years.

    So you're getting a new cabinet for the purpose of displaying Fate? I need to do the same too. "orz

    Hmm...it's been awhile since I roamed in the blogosphere, I seem to have lost my touch. Name = infernoproject.com and URL = Tommy for the last two comments?!?! "orz

  8. @ gundamjehutykai:
    Yea it would be nice to visit Hong Kong some time again! Hong Kong is a small place afterall, so I understand the "risk" of bumping into someone you know ^^; Take a disguise or something when you come over? lol

    @ Tommy:
    Merry Christmas to you too!

    I can display Fate without a shelf, but that would mean removing a lot of my other collections for the space just for her ._.

    Haha I do mistakes like that sometimes, especially when I get tired. Take your time to get back on the blogosphere!


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