29 November 2009

Fate Has Arrived!

At last, the wait is over! My most anticipated figure, ALTER 1/7 Fate T Harlaown True Sonic Form (aka Shin Sonic Form) has arrived! The figure arrived in the shop on Thursday night, and my mother and sister picked it up after receiving their call on the following night.

Their comment? "The box is HUGE!" ^^;

More pictures from my sister after the jump!


Current status:
Click for full size picture

Now it is sitting quietly on my desk back home. Not as big as Yagami Hayate's box (as shown in ALTER's official blog), but this is still a HUGE box! Not only has it dominated my remaining desk space, the fat PS2 is now completely obscured by it!

I won't get to see it myself until I get back home for Christmas, so no reviews or photoshoot until then. But at least no more waiting with anxiety, and luckily the total price we had to pay isn't as high as the retail price of 12800 Yen.

I have to thank my mother and sister for taking the trouble of retrieving it as well as to take the pictures for me!

This is possibly the first time you'll get to see my desk. As you can see it has various sorts of things on it. The space that the box has occupied is where my laptop usually resides (when I am in Hong Kong), or is used for poseable figure reviews. For some reasons I just like having things around me rather than having them displayed on a shelf (because I will tend to ignore them as a result).


  1. where is my feito?!?!?! :(

    Congrats on your purchase. Do get the Nen Feito XD.

  2. She towers over your desk XD Nice get, I decided to pass on her due to price/space issues.

  3. Have you got any idea where to place her? I mean if you put her on your desk you wont be able o do anything else ^^;;;

    I guess picking her up in HK omits the shipping fee huh?

  4. @ zenical:
    Your Feito isn't here because she's with me! XD jk

    Nendo Feito sure is cute, but don't poison me on that ('though I may get post-release poison when I see the actual product >_<)!

    @ Persocom:
    She dominates my desk! XD To be honest I have no clue where to put her when I go back... She's a killer on all fronts @_@

    @ Blowfish:
    Still no idea where to put her yet... orz

    And yes buying and preordering from shops in Hong Kong does omit shipping fees - one good thing about shopping in Hong Kong~

  5. I noticed that all the Fate figures come in GIGANTIC boxes. This isn't a first. Quite amazed. They actually could have minimized the box size by making the hair detachable, but I guess they just want to emphasize how epically huge the box can get. ^^;

    Nice desk! :D

  6. Now u need to plan extra hard where to put her and clearly ur desk is not an option. lol

    I envy ur mom and sister in accepting ur hobby and making the effort in retrieving her. Do u know my mom and sister was planning to sell my figures while I was in SG? It was sad to hear that when I got back. :(

  7. @ radiantdreamer:
    One of her ponytail comes detached in the first place, but the large box size has also something got to do with the blades, especially the humongous Riot Zamber blade. I did wonder whether it's possible for ALTER to reduce the box size even further but am not sure how it can be done.

    @ Optic:
    Yes I will have to think carefully about what to do with it when I come back...

    I am sorry to hear that from you. Having your family planning to do things behind your back sure doesn't sound harmonious. On the other hand my room is actually getting more and more cluttered; my mother and sister sometimes comment that I have too much stuff, which can serve as a warning sign for me. Alter Fate will quite likely to be the last major stuff I will buy in the mean time. In general as long as I keep things under control then they will accept my hobby in general.

  8. Ooooh, nice desk...and Gunpla ^_^
    Not too big of a Nanoha fan and monies I have usually are burnt on tuition T_T Whatever remains become my magazine and gunpla allowance T_T Then it's all gone...
    Nice Fate though... looks super sexy ^_^

  9. @ robostrike:
    I don't plan on buying anything like this again in the near future. Maybe some gunpla or even a few poseable figures, but that's about it.

    Fate sure looks sexy~ Can't wait to see the figure in person!

  10. Nice. Mine just arrived too, and the shipping price wasn't pretty. "orz

    The box is huge alright, and so is the figure. I think Alter f'd up the scale, unless Fate is suppose to be taller than Signum.

  11. WOW - that is on huge box - and mostly just for her hair. Definitely have to make space for that on on the shelf.

  12. @ Tommy:
    Yea I would have reckoned that the shipping price won't be pretty for overseas collectors...

    Are you sure about Alter messing up with Fate's height? I saw a screenshot of Fate and Signum walking side by side, and they appear to be at the same height. Judging from the package photos over at foo-bar-baz, it looks like that they are roughly the same height too, but I can't confirm on that since I don't have Alter Signum, nor do I have Alter Fate next to me right now for comparisons.

    @ Bluedrakon:
    A huge box indeed. The thing is that I don't actually have a shelf (as you can see a lot of my stuff are standing on my desk), so that makes things a little more tricky than it should be. ^^;


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