4 December 2009

Gundam VS Gundam NEXT PLUS

Mobile Suit Gundam VS Gundam NEXT PLUS (機動戦士ガンダム vs. ガンダム NEXT PLUS) is the latest "team battle action" game of the popular Gundam VS series for the PSP console. Essentially a Gundam dream match / crossover, you can pit various Gundams or antagonist units against mobile suits from other series.

I have not talked about this game before, but it is actually one of the most anticipated game for me this year, despite not having a PSP.

Box art from SRW Hotnews

Featuring over 60 mobile suits from 18 series, you generally fight on a 2 vs 2 basis, and reduce the enemy's cost gauge from 6000 (by default) to 0 by destroying the enemy units while preventing yours to do the same thing. The cost of each unit is based on the strength, and is divided into 3 tiers: 1000, 2000, and 3000, so basically the higher the cost, the more powerful the mobile suit it is. However, using units with higher cost means you have fewer chances to respawn.

One of the main in-game feature for this game is the NEXT Dash system, where you can instantly dash away cancelling whatever you were doing previously or to evade an enemy's attack, similar to the Speed awaken for Alliance vs ZAFT II.

The PLUS mode one will meet a handful of exclusive units not seen in normal gameplay. Here one can see Graham Aker's flag battling Exia with Union flags flying in the background.

Huge MA (mobile armours) are spotted in arcade mode and PLUS mode as boss units. I have a feeling that some will be unlocked playable units under some circumstances, as the official websites did have movelists for them shortly before they are removed from view.

Several new units are added to the PSP game which the arcade does not have. 00 Raiser's crazy Raiser Sword can do up to 340 damage (not sure whether that's default settings though), enough to kill off a 1000 cost unit with one hit! @_@;; Image is a screenshot taken from NicoNico

Officially released on 3rd December at retail price of 6279 Yen (tax inclusive), some people in Japan and even Hong Kong have got the game early already. The general feedback is very positive, and apparently the game plays much smoother than the previous one, even online (!). The effects have been toned down for the performance, but that's ok in my opinion.

The first Gundam VS I've tried was Gundam SEED Destiny: Alliance vs Zaft II PLUS (which in my opinion is a great game in complete contrast to the anime itself). I've also played Federation vs Zeon and Gundam vs Zeta Gundam (space battles are hard!), so following down the series I am looking forward to trying this one out myself. Watched quite a lot of the arcade gameplay on YouTube as well as in Hong Kong myself, and it sure doesn't look easy for either first-timers or old-timers. It will take some time for me to get used to the NEXT Dash system.

While Final Fantasy XIII is tempting for me and my sister to get a PS3 (Slim), Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus on the other hand will be the game that will get me to acquire a PSP when I go home for Christmas, one way or the other XD

Official site link (with awesome BGM):


  1. I'll probably get it sooner or later, Having played (and owned) every home version of the series since it began. I still attest that Alliance VS Zaft 1 was the best in the series, before it got overly cluttered with silly extras.

    Gundam vs Gundam was just silly.

  2. I still can't seem to find the torrent =(

  3. This game wins for having the most "Gundam" in its name... and in game xD.I'm usually not fond of Bandai's games but this time they really do impress. My last Gundam vs. game I played from Bandai was Gundam Battle Assault 2. I think it's a classic now :D

  4. @ gundamjehutykai:
    AvZ II got cluttered with extras? I think it's actually one of the most complete one in the series so far (though Gundam vs Zeta Gundam was pretty good too), well other than the mission modes which I won't really like to go into again...

    The first Gundam vs Gundam feels flawed. Laggy gameplay (on arcade as well as PSP), and small roster etc. NEXT seems to have fixed some of the problems, but I am still worried about the NEXT DASH system. Nevertheless the developers seem to have put in quite a bit of effort into for PSP port this time, and I heard a lot of positive feedback from some Hong Kong blogs already, so I am eager to try it myself when I go back home this Christmas.

    @ AstrayP03:
    I've seen links for direct download already. However, if you are planning to play it as ISO (not so sure about emulators), you may have to wait until something called Gen D3 is available on 15th or so, which you will need to play the game. Well, that's what I've read from some blog comments and forum posts so far.

    @ Z:
    lol it has 3 "Gundam" in the full title ^^;

    Gundam games can be rather mediocre, but there are quite a few gems out there. The Gundam VS is one of the more popular ones out there and is actually a series on its own, just as Gundam Battle Assault has its own too. I'm sure you have heard quite a lot of hype about it already, so given people's reactions from the arcade version I think this one is worth getting or at least having a try :o

  5. I really enjoy not only the VS series, but Gundam Vs Gundam for PSP was a great game! I really would like to get this, but from what I've seen there's only a handful of new MS, and its more about new gameplay styles and missions, so I'm holding off until the price drops. The Gundam Double X is in it, so I definitely want to get a hold of that!

  6. @ Apt-1B:
    GVGN added 20 more playable MS in the roster, followed by another 8 MS in the new PSP port. I think that's pretty good for a sequel in addition to the new gameplay sytle and mission mode.

    It'll be a bit expensive for you to buy as you will have to import it, so waiting off for the price to drop is a smart move. I hope I can get it at a reasonable price when I get back home for Christmas.

  7. @Q: It wasn't quite as bad on Alliance vs Zaft 2, but you notice the multiple choices for the SEED mode bonus but you only really end up using 1 but the biggest glut was simply the number of units they decided to cram in the game!! Esp the pointless minor variations. Seriously, why bother with 5 different version of the strike gundam (not including rouge)?

    At least they didn't have the map attacks like in Gundam vs Gundam...

  8. @ gundamjehutykai:
    I agree that in AvZ2, SPEED is pretty much the SEED mode that people would use due to its amazing advantages over the other two. I rarely see people choose RUSH and moreover POWER, even on consoles.

    Ah the Strikes and its variations (just like the MGs lol)... All 5 variations appear in the AvZ1 too. I still see people use Sword, Launcher (its gattling gun is broken man), and 420 beam rifle Strike in AvZ2, but the other two are overshadowed by other units. Perhaps some variations are indeed unnecessary. Oh well I still play with most of them casually.

    As for those G-Crossover map attacks... Apparently some are pretty good for lagging people out on the arcade machines (lol), but that's about it in terms of their usefulness. At least they're removed from NEXT and NEXT PLUS, safe for that Devil Gundam in its own stage.

  9. yeah, I downloaded it already but still can't play yet. mine is D2. i heard D3 is out next year?

  10. @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    Isn't D3 out already on 15th? I'm sure I heard people are playing it on ISO already, including the guys I've met yesterday night!

  11. Really??? Sheesh! and I only just updated to D2 T~T

    I think i'll wait awhile b4 i update again haiz~

    What about you? Getting one anytime soon? ^_^

  12. @ AstrayP03:
    I am thinking of getting one sometime next week. :o


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